(repost)Serenity Movie Wallpaper: Haven
Monday, November 19, 2007

Props to DJcapslock, LJ and Artist's favorite part? The giant grin on lil' Kaylee.



Wednesday, November 21, 2007 5:25 PM


nicely done.

Thursday, November 22, 2007 3:00 PM


That grin is funny

Friday, November 23, 2007 6:51 AM


Your work has an undefinable allure, it's simple, minimalistic almost; yet very artistic. Keep up the good work!


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Serenity After Effects Mockup
This is just a mockup of a short film I'm doing in After Effects for my Intro To Computer Animation class. My teacher really dug my wallpaper, so I figured I needed to keep with the theme. Background and planets are completely made from scratch. Serenity's lighting is a little funky but that will change in the finished product once I get my paws on a Wacom Tablet and a PC with CS3.

New Haven Ranch
I decided that I needed to practice on my photoshopping skills, and I have just too many pictures of Serenity that are neglected from manipping. So, here is my practice, a little piece of New Haven (for those looking at this all 'huh?' my fanfiction... yes I put a tiger in Firefly fanfiction). Spring has yet to come in the series, but I figure Shan-shan likes to roam around and catnap on the soft grass. Most of the cattle are out in the back acres with Simon and Zoe (because it's frakkin' hard photoshopping tiny individual cows), but the ones by the homestead are being watched carefully by Churchill the dog (the smaller dot next to the cows) and Mal and Kaylee are getting back from a supply run. So there it is, I give you New Haven.And yes, I know it's not photorealistic, but the elements needed to be blended in some way, so I through a brushstroke filter on it for a more artisticy feel.

Serenity Rising: Greenleaf Wallpaper Version 2.0
Alright, so for homework in my Intro to Computer Animation class our homework was to play on photoshop and create an image that was at least 400x&00, had one dowbnloaded image, at least brush and used the pen tool. So, I seeing as I desperately wanted to make a better giant-sized version of the greenleaf WP, that;s what became my homework undertaking. I have to spend roughly 10 hours on hw for each class, and I reached that pretty easily with this piece. I'm so ridiculously proud though, I nearly fell upon my sword while trying to make a round object (the planet) with the pen tool.

Mal's Wallpaper
I did this WP a few weeks back, and just remembered it right now. Anywho, an image of Mal I had been toying around with to put on a t-shirt. The shirt never came to be, but I loved my back-of-shirt design so much (Firefly was written on the front) that I felt it deserved some wallpaper love.

Serenity Movie Wallpaper: Shinon
A brand new movie wallpaper. (Sorry for taking so long) Props go to the same people/sites as all of my other WPs.

(repost)Serenity Rising: Greenleaf
a 'screencap' I made for the sequel. Summary: With River at the helm, Serenity rises up off of the plains for Greenleaf. Her sailing technique, however, sends Mal into a tizzy due to the near miss with the hill. (I like looking at it while listening to 'Serenity' on the soundtrack)

(repost)Serenity Movie Wallpaper: Kaylee By Fire Light
Props to DJCapslock, LJ and

(repost)Serenity Movie Wallpaper: Haven
Props to DJcapslock, LJ and Artist's favorite part? The giant grin on lil' Kaylee.

(repost)Serenity Movie Wallpaper: Faster Would Be Better
Same props to the same sites, DJ_Capslock, Lj and grenades not included.

(repost)Serenity Movie Wallpaper: No Undo Fussin'
The heist! (and the caligraphy behind the cap'n fittingly reads 'gold'). Props to DJ_Capslock, LJ, and