Bonnie & Clyde chap 3
Thursday, September 9, 2010

Disclaimer: Ok, totally rubber stamping this. Many of the Firefly characters, places and organizations used in the fan-fic created by BP & Zzetta13 are creations of Joss Whedon and company…..also F*>< maybe had a small contribution in it’s being seen on tv for a very short time ( very small)….anyway, I borrow the characters of the show on occasion to create fan-fiction for myself and I hope the entertainment of other browncoats on the forum. I conclude….. There was something magical about the show and I guess in this way I can at least satisfy an itch I have about wishing we were on it’s ninth season right now. I wish all the best for all the folks that contributed to it’s short season in 2002. Wish I had been among the original fanship, I wasn’t. Anyhoo, I guess in conclusion I should say, WE HOLD….until the Scy/Fy channel can bring it back (or another network)…..and stay loyal to the browncoat cause…..thanks, BPZ


Bonnie & Clyde 3

Warehouse Pass

Simon Sheppard- Neal Patrick Harris Everett Tubrook- aka- Malcolm Reynolds Mason Williams- aka- Jayne Cobb Sergeant Brewer-

Chapter 3

Mal Reynolds and Jayne Cobb stood outside the establishment of Eddie’s saloon. Their guise of being drinking buddies was helped along by Lester and Jeff, the town’s real drunks……consuming the village brew with them in front of Eddie’s business.

Mal and Jayne were there to scout the general supply store in Warehouse Pass that was run by a woman named Myka Kelly. They had been told by Badger that he had an associate working for Miss Kelly and that this person in turn would make contact with them on details of what they were to steal, at what time, and how much.

They would know this person by the phrase, “ Do you want an olive with that?” which made Mal and Jayne laugh, but for sure, it would not be a question asked by the local authorities.

So far they had been there half a day and no contact had been made. The idea was to be patient, but that was never one of Jayne’s strong areas.

“ Come on Mal, maybe Badger’s man don’t know we’re here!” The big mercenary mumbled in-between bouts of whiskey.

“ Jayne, cool!” Mal said, “ You’re worse than a kid wanting ice-cream when they hear a “Tasty Treat” hovercraft! Now, just drink and enjoy. Badger’s man will speak up. We just gotta give him a chance.”

Mal looked around, but their was no one that had the faintest resemblance of being a spy. Badger’s associate was crafty. It may not be until tomorrow before he made contact.

With this Malcolm Reynolds decided that maybe they should end their little party an venture across the street to examine the interior of the general store.

“Great drinking with you guys!” He called to Jeff and Lester as he and Jayne headed across the street. Lester was bent over the by the rail on the side of Eddies Saloon, barfing his guts up.

“ Tell Lester not to be wastin all that great whiskey!” Mal shouted to Jeff as the sick man’s friend went to his aide.

Mal and Jayne crossed the street to the general store, but not without notice. Before they entered they were greeted by……….

“ Afternoon boys!”

The two turned to see the Marshal of Warehouse Pass approaching them from the sunny side of town.

“Afternoon Marshal!” Mal returned.

“ Nice afternoon for a walk isn’t it? Maybe some drinkin too. You guys new in town ain’t cha!”

“ Yes we are sir. Here on our way to Triumph, to see Mason’s sister.” Mal pointed towards Jayne.

“ Great! I‘m Sheriff Tate, the authority in this town, such that it is.” the marshal said, “ Got papers?”

“Sure do sir.” And with that Mal and Jayne pulled ID notes from their pockets.

The Sheriff examined them. The papers clearly identified Everett Tubrook and Mason Williams.

“ Why ain’t there pictures on these?” The Marshal queried.

“ Everett’s face kept breakin the camera lens.” Jayne laughed. Mal gave him a sour look. The joke was enough to pacify the sheriff. He handed their passes back.

“ Ok, you boys enjoy! You’re the second group of strangers come in today.” He tipped his hat, and then was gone.

