Bonnie & Clyde chap 5
Thursday, September 16, 2010

Part 5 “ Bonnie & Clyde”. Now we’re getting into a little thievery. Mal and some of his crew find out what it’s like to be on the other side…… on to find out…..BP


Bonnie & Clyde

Chapter 5

Simon Sheppard- Neal Patrick Harris Death Nail- Agent 453-21-768- played by Christoph Waltz ( Colonel Hans Landa ** Inglorious Basterds)


The morning started off like most mornings in Warehouse Pass on Ita moon, bright, sunshiny and tranquil. But this day would not remain as most days did on the lonely moon. No, today would see much excitement in the lives of people in this small town, and some of it may be tragic.

First off, when Mal and Zoë had arrived in town they were met with a scene of several towns folk walking around and huddled into groups. These people were casting leery eyes on the two strangers that had come into the village.

The two crew members of Serenity parked the land mule in front of Myka’s General Store and were about to go inside when there came a voice calling from across the street at Eddie’s.

“ Everett! Hey Everett?!”

Mal and Zoe turned to see a lean, lanky fellow approaching them from across the way.

“ Lester! What’s going on?” Mal queried the town resident as he came closer.

“ What’s going on!……You haven’t heard? Myka’s General Store has been robbed!”


That day, around mid morning, Simon Sheppard looked out of the window of his second story rented room across the street from Myka’s General Store. There were a few towns folk going in and out , but not so much as to cause any trouble once it came time to make good on their heist plans.

He looked over to a building a little distance away on the same side of the street. The Sheriff’s office. Alexis had just entered the deputy building, and at that time was convincing the authority that she’d just been robbed of her animals.

Just like clockwork, two Warehouse Pass sheriffs exited the building, mounted their steeds and headed west to investigate her claims of robbery. The town remained confident in it’s safety, after all there were three lawmen still around, including Marshal Tate. Alexis was putting on a show about being all distraught over her encounter with the horse thieves. Her acting was so convincing that the remaining officers, trying to calm down the young lady, didn’t even notice the two men on horseback coming from behind Eddies Saloon. The two men crossed the street and tied their mounts to the post in front of the general store. Once inside they found Jeff, the store clerk involved in his daily duties.

It was only a matter of a few moments that Jeff, with a gun to his temple and sweat rolling down the sides of his face was handing over his ID card to the two, would be, vault robbers. Simon took his card and looked at it. He frowned a bit.

“ Now give me the other one! “ He told Jeff. The store clerk looked at him in question.

“ Your other ID card!” The robber voiced as he cocked back the hammer to his pistol.

With this Jeff reached into his other pocket and pulled out another identification card. Simon took it and looked at it. He grinned and showed it to Don. The other thief smiled as well.

“ You look a mite unhealthy to be six years old!” Simon Sheppard told the store clerk.

Simon had learned a secret while downing bouts of whiskey with Jeff’s friend Lester. Lester had let it slip that Jeff had told him the store owner had given him a phony ID card with the vault combination on it. The combination number was placed in the area of his birth date.

Although Jeff had directed them to the safe, he had no way of knowing they also would know how to get the vaults combination.

“ Don, do the honors please.” Simon quested his buddy in crime. Don set to unlocking the vault. In a matter of two minutes the safe was open and the stash of Myka’s General Store profits were in the pockets of Simon and Don…..the thieves.

“ Time to make our exit!” Simon voiced to his companion.

“ You aren’t going to kill me are you?!!” The look in the clerk’s eyes told them he was in deep fear for his life.

Now Simon and his crew of two were robbers and thieves, but they weren’t murderers, well, unless they had to. Anyway the criminals had no intention of killing Jeff. But he didn’t know that.

“ Don……..I’ll tie him up while you get provisions for the boat!”

Don collected several items the ship might need then he looked over to Simon.

“ Anything else?” He asked.

“ Yeah, get a couple of those rice bags. We’re getting a little low on stores!”

“ There are two with big red Xs on them?” Don stated.

Simon looked over to the store clerk.

“ Any reason those are special? Higher quality for some plantation Barron or something?”

Badger’s associate held his tongue…….Simon looked over to Don.

“ Yeah, grab the two with the Xs!” He told his friend, and with Jeff’s hands bound behind him the two crooks made their exit.


Agent 453-21-768 had taken a shuttle from the Alliance space vessel“ Sea Witch” down to the planet surface of Ita moon. He had landed near the largest town on the small world, and working with local law authorities was receiving reports about criminal activity on the moon.

Although it was not imperative for the locals to know his name, his ID was all that was needed to ensure their cooperation.

Most of the Intel on the crimes being committed across the moon were petty in nature, at least as far as Agent Death Nail was concerned, but there was one, as resent as only moments ago that rang with a bit more interest to him. A cash heist in the town of Warehouse Pass.

“ Sergeant! Make ready a hovercraft!” Death Nail commanded, “ We’re heading to the village of Warehouse Pass!”

“ Yes Sir!”


Mal Reynolds and Zoë had just entered the establishment of Myka’s General Store.

There was a deputy making queries of the store’s clerk. The deputy finished up and joined another deputy and Marshal Tate in the investigation of the crime.

“ Jeff! What the hell happened?” Mal question as soon as he got close enough to the store employee. Jeff was holding a red stained rag to his forehead …….looking at Mal he replied.

“ We were robbed at gunpoint!”

“ Holy crap!” Mal voiced. “ You Ok?”

“ Yeah, I’m fine. They didn’t do this to me, I did it myself sounding the alarm.” He looked over to a red button on the wall which had been concealed behind a picture the town of Warehouse Pass. Mal and Zoe followed his gaze.

“ My hands were tied behind my back. I had no way of signaling the sheriff except to use my head. Guess I was a bit over zealous.” He said.

“That’s terrible!” Mal exclaimed, “ Those rotten thieves!”

Zoë cast humorous eyes upon her commander.

“ It’s worst than that.” Jeff whispered, “ They took Badger’s rice bags too!”

End Part 5


Thursday, September 16, 2010 7:33 AM


Poor Badger. Now we really want to know exactly what could be in those bags. As for our BDHs, me thinks they will be on the job. ;)

Thursday, September 16, 2010 10:38 AM


Hi Angelle!

What’s in the bags is a heavily guarded secret….he..he… as for Badger, he ain’t out of the picture just yet. He will be making another appearance in a later part of the “Bonnie & Clyde” story arc. Thanks for your post.

Btw, Z is happy that you got his message ;)



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