Not Forgiving - Chapter 04
Sunday, February 17, 2008

This is what happens when the Alliance strikes back.


A/N: Here is the next installment. What happened to Mal and River after their encounter with the Academy agents? I hope you like it.

“Kaylee, heat Serenity up. Jayne, get us ready to leave atmo,” Zoe commanded. “I’m taking Simon. They could be hurt.”

Jayne and Kaylee broke into a run as they went up to their assigned areas. Simon slipped Inara’s beacon into his pocket and ran after Zoe. As they got to the bay doors, he placed his gun in the belt of his pants and grabbed the extra med kit that was now kept there. They both jumped into the mule with lightning speed and sped out of the cargo bay, almost running over some pedestrians.

“Mal’s signal is up ahead,” Zoe said as she used a hand held device to follow the signal. A pained look fell over her face as she turned to face Simon. “I am not getting anything from River’s though.”

Simon felt a wave of fear come over him, but remained composed.

“Won’t know anything until we get there,” he said grimly.

They found Mal in an alley sitting on the ground with his back up against a building. The medical supplies he and River had procured were scattered around the entrance to the alley. He was obviously wounded and barely conscious. Simon crouched next to him and began to assess his wounds. He opened Mal’s jacket.

“Pierced my armor,” Mal whispered. He drew a ragged breath.

Simon nodded at Zoe to confirm. He had been shot three times. One passed through his shoulder, another punctured his lower right lung and the last one was precariously close to his heart. Zoe looked down and saw River’s beacon. It was crushed into the ground.

“River’s beacon is smashed,” Zoe remarked. She stood up and scanned the area around them. “I don’t see her. Maybe she went for help.”

Mal slowly shook his head. A lone tear fell down his face.

“I’m sorry, Simon. I tried to keep her safe,” Mal whispered. He coughed violently. A small stream blood came out of his mouth. “They took her.”

“Who?” Simon asked softly.

“I u-understand it n-now,” Mal smiled weakly.

Who took her?” Simon asked, a little more insistent.

“Two b-by two. H-hands of blue.”

And then Mal closed his eyes.

River was screaming on the inside as the Academy Agents carried her away from Mal, but nothing escaped her lips. Her body wasn’t helping her, the drugs were too powerful, but her mind was still very much alert. The Academy Agents smiled the whole time they carried her back to their ship. River could feel their thoughts. They were so cold and so very horrifying.

They will be very excited that the subject is being returned.

They will be able to complete the process. The final surgeries will be done.

The pain will help disassociate her from this life she’s created. She’ll never remember it again.

Her mind will be erased. Her abilities further honed. Emotions stripped.

She will be the ultimate fighting machine.

She saw the surgeries they had in mind to perform, the drugs they were going to use and their entire plan for her. Her blood ran cold. She decided to turn her attention to her family while she still could. If she concentrated hard enough, maybe she could overwhelm herself with what they were thinking. So she reached out.

She was relieved to know that Simon and Zoe had reached Mal and that he was being tended to. He was in bad shape. His injuries were life threatening. He was unconscious, but a single thought reverberating throughout his mind. I failed. I failed. Everyone is going to die. I failed. It made her head throb so much that she had to let go.

Then she felt Simon. He was working on Mal frantically. His thought processes were directed at the task in hand, but she could feel Simon’s panic hiding underneath. He was afraid for her. No, he was more than afraid. He was terrified. She also felt his guilt. He believed he would never see her again.

Zoe was in denial. She refused to accept what was happening. Zoe was still trying to see where River was so that something could be done. Down deep Zoe knew it was in vain. Zoe wanted her family back so desperately. She wanted it to be as it was before Miranda. The current situation was layering itself onto the hurt she felt when Wash and Book died. She wouldn’t be able to go on if she lost Mal as well. Her thoughts were suffocating.

Jayne had taken him a long time before he emotionally committed himself to his Serenity family. He knew that his family was currently teetering on less than solid ground. He didn’t know what the future held, but he did know that he would go down fighting to keep whatever piece of it that he could. Jayne was always a task-oriented person, so his thoughts were on the Plan. He knew what needed to be done and was getting himself ready. He was focused, but his real feelings were still there. Jayne was scared.

Kaylee was a mess. She had always worn her emotions on her sleeve and they were currently screaming in volumes. It was loud. She was worried about the Captain and River. She hoped that they would both return safely. If not, she was scared of what needed to be done in order for them all to get through this, but she was petrified that she would lose Simon forever.

River let her thoughts wander back to Mal. A tear slid down her face as she realized she couldn’t find him. Somehow he was gone. She thought back to the last thoughts he had. There was so much guilt, but she knew who was really at fault. It was all because of her. No. It was all because of them. The Academy had done this.

Then out of nowhere, she felt Inara. Inara radiated profound sadness. She grieved. Inara knew that she was going to live and her family had little chance for the same outcome. Strangely enough, Inara also knew where she was going. It was the Guild. The Guild was taking Inara home to House Madrassa.

River smiled inwardly. She had something to cling to. She had someone to hold on to. It could keep her sane. Her resolve was firm. She knew what she had to do. She was going to make sure that Academy paid for what they had done. She was going to end them once and for all.

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