A Heart Full of Grace, Chapter 2
Sunday, February 28, 2010

When trouble comes to find Grace, she goes back to serenity to escape and winds up exploring her ever growing relationship with Captain Reynolds. They both find themselves somewhere they never expected to be after becoming closer. (takes place between end of series before Inara leaves and Serenity)*PLEASE COMMENT, MORE TO COME*


Heart Full of Grace Chapter 2

The ship hummed gently. Grace had been asleep for a long time and when she finally woke up there seemed to be no one around. She walked up the stairs to the dining room. As she got to the top of the stairs she heard some chatter and then a burst of Jesse’s very distinct laughter. When she came to the door way she saw Jesse, Wash, Zoë, and Kaylee sitting at the table laughing. “I missed something good, didn’t I?” She said with a sheepish look on her face. “Was just tellin’ Jesse here about a job we pulled together a while back.” Kaylee said, slightly giggling. “You remember Mr. Felton? Dontcha?” Grace’s cheeks turned a slight rosy color. “Not that story!” she cried. “Oh, come on. Grace, it was an honest mistake. You didn’t know what he looked like.” Zoë said. “You and Mal did, and you both decided not to tell me I was kissing the wrong guy!” Grace said laughing “Well, you had a good time didn’t you?” she asked. “That ain’t the point of it. The point is that you two are just cruel.” “Yet you still do business with us.” Zoë pointed out. “Which probably only proves one thing.” Grace said. “What’s that?” “That I must be hopelessly in love with you, my darling Zoë! Sorry Wash.” They all laughed energetically. “I’m sure we could work something out.” Wash smiled. “Watch it!” Zoë said punching her husband in the shoulder. “What, thought it was worth saying.” He said. “Men.” Grace sighed. Grace sat in the empty chair next to Kaylee. It had been a long time since she had seen any of them. Every job she did with the crew of Serenity turned into a crazy adventure, and there was always a story to tell. This crew made the vast nothingness of space bearable and even enjoyable. “So what kind of mischief have you been getting up to since last we’ve seen ya?” Kaylee asked. “Well” she looked at Jesse. “Picked up this little trouble maker shortly after I left you guys. After that, just surviving, journeyed into the outer rim, tip toeing around the feet of the Alliance. You know, the usual.” “Plus, there was that time you got married.” Jesse added. “Married…” Mal said as he walked into the room from the crew quarters. “Did I walk in at a bad time?” “No, just getting thrown into a stupid story.” she sent Jesse an annoyed look. “REALLY stupid.” They both looked into each others eyes. It was an awkward moment. “To clarify, it was a job.” Grace said. “And what did ya get out of it?” Kaylee asked. “Life. We were in a bad spot. Messed up on delivering some goods to a black market dealer. The goods were in fact stolen from us that stole em. The only way he would let us go, without loss of body parts, was if I married a very wealthy local merchant and took half of his very large business.” “And?” Kaylee asked. “Well I got my half, and then gave it away for freedom.” she said. “Was this marriage consummated?” Mal asked. Grace avoided the question. The atmosphere in the room became awkward. “Well I gotta get back to my repairs.” Kaylee said, breaking the silence. “I’ll give ya a hand.” Jesse added. “He’s almost as good as you Kaylee.” Grace laughed. “I guess we’ll see about that.” Kaylee challenged. They stood up and headed to the engine room. Mal still had a sour look on his face. Zoe stood up and went to get some tea. “I think I would like to see the bridge. It’s been ages.” Grace said with a dreamy smile. “Watch it lady!” Wash said defensively. “Don’t worry about it. I won’t take your chair.” She jumped up happily and ran t the cockpit. Getting away from that room was probably the best thing for her. Everything was the same. Except the view, the view was different but magnificent. She sat down in the second pilots chair and soaked it up. She heard foot steps, and she knew who it was. She was hoping to avoid any uncomfortable conversations. “So was he good” Mal asked. “Why do you ask?” Grace wondered. “Well, never really thought of you as much of a man eater.” He took Washes chair and made himself comfortable. “That’s a terrible word choice.” “Supposin you’re right about that.” he laughed. “I had to keep up the illusion Mal.” “So that’s a yes.” “Suppose it is. Is that a problem?” They sat in silence, both of them staring into the black in front of them. They could hear the machinery making its normal noises. Buzzing, beeping, and humming. That was the only thing that filled in the gap between them. “I missed you is all.” Mal bowed his head to stare at his hands. Grace turned to look at him. He turned his gaze to her. “What?” he asked. “Nothing.” “No, say something.” “Ummm, I missed you too?” she said unsure of what was the right answer and safe to say out loud. “Gracie?” “Mal?” “Was there any other reason you chose us? You coulda found any piece of space craft to take you out into the black. Yet you went outta your way to get me here.” His words were slow and gentle. She thought and smiled. “Mal. Please don’t.” The panel in front of him bleeped. “Looks like you’ve got something incoming.” “Guess you’re saved by the wave then. It appears to be of a private nature.” “I see. Well then I will leave you to it.” She said, glad to have a way out of the moment. She got up and stood behind him for a second. She rested her hand on his shoulder and leaned in close to his ear. “I did miss you.” She whispered to him. “Don’t let it go to your head though.” Before she left she tussled his hair and laughed.


