Tuesday, July 29, 2008

River has a dream.


Author: Gilove2dance Title: Almost Prompt #38-Lust of rayne_shippers’ mini challenge table created by bugchicklv Rating: R bordering on NC-17 cause I don’t really describe anything pr0n. Pairings: Rayne in all its godliness Disclaimer: Joss is boss; I’m just a lowly minion. Word count: 279 Author's notes: So fate wanted to play a joke on me and made me choose #38 which turns out to be lust…me who has never written smut or even just heavy fluff cause I get all embarrassed and giggly. But I tried to see it as a challenge and a learning experience. Don’t be too harsh! Now go read *hides face in pillow*


The air was thick with heat. Sweat coated skin slid against skin as fingers scrambled to find purchase. Hands tangled themselves in hair and lips caressed ever accessible surface. The only sound to be heard was soft gasps, moans and heavy breathing.

He pressed soft open mouth kisses along her jaw line causing her to arch in pleasure. She pulled him closer, biting his earlobe and he cried out helplessly.

Hands roamed and jolts of ecstasy were ongoing until an unbearable ache started to build. Tears trickled down her cheeks, his face wrought with emotion, the climbing ache screamed to be fulfilled. Closer, closer…almost—

River sat up gasping, toes curled, back arched. “Mei mei, are you alright?” Simon stumbled groggily to her bed. She looked around frantically.

“Where? Where is—?” Her voice started to rise.

“Sh sh, River. It’s okay. It was just a nightmare,” said Simon desperately. He smoothed back her hair. “You’re covered in sweat. Do you want me to give you a smoother?”

“NO!” she shrieked. “Not a nightmare.” A lustful look crossed River’s face.

“Oh.” Simon pulled back and smirked. “Right. Well then. I’ll just let you get back to that dream.” River rolled her eyes and punched his arm.

As Simon left laughing, River lay back down and closed her eyes. She knew that the dreams would be replaced soon and she almost couldn’t wait for the real thing. Closer, closer…almost...


Across the ship, Jayne lay awake panting, the blood pounding in his veins and a painful ache deep in his chest. He knew he wasn’t going to be able to hold out much longer. He’d try to resist for as long as possible…almost…


Monday, August 4, 2008 10:44 AM


Oh, wow. I *really* liked that. The connectedness of it all...the fact that Jayne may never know that she knows when he does stuff like that ;)

I LOVED it. Great job! And Simon's reaction is just great.


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