Tiger Moth - Chapter Three
Monday, September 20, 2004

Josh, The Mechanic


When she left the planet, heading out further toward the border planets, she felt a little nervous. She was alone with the big man on her ship. The trip went smoothly enough, though, and Maurice quickly began to feel as if he'd always been there. He added to her decoration of the kitchen. He added a design, a motif of symbols and runes Jessamy didn't understand. She decided they were pretty enough, and liked that he made the space completely his own. He took the place of an affectionate, protective uncle, and she only wished she'd had one in real life, back when she'd first woken up. Heck, any family member that she could have trusted would have been welcomed.

When they were more settled, she made a call to her brother. Geoff's pale face appeared on the screen, looking, as usual, like he was being interrupted. "Jessam- Where are you?"

She sighed, "Persephone. We just landed. How are you?" She still tried. She didn't know why. She felt some responsibility to do it, though. She gave him a half-hearted smile.

He ran a hand over his pale hair, leaving it mussed, "Busy. Money doesn't make itself." The slight accusatory tone said more than his words. He wasn't happy about where she was, what she was doing - and yet, he was relieved that she was away. She knew he mostly objected to her spending the money. She hadn't forgotten the DNA test that had been done when she awoke and was informed of her inheritance. The family had tried to claim she couldn't be who she had been, but the test had proven her without a doubt Sebastian Carver's offspring.

She sighed again, "Well.. I'm fine. I'll probably be away for.. well, a long while. You can reach me here if you need me." She sent the information he'd need, and when he nodded his receipt of it, she said, "Well.. good bye, then, Geoff. Take care of yourself."

He nodded, and signed off, leaving her there staring at the blank screen. She wouldn't call him again, she knew, unless she had to. She turned off the console, and set to work on the computer system.

Maurice found her there, hours later, her legs sticking out from under the console as she worked on a complicated wiring system. She still had a plan, an idea, and she was sure she would succeed. Maurice, wiping his hands on a towel, shook his head at the sight of her working so hard.

"You should take a break, eat something. Now," he said, grabbing one of her ankles.

The threat was clear, and she laughed, "Ok, ok.. I'm coming." She crawled out, pushing her hair out of her face. She gave Maurice a look, biting her lower lip. The she smiled. "Maurice, I think it's time you met Obi."

Maurice raised a questioning eyebrow, "Obi? What is this?" He narrowed his eyes, suddenly suspicious. Jessamy loved how his voice became accented when he was distracted.

Jessamy, still smiling, reached over and flipped a switch on the console, "Obi? I'd like you to meet Maurice. Say hello."

The child's voice came from walls, very polite, "Very pleased to meet you."

Maurice shook his head, "Your computer has a voice module." He raised his eyebrows, as if she had somehow gone simpleminded.

"No," she dropped into the pilot's seat, "He's A. I. Obi evolves. He's my my little experiment. He runs the Oberon, as much as he can. I hope to expand on that, too." She ran a finger over the console, imagining what could be.

Maurice looked uncertain, "Well.. Um. Hello Obi," he said, and gave Jessamy a look. "I've signed onto one strange ship." He turned, and headed back to the kitchen, calling over his shoulder, "You better not let my food get cold."

She put things in order so she could leave it and still have an operational ship. "Big bully," she laughed.

She took the hint, and wiped the dust and grease away. Her stomach rumbled, and she moved out of the cockpit, and headed down the hall, past the crew quarters - all now fully explored, but most still very empty. She entered the common area, taking a deep breath of the delightful smell filling the room. Her stomach rumbled again in reaction to the savory smell.

As Maurice placed a plate covered in savory stew, the comm unit buzzed. Maurice swore under his breath, raising one hand sharply, "No. You sit and eat. I will go and see who it is."

Jessamy raised an eyebrow and watched him leave, looking a mite bit thunderous. With a sigh, she picked up her spoon, and took a bite of the stew. It tasted absolutely amazing. She picked out a carrot, and took a bite, smiling widely at the delightful food.

She heard Maurice's deep voice echoing slightly through the ship. He was talking to someone outside, and he didn't sound happy. With another sigh, she swallowed the carrot, and stood up, leaving her stew on the table. She came down the stairs in the cargo bay, seeing Maurice talking to a strange little man in a very fine hat.

"Maurice? Is everything ok?" She asked, as she reached about halfway down the stairs.

He glanced back, looking annoyed, "This man.. this little rodent, he says he has someone for you to talk to. Says he heard you needed a good mechanic. I say do not trust him. I do not like his hat." Maurice eyed the offending headwear with distaste.

The little man gave him a bulldog-determined look, and said in his distinctive accent, "Listen, if your Cap'n's too feng le to know a good thing-"

He was cut off as Maurice grabbed him, and his tone changed, "I mean I got a real good mechanic whot needs a job. You need a good mechanic. Tell me where I'm wrong to introduce the lot of you?"

Maurice's eyes narrowed, and at a soft word from Jessamy, he lowered the man to the deck, letting him go. As Maurice stepped back - still staying between Jessamy and the offended little man. The man straightened his jacket with sharp tugs, looking back behind him with an uncomfortable angry look.

Jessamy could see the two men with guns out there, and she understood his irritation. They were probably supposed to keep people from doing exactly what Maurice just did. She stepped forward, to avoid any real bloodshed, "Excuse me. I'm Captain Carver. I do happen to be looking for a mechanic. Is there any chance this person has accompanied you here?" She raised one eyebrow, watching the little man carefully.

His expression clearly said he felt better addressing the Captain directly, but her expression seemed to keep him from saying anything about it. He pulled on his jacket some more, "I'll send him straight over to you." He reached into a pocket, and pulled out a small card, handing it to her, "You ever need anything at all, you call Badger first." He looked rather proud of the card, and gave her a near-mocking bow, and turned, and exited.

"Thanks," was all she said, sliding the card away in a pocket. She watched Maurice shut the door behind the strange little man. His face showed he was clearly unhappy about this entire incident. When he turned to her, she knew that was exactly the case.

"I know of this man. You must not trust him," Maurice told her, crossing his arms over his wide chest.

Jessamy nodded, "I understand. But he is right - I need a good mechanic. I sent word out back before I met you that I was looking for crew. I don't know how it got all the way here, but I don't see any reason not to meet with this person." She eyed Maurice for a moment, aware that she still didn't really know this man. She wondered if she was going to have to remind him who was in charge on her ship.

Maurice sighed, and dropped his hands, "It is your ship, Captain." He shook his head, "For now, you go on back and finish that stew."

She smiled, turning to head back up to the common room. His accent got more pronounced when he was being all emotional. Luckily, her stew wasn't too cold.



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