2nd entry to the CSTS Promo Art
Friday, March 13, 2009

The second entry I put into the CSTS Promo Art contest. I think i like the other one better...or I needded to change the colour of Serenity...



Friday, March 13, 2009 5:40 AM


This one not so much. The angle on the sihlouette has a "Star Trek" look and feel to it, and the gray/black sihlouette is hard to make out- just looks like a big gray blob. Maybe more detail, or some sharp outlines within it?

Friday, March 13, 2009 7:59 AM


Entirely plausible.
Prior to the event of Christianity, bisexuality was the norm in Western Civilization. Marchus Aurelius speaks of how his father gave up his single greatest pleasure, young boys, in assuming the responsibilities of Emporer. In a post Christian culture as is in the 'Verse, not surprising this would re-emerge.

Friday, March 13, 2009 8:05 AM


Apologies - entered comment on wrong item and the site won't let me delete it. I will keep trying.


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Jayne Hat Cell Phone Case
My sister is selling awesome Jayne Hat Cell Phone cases here:

Firefly mentioned in Weregeek
The author/illustrator of the ever funny web comic Weregeek, is also a Browncoat. She regularly inserts references and today had a big one.

Firefly Personas/Skin for Mozilla Firefox
So I found out that Mozilla Firefox has a add-on that basically acts as a skin. So of course, I searched Firefly...^___^ Check it out!

My shiny Serenity Birthday present!!!!
This is a picture of my beautiful Serenity carving that my non-firefly fan friend made for my birthday as a surprise!

2nd entry to the CSTS Promo Art
The second entry I put into the CSTS Promo Art contest. I think i like the other one better...or I needded to change the colour of Serenity...

CSTS Promo Art
So I entered the Can't Stop the Serenity Promo Art contest but they forgot to post two entries to vote for and mine was one of them...sigh. I worked really hard on it so I'm kinda disappointed. At first I thought I just didn't make it into the top 10 but then I got an email from one of the people apologizing that she forgot it...which I understand but it still sucks.

Adam at the Burbank Convention
Adam Baldwin at his panel on Sunday in Burbank.

Rayne Manip
My first ever photo manipulation...In my graphic design class we were told to put someone's head on another's body and I had been wanting to do a Rayne one for a while! Not to happy with River as the pic of Summer that worked the best doesn't look like herself...

Firefly cast....wait a second...
So I learned a new tool in class today with Photoshop...LIQUIFY!! I can't believe this was my homework!

River - OiS
River from Objects in space. Drawn with several lead pencils. I'm not really happy with this one but my sis says that River doesn't look good in the original pic either...I don't know.