“ Somebody else’s here?” Jayne whispered his uneasy feelings, “ Mal I told you I didn’t like this. Badger should have come up with more details four we took this job!”

Jayne may have been right. Mal hated sticking out his neck, though he wouldn’t admit it to Jayne.

“ Look, we haven’t done anything. First we go in and take a look at the place. If we don’t like what we see we go back to Persephone and give Badger his money back.”

“ I’ve already spent some of mine!” Jayne informed him.

“Oh yeah, Sasha Madonna. Looks like you’ll owe badger a few credits if we return.” Mal said. The two entered the store.

There wasn’t much of interest in there. Just your average supplies that the crew of Serenity had come across a thousand times.

“ Can I help you boys?” A woman at the counter offered some assistants. She was a pretty girl. Dark hair, a mite curly but very attractive just the same.

“ No ma’am, just browsin.” Mal informed her.

“ Ok, let me know…..” She returned to what she was doing.

After a while the two Serenity crew members decided that there wasn’t much to see……..which really meant nothing. These small town general stores always had a stash of cash somewhere, just not in the open. These supply deposes usually furnished their small villages or towns with everything it needed. Therefore it was the main source of wealth and usually had a vault hidden away inside. The town’s law-enforcement knew this…..that was why most kept an eagle eye on their most important business in town. Just because the sheriff let them go, didn’t mean they weren’t still being watched.

Mal and Jayne began to make their exit.

“ Can’t get anything for you boys?” Myka asked as the two made ready to leave. Mal turned back to address the lady.

“ No, sorry Miss. We ain’t got the cash. Left it in our boat. We’ll be back tomorrow to re-supply!” He smiled.

Myka returned his smile, mesmerized by his ruggedly handsome looks.


Back on the “Sky Witch”

“ Colonel Nail sir! I have some information that has just come over the cortex sir!” Sergeant Brewer told agent 453-21-768.

“ Good, lets have it.” Death nail spoke.

“ Well, we ran the three words last transmitted by agent Dobson, “ Simon, Shepherd and Firefly,” before his disappearance……..and here’s what we’ve come up with;

Simon Sheppard, ex-Independent army radio operator. Nick-named “The Doc” for having a talent for making repairs to damaged military radios out in the field; Once captain of a Firefly class transport, but sold it in preference of the lighter, smaller Whittier Swallow Space Runner. Has, on occasion been rumored to have committed illicit activities, not the least of which is bank holdups. Drops in and out circulation…” He paused, “ which means from time to time falls off of the grid.”

“ I know what it means sergeant.” Agent Death Nail informed him.

“ Sorry sir!” The sergeant continued, “ ……as of three weeks ago, whereabouts unknown. Since then, as resent as yesterday, we flagged him…….and information has it that he’s now on Ita moon……place called Warehouse Pass.”

“ This is good news sergeant. Tell your Admiral to call me when you return to the bridge. Think we’ll be setting a course for Ita moon soon.”

“Yes Sir.”

End Chap 3


Thursday, September 9, 2010 6:11 AM


All women are mesmerized by Mal, Death Nail draws near. Hopefully, Mal kicks his pigu.

Friday, September 10, 2010 5:28 AM


Good morning Angelle!

Yep, Mal is quite the looker. Still, I don’t know how good a match he’d be for Death Nail. Agent 453-21-678 is also a veteran of the battle of “Serenity Valley”, and has been trained in the marshal arts. I don’t think Parliament would just let any war hero become an operative. Nope, the person would have to have special qualities. Also to quote Jayne from the BDM…..

“ Beat up Mal? That ain’t so hard….…..”

I will say that the captain of Serenity put up a pretty decent fight with the operative in the BDM. Their skill level, imo, was almost a direct match. Mal acquiring his through experience, while the operative in the BDM gaining his through training.

Don’t know how Mal Reynolds will match up to Agent Death Nail though. Guess we’ll have to wait and see….(smile)


Friday, September 10, 2010 5:38 AM


Maybe he needs help from a CAT...LOL ;) Can't wait to see


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