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Monday, March 1, 2010 3:12 AM


I looked at your profile just to make sure, but I still can't make out whether you are being serious with this or whether you are pulling off one hell of a parody.

Monday, March 1, 2010 5:41 AM


I'm pretty sure she's serious.

J? You mind if I call you that? Hey. Listen, don't worry about reviews and such. You're just trying to find your voice, exploring it through an OC. I can get that. I mean, that's what us writers are always doing, right? Trying to find our voices. Every new story refines it just a little more, and we do it for ourselves, not for anyone else. You're here because you have a story you love that you want to tell, and to hell if no one else likes it or reads it, you'd kept posting anyway.

I'm pretty insecure deep down, never really able to accept compliments at face value, I have trouble trusting people. So that's what I have to tell myself to keep going if someone accidentally sets me off. It's not their fault, it's me, and I have to take responsibility for that, and I have to face that, do I give up, or keep at it?

We're browncoats. We're too proud to quit. So get out there and write yourself one hell of a story. I have questions, but it seems like I should keep them to myself, and the way you introduced your OC is not bad. It can be improved, everything can ALWAYS be improved, but it's not bad.

Monday, March 1, 2010 6:29 AM


What do you mean? Parody?

Monday, March 1, 2010 9:05 AM


Please ignore what I said.

Byte's thoughtful comment made me realize that I was being perhaps a little insensitive. I apologize for that.

Don't write for other people, write for yourself.

Monday, March 1, 2010 11:09 PM


I don't like to rate but I want people to know I've commented so I always give a 10.

Firstly, I disagree with Byte and Rouka about 'write for yourself'. You want feedback, you're writing for an audience. It's different from writing a diary or something else that's only for yourself. The balance I try to aim for in what interests me/what interests my audience is to try to write from the heart but always bear your audience in mind - they might need a lot more convincing and explaining than you do. And the way you characterise is the way you convince. So, for example, Grace acts in an extremely violent way towards Mal, putting a loaded gun to his neck. I think this needs to be put into context so that it doesn't seem like Grace is psychotic. I realise that you want to hint at the relationship that has existed between them in the past, and of course Joss himself uses violence to create erotic charge too. But we don't know Grace at all, and though you've described a little through her body language and way of speaking what she's about I think you need to do it a lot more to make a gesture like the gun thing work.

Hope that's helpful.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010 6:34 AM


To paraphrase Aliasse, dialogue seems to be your strong suit. but it won't always carry you through a scene, much less a story. I bet what's going on in this story is a lot more vivid in your head. Share it.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010 7:07 AM


yeah. i know. im trying to explain all that in part 3. but as for dialogue... you're right. most of my stories are predominantly dialogue, which is something i know i need to work on.


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A Heart Full of Grace, Chapter 2
When trouble comes to find Grace, she goes back to serenity to escape and winds up exploring her ever growing relationship with Captain Reynolds. They both find themselves somewhere they never expected to be after becoming closer. (takes place between end of series before Inara leaves and Serenity)*PLEASE COMMENT, MORE TO COME*

A Heart Full of Grace, Chapter 1
When trouble comes to find Grace, she goes back to serenity to escape and winds up exploring her ever growing relationship with Captain Reynolds. They both find themselves somewhere they never expected to be after becoming closer. (takes place between end of series before Inara leaves and Serenity)*PLEASE COMMENT, MORE TO COME*

You can't take the sky from me
this is more like a fan-fic poem, it is taken from the episode "Out of Gas". it views Mal after he is shot and it basically describes his struggle. i know that this isn't how this episode ends... it just sounded good for the poem.