Tucker & Dale vs The Mars Girlz act6
Friday, September 3, 2010

Act 6 of T&D vs. TMG is now posted. Poor Dale, the strange circumstances tend to all lead towards alien abduction in every direction. As far as Peter is concerned, his idea that Groome Lake isn’t really haunted may be faltering a bit. He may decide to join the crew of “ Ghost Hunters” after this…….BP


Tucker & Dale vs. The Mars Girlz 6 ( Jupiter2 )

Cast of players:

Tucker Trenton- Alan Tudyk Dale Dobson-Tyler Labine Dr.Rita Scales- Christina Hendricks Renée Summers (alien actress1)- Kim Kardashian Peter Owen ( Writer/Director/Producer of Aliens aren’t Serene)- Ben Stiller Zoë Beckett (alien actress2)- Paris Hilton Claudia Jewel (alien actress3)- Allison Scagliotti Percy Thibodeaux- Nick Nolte Marshal Tucker- Jupiter auto mechanic Gable Tucker- Marshal’s son Victor Reynolds- Nathan Fillion Bryan Scully-Props guys & set director



Peter Owen, producer of the movie “ Aliens Aren’t Serene” was just about to wrap a day of filming when his cell phone began to buzz…..he answered, it was Victor Reynolds, the Key Grip guy.

“ Hello!”

“ Owen, just a bit of info for you,” Victor informed him, “ Still no word from Zoë or Renée, so we still don’t know what’s going on there…..also Tommy has arrived with the red paint and is painting the fire hydrant as we speak. Also, he picked up the three cases of liquor. What’s our next course of action?”

“ Find Percy and tell him we have his whiskey. Until he performs the ritual we remain in a holding pattern. We continue filming all the scenes that focus on Claudia and the towns folk. That much of the film we’ll get into the can. If I don’t hear from Zoë or Renée before long then I’ll have to get the authorities involved, so sit tight and we‘ll see what happens.” Peter ended his phone conversation.

“ Mr. Owen, we are ready to continue……….the kids are becoming a little restless though.” The camera assistant told him.

It was true, the two small children dressed as aliens were becoming a little tired with the whole movie making process. Peter called one of them over to him.

“ Candice, would you like some ice-cream?” He asked.

The little girl confirmed she did.

“ Ok, go to the lunch building across the way and get you and Kyle an ice-cream bar. Come right back here though, so we can finish work Ok!”

The girl was happy, and exited the front door to go get her treat at the luncheon across the street.

This is the little alien Dale Dobson had witnessed as he viewed the town intersection from his hiding perch. Convincing him further that the earth was being occupied by space creatures.


Later that afternoon, with the days shoot finished and the production crew wrapping things up Peter was still in the general store talking with Bryan Scully when the two painters came in. They rested their paint buckets on the alien examination prop table.

“ We’re finished with the inside of the Town Hall building Mr. Scully and we painted the fire hydrant red. Are there any other things needing a coat of paint before we’re finished for the day?” The workmen requested.

“ No, I think we’re finished for today. Clean up your brushes and go get supper.” Scully told them.

At retrieving his paint bucket, one of the workmen accidentally tipped it over and red paint spilled across the table and some it dripped over onto the floor.

“ Geez! Sorry!”

“ That’s Ok,” Owen said, “ This whole set will be changed tomorrow for a different shoot. Don’t worry about it.” Although he was thinking about the film, his mind was also defused over what was going on with Zoë and Renée.

The production crew for the movie “Aliens Aren’t Serene” packed up for the night an headed for their respective motel rooms and trailers.


Dale Dobson was startled awake by a noise from outside. It took him a moment, but he soon realized that he’s fallen asleep in the alien town of Jupiter, Louisiana. Funny thing, but he had remained undiscovered.

It was dark, he looked at his watch.

“ 7:30! Heck, been asleep for over two hours. He looked up over the window ledge. The town was totally dead. Not a soul in sight. Maybe the aliens had a 9 to 5 workday schedule just as some humans do.” He considered.

