Serenity Valley
Saturday, July 3, 2010

A poem from the perspective of one of the "survivors" of the Battle of Serenity Valley based on a deleted scene from the pilot episode of Firefly.


Serenity Valley


Here we stood and here we lie

Here we Browncoats lived to die

In a green valley under a blue sky

That turned black with fire, then red ran dry

Over the scarred rocks of Serenity Valley.

Here we Browncoats made our stand

Here we gave our lives for this land

Here we pushed into Alliance’s hands

And waved a fist with a good “Gorram!”

On the mile-wide fields of Serenity Valley.

The Alliance said they’d walk right through here

Put down us Browncoats when we get near

We choked them with those words, ya hear?

So what in the Verse did we have to fear?

In the hills and dales of Serenity Valley.

At first, we sent them purple-bellies packing

At first…then the bodies we started stacking

Using friends for cover, with gunfire cracking,

Wounded moaning and bleeding, our courage lacking

In the cool streams and creeks of Serenity Valley.

Faster and faster, everyone started in dying.

The volunteers, the enlisted, the officers shouting

Out orders that no could hear, nor trying.

Only the Sarge kept us alive, kept us fighting

In the meat-grinder that was Serenity Valley

By the end of that battle, four hundred remained

By the end, four hundred were barely sane.

The Sarge made us stay together through the pain

Though both sides had really nothing left to gain

Of what was left in Serenity Valley

But then, they left us. Both sides left us.

Left us wallowing in our own puss.

Seven days they left us to die and moan and cuss

The ruttin’ high and mighties talked, forgetting us

In the blood-soaked fields of Serenity Valley

By the end of that week, only a hundred fifty lived.

By the end of that week, survival was ad libbed.

History is written by the victors, so factual and glibbed

No one knows, truly, how short-lived

The blood bath was in Serenity Valley.

Mercy, forgiveness, trust… those get left behind

Like the friends on the field you find.

Dying or dead. Deaf or maybe blind.

Shakin them, lookin for, hopin for a sign.

But they all get left in Serenity Valley.

You can never truly leave there. You simply cease.

You live through that and life becomes something you lease.

The best you can do is learn to live there. Maybe in peace.

And your life becomes little more than a conversation piece.

But we will never leave…

… our Serenity Valley


Saturday, July 3, 2010 4:02 PM


As we know, FF is at least partially driven by Whedon's reading of "The Killer Angels", a novel about the American Civil War and the battle of Gettysburg. After the war, there was a great deal of 'Lost Cause' poetry out of the South, lamenting the collapse. This is very well done, and has the feel and look of that genre.


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Serenity Valley
A poem from the perspective of one of the "survivors" of the Battle of Serenity Valley based on a deleted scene from the pilot episode of Firefly.