Capacity Chapter 15
Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Mal hadn’t expected the day to go as it had. Harken and his men were armed to the teeth, not to mention the stockpile of weapons Jayne and Zoë were handing out. Mal was running out of hands and hip space.

Hover mule loaded with artillery they set out. They being Harken’s men, Jayne and himself. Zoë stayed back at the ship, not complaining for once. She knew she was the back up plan if things went all wooly. Though she seemed not to care for the particular look in Mal’s eye.

And while Mal fully intended to open the door and let Harken and his men in… He planned on getting answers as well. If Harken got in the way of that…

Mal and Jayne broke of from the group and made there way up the side of the mountain, fighting through thick brambles and dense trees. Signaling for help was going to be precarious, there’d be no telling if Harken and his men would be able to get there in time if things went wrong.

But they moved on.

Barton’s men converged on them not far from where Harken said the man’s base of operations was.

“So much for the element of surprise,” Jayne whispered as he moved closer to Mal.

“When did you think we had the element of surprise?” Mal replied, grinning for the group of men. “Fellas… we’re just here to see our boss. No need for a fuss.”

“You look like your getting ready to pick a fight,” one of the thugs replied.

“We’re bad guys,” Jayne said. “That’s how we’re ‘sposed to look.”

“Right,” the same thug snorted.

“Now, I can tell you’re the brains of the group,” Mal said. “So, I need you to run up that hill there and tell Barton we need to get paid for our last delivery.”

“I ain’t your runner,” the young man spat.

“Then you sure as hell better take me to him. ‘Cause I’m gonna get paid.”

The thug looked back at the others and made an executive decision.

“Give up your guns,” he said, smiling smugly.

Mal pasted on a grin.

“Sure thing.”


“Your name, Miss?” the young man behind the counter asked.

“Lin Huolin,” she replied, the lie slipping easily from her lips.

“And how long will you need the livery?”

“Oh, no more than a few days, I suppose,” she said, force vague irritation into her voice.

“Mind if I ask your business in town?”

She narrowed her eyes ever so slightly.

“Do you usually ask every customer who pays cash in advance with a hefty fee this many questions?”

The clerk looked down at his keypad.

“No, ma’am…”

“I didn’t think so. And I’ll need something sturdy, nothing fancy. You understand?”

“Yes, Ms. Lin, you were very specific with the agent at the port.”

“Good. When shall I expect it?”

“Any moment now.”

She gathered her bag and headed for the delivery bay. A young man in a covered hover mule pulled up and inclined his head to her.

“Ms. Lin,” he said as he held the door open for her.

She leaned inside to put her bags in the back. When she turned to thank the driver, she was surprised by a hand to her throat.

“Good evening, Miss Serra,” he said, pushing her into the vehicle and forcing her into the back with her luggage.

“My name is-”

“You need not bother to lie,” he said before he grabbed the bags next to her and placed them in the passenger seat. “I am well aware of who you are.”

He smiled.

“Surprised, but aware. My employers asked me to see to you after I took care of the Reynolds problem. I’m happy to see I can wrap it all up in one neat little package.”

He turned and secured her into the seat, producing cuffs for her wrists.

Inara closed her eyes, mouthing a prayer.

“None of that, Miss Serra,” the young man said, “What would Captain Reynolds say?”

With those words he put the vehicle in gear and headed toward the mountain.


Simon had just convinced Xiaofan to sit up and sip some broth when his sister walked in, fingers wound in her hair, looking stricken.

“The story changed when I wasn’t looking,” she said and sat next to Simon.

“I’m not going to pretend I have any idea what you mean. So, just try to tell me, River,” Simon said setting the bowl down.

Xiaofan was alert but pained, straining to hear every word.

“He’s here,” River said softly. “He came for her.”


Thursday, June 11, 2009 4:18 AM

ANGELLEMARCS really good to see this back. Short but good good stuff....


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