R-a-y-n-e Part 3
Friday, March 20, 2009

River has found a playmate and perhaps more. RAYNE is in this fic just like the title suggests.


Title: R-A-Y-N-E Chapter: Relationship Author: Gilove2dance Word Count: 1,156 Rating: PG Disclaimer: I own everything. Oh other thing.

A/N: I seem to always include one phrase of Jayne’s no matter what story I’s just so Jayne...BIG BIG BIG apologies for the uber long wait for this. I had it started back in July...but got distracted by other fics and then school but I got some lovely reviews reminding me about this and so I sat down and just wrote until I had a respectable amount added on.

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Despite his claim that Jayne would be the one to calm his sister, Simon poked his head into the mess every fifteen minutes until it was dinner.

“River? How are you feeling?” Simon hovered over her chair as she carefully placed the chips in the leather bag.

“She is feeling agitated and frustrated,” River glared at her brother. “You are infringing my personal space. I’m fine. Now leave me alone.”

Simon sighed and sat down beside Kaylee. “So what did Rayne do today?” asked Kaylee happily. River beamed and Jayne grunted.

“Jayne taught me several different adult games,” replied River.

Simon squawked and Mal frowned at Jayne. Jayne rolled his eyes. “Poker games,” he growled and shovelled in a spoonful of protein.

River smirked. “Soon we will play other adult games.”

Jayne glared at her and swallowed loudly. “If you keep sayin’ it like that, there won’t be none ‘cause I’ll be out the airlock.” He stuffed in another mouthful. “’S not a g’me.”

“What ‘games’ do you mean, little one?” demanded Mal.

“Jayne has promised to teach me some of his abilities.”

Kaylee dissolved into giggles, Simon turned white and Inara attempted to hide her smile by drinking some tea.

“Jayne won’t if’n you don’t stop makin’ it seem so dirty,” Jayne snapped.

“But they are so easy to mislead,” River pouted.

“Which leads to my spacin’!”

“I would not let that happen.” River patted his cheek. “Then I would not have a playmate.”

Jayne snorted. “Ain’t you selfish.”

She grinned cheekily. “Yes.” River turned to Mal. “Jayne has offered to teach me the care of side arms and how to create music from his stringed wood box.”

“’S a guitar,” grumbled Jayne.

“Well, I think that’s sweet Jayne,” beamed Kaylee.

Jayne frowned. “I ain’t sweet. I jus’ don’t want her goin’ bonkers on me an’ everyone else doesn’t seem to have the time to keep her entertained.” He stood up and stormed out of the mess.

“The bear is retreating back to the cave to hibernate,” River said reproachfully. “Do not mention his softness hidden under his armor again. It gets harder for me to creep under it.” She stared at those around the table. “I like it under the armor; I feel safe.” River picked up a roll and flew out of the room past Wash and Zoe who were coming in.

“What did we miss?” asked Wash curiously.

“Can’t rightly put a name to it,” said Mal.

“Is it just me or is Jayne’s vocabulary actually improving as he spends more time with River?” Inara looked at Simon.

“It would appear so,” said Simon mournfully. “Do I want Jayne to be more literate or keep my sister away from him?”

Kaylee smacked his arm. “Be nice! It’s good for both of them.” She glared at everyone. “That goes for all of you.”

“Yes mother,” said Wash meekly.

“It ain’t so bad, doctor,” declared Mal, stretching. “I understand the li’l witch most of the time now and a happier merc is always better than one in a go se mood.”



“You should go ‘way, Crazy girl,” grunted Jayne as he lifted a heavy crate.

“What does it feel like to be loved?”

Jayne dropped the crate into place. “I’m the wrong man to be askin’ that question to.” Jayne frowned. “’Sides, you know what it feels like. Yer brother loves you somethin’ fierce an’ Mal seems to be happily fillin’ yer Captain Daddy role.”

River sighed wistfully and wrapped her arms around his waist, pressing her face into his chest. “But not the passionate love of a man.” She looked up at him. “You said you’d show me your man parts.”

Jayne stared at her with his mouth slightly open. “This is all kinds of wrong an’ you promised we wouldn’t become playmates like the rest!” He gently unwrapped her arms from his torso.

“She will never know love. For who could love an insane, dangerous, girl-shaped weapon?” whimpered River.

“Aww, hell, girl.” Jayne sat down on the crate and pulled River onto his lap. She nestled closer into his arms and closed her eyes. “You’ll find some lucky hundan whose jus’ as crazy fer you as you are crazy. An’ he won’t see yer faults or the danger. He’ll only see a pretty willin’ girl an’ he’ll be happy.” Jayne was subconsciously tracing circles on her back.

“That’s a beautiful fairytale,” murmured River. She tilted her head up and pressed a soft kiss on his neck. Jayne’s eyes closed and he let out a low rumble sound that could only be described as a purr.

“It ain’t a fairytale, girl. ‘S the truth.”


He opened his eyes and looked down at her.

“Could you possibly be that lucky hundan?” She leaned up, mouth slightly opened.

Jayne’s eyes flickered down to her lips. “I –”


Jayne jumped, quickly pushing River off and picked up the crate just before Simon entered the hold. “River, can I run some tests to see how you are doing?” Simon called to her.

Jayne growled and dropped the crate again. “Gorrammit Doc, she’s fine! Can’t you leave well ‘nough alone? Get outta here! I still got that gorram smoother in my pocket. Now git.”

Simon, looking thoroughly offended, turned to River who looked at him pleadingly. He sighed. “Okay. But I’ll be in the infirmary if you need me, mei mei.”

River waited until Simon was gone before approaching Jayne again. “You were going to answer my question.”

Jayne moved back so that the crate was between them. He looked away. “I ain’t a good man, girl. I sometimes think I am. I know I try to pretend to be, but I ain’t one.” He scowled and kicked the crate half-heartedly. “Hell, I don’t even really believe in all the prayin’ stuff the preacher does.”

“Book of lies,” protested River. “You have to see it as a symbol.” She walked around the crate and took Jayne’s big hand with both of hers. “Just because you are not a good man, doesn’t make you a bad one.”

He looked at her with hope in his eyes. “You know that fer sure?”

“I do.” River’s face broke into a smile. “And you are just the right balance of both to form equilibrium with the girl and weapon in me.” She smiled crookedly. “You are the resident weapons expert.”

Jayne smirked and pulled her into his arms. “Girl, you are somethin’ else.”

River looked up at him. “So we can be Rayne in every sense?”

“I think that’s already happened. But we’ll have to go slow in order fer the crew an’ yer brother to get used to it. ‘Cause I don’t wanna get spaced!”

“My Jayne will not be spaced!” River buried her face into his chest.

“Yers, huh?”


“Well, that makes you mine.” Jayne smiled down at her.

“And together we will be Rayne.”

A/N: Jayne’s view on himself is basically what Adam Baldwin himself said in Burbank when I asked him if Jayne was a good man and if Jayne thought he was a good man. I don’t know if I’ll continue this or not. It seems finished to me, but we’ll see.



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