No Power In the Verse
Monday, October 20, 2008

River tells Kaylee her feelings.


Okay hello folks just try this out this is my first Firefly fan fic so please don’t worry if it sucks I am sorry. I watched a cool episode of Firefly today and decide to do this. But this is also an Au of sorts so please don’t worry about any spoilers in this fanfic.

No Power In the Verse

By: RiverRed

River awoke from her nightmare but this time unlike the others she felt better in away she felt more at home with herself more, like her old self smiling a cute smile she got up out of Simon’s bed looking around she found some of his old clothes that where to small for him and began to change out her dress. Tossing the dress aside she grabbed a pair of boy’s briefs because she had no panties of her own Simon to shy to buy her any. Slipping them on she pulled on a pair of thermal black bottoms, over the thermals she pull on some clean faded dark blue jeans.

Setting down she pulled on some black socks, and put her combat boots back on. Standing back up she buttoned and zipped up the pants grabbing a belt just to make sure they stayed in place, reach around she found a man’s tank top and pulled it on she had no need for a bra seeing how her breast where so small. So she slipped on the thank top then pulled the matching thermal shirt own over it there where three buttons at the top she left them undone and grinned smirking at herself in a very River like way.

Opening the door to the bed room she walked out her boots click on the metal passage way as she made her way to the dinning area, walking in she saw Zoe was cooking some breakfast. Setting down she smiled and stayed quite. Just watching the woman work, at the kitchen, Zoe always gave off the feeling of big an older Sister to River. Smiling she got up and left before Zoe noticed her there. Walking around some more she came to Inara’s door walking close to the door she knocked on it quietly before moving back some when it opened. Inara stood there looking as beautiful as ever, River smiled at her before going about her way walking down the hall once more.

She felt a pull in her heart and soul and she was fallowing it, it lead her to the push in ladder that lead to Kaylee’s room pushing it open she started down the ladder pushing it back to its closed position once down all the way she looked around smiled when she found Kaylee setting on the bed eating some strawberries. River smiled and walked over tapping her own the shoulder smiling when she jumped a little before turning around.

“River…be careful you almost made me choke sneaking up on me like that” she said putting the strawberries away. She stood up and said “You must be looking for Simon lets go find him” she took hold of River’s wrist and tried pulling her with her but she found she couldn’t looking back she found River smiling before she fond herself being pulled into strong arms of one River Tam.

River smirked and leaned in for a kiss holding Kaylee slightly so she knew it was her choice she could stay in River’s arms or run away from them. She smiled slightly in her head when she felt those slim arms wrap around her and she herself felt her grip become tighter on Kaylee.

Pulling back she smirked and pushed them back towards the bed, laying Kaylee down gently she got on top of her between her thighs gently hovering above her she said “No power in the verse can stop me…form loving you” she then gently went back to kissing her. Kaylee smiled inside her heart beat a mile a minute as the younger Tam was on the verge of making love with her, and she couldn’t be more happier.



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