Dale realized he should get back to camp but there was something he wanted to do first. In the light of the full moon the town looked ghostly. He heard a dog bark somewhere in the distance. This is what must have awaken him.

Dale got the feeling that the town had been abandoned for the night. Maybe he would do a little investigating before he left.

Using stealthy moves that he didn’t know he had, Dale began at the edge of town and work his way closer to the main streets intersection. Entering the first building he notice it was nothing but a newly constructed façade. There was no roof and no walls.

“ Just as I thought, the town is a fake! Those aliens may be able to fool your average joe, but they can’t fool ‘ol Dale Dobson!” He said with a bit of pride.

At that point he made his way to the general store. Inside he used his flashlight to look around. What met his eyes was a horror his mind could barely digest.

There lay the alien examination table. Freshly coated with a layer of red blood. It dripped down onto the floor inside the structure. What cruelty the poor soul that had be examined there must have endured? These creature must be stopped! He felt.

After that he made an exit out of town. He surely didn’t want to come across anything else like the examination table.


It was 10:30 when Dale arrived back at his camp. Having checked his trout line he’d found three catfish and four spoonfish tethered to his line. On top of his throat being raw, he also had a slight sunburn. He soothed his skin with a layer of pale, white cream across his face and arms. He then realized how hungry he was.

He quickly got out his small cook stove and began preparing a meal. While scaling the spoonfish he began to think of his friend Tucker.

“ What if by now he’s been turned into an alien, maybe a lizard alien with scales an all? Or maybe they’d altered his mind? If he got his friend back would it be the true Tucker, or just the shell of the man?” Dale put such thoughts out of his brain.

He did think of his alien captives though. They hadn’t had any liquids or something to eat in over a day. He fried up the fish and ate his fill. He then went to the tent and brought the blonde creature outside.

“ Look,” He told her, “ I’ve prepared a meal. I’m going to untie you and let you eat. If you try to get away or start to make noise then it’s all over, back to the tent. You understand me?”

Zoë shook her head that she did. She was terrified but beyond that she was thirsty and starving. Dale removed her bonds.

In a moment she removed her glasses and stared at the fired fish before her. She began to devour it as if it were her last supper, which in her mind it might be. “Who was this lunatic? So far he hadn’t really harmed them so maybe they were just being held for ransom.” She thought.

Zoë looked up to see a frightful sight . In the dark night, with only the light of the full moon to cast it’s raise upon her captor Zoë could see only the pale figure of a man. His face all white and pasty ……and the smell, like something dug out of a murky grave.

She took a deep swallow from the container of liquid he had sitting there. She nearly chocked on the taste. Moonshine! It burned her throat but it did quench her thrust. It gave her pause to drink the liquid more cautiously.

Just then Zoë’s cell phone began to ring. The sound had startled both of them. For some reason Dale decided to answer it.

“ What’s do you want!”

Peter Owen, on the other side of the conversation could hear the creepyness in the Ghost’s voice.

“ I want to make a deal.” He said “ You give me back the girls and I’ll give you what you want tomorrow morning.”

Dale thought for a second.

“ No tricks!” He said.

“ No tricks. “ Peter confirmed.

“ Sounds like a plan.” Dale said.

“ Tomorrow morning then.” Peter stopped for a second, “ One other thing.” He said, “Just to let me know that you really have them let me talk to one of them.” He requested.

Dale brought the phone over to Zoë, at the same time cautioning her about what she should say.

“ Yes!” She spoke into the phone.

“ Are you Ok?”


“ And Renée, she with you?

“ Yes!”

“ What does this creep look like?”

“ I don’t know. A zombie, and smell like death altogether.”

With this Dale retrieved the phone from her.

“ Tomorrow!” He spoke into the phone, then ended the call.

Again the consumption of moonshine caused the girl to pass-out. Dale bound her and returned her to the tent. He repeated the process with Renée, after which he took a bath in the waters of Groome Lake.

By 11:45 Dale set himself to try to get some sleep before sunup.

End Act 6


Friday, September 3, 2010 7:04 AM


Dale is a strange one, I'll give you that. ;)


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