Seeing Jayne, Seeing Kaylee Chapter 4
Friday, January 5, 2007

Back on the ship, Kaylee can finally relax and Simon attempts to comfort Jayne.


Sorry for the delay folks, got caught up with the holidays, and even now, I should be running off to work, but I just can't stay away. Read, enjoy, and as always, feedback feeds the starving author!

The nature of this fic deals with situations that may be disturbing to some readers. Sensitive readers may want to proceed with caution. Rated more of a PG-16ish.

“But see, here’s the hitch.” Kaylee gasped at the familiar voice. “From where I’m standin’, I’m in a mighty fine place to blow the top of your head clean off.” The two men jumped and turned away from their hostages for just a moment, to find a rather large gun pointed in their direction. And the man holding it certainly didn’t look too happy. “Mal!” Jayne was both relieved and fearful. “How’d you know to find us here?” “’Nother time and place Jayne. I will say though, that you owe River somethin’ mighty fine after this little adventure.” Mal’s glare was cold as he stared down Bill and Robert. “You all right down there little Kaylee?” “Right and shiny Cap’n.” Kaylee was beginning to lose consciousness. Now that she was no longer alone, her adrenaline was receding and she was finding it difficult to keep her eyes open. “So here’s the plan.” Mal turned his attention back to Kaylee’s captors. “I’m thinkin’ you start walkin’ away from here, so I can take my crew and be getting home.” “Hey!” Robert immediately was belligerent. “We’ve been haulin’ that girl along for more ‘en a day, and you think we’re just gonna let her go?” “Or,” Mal continued, “I could just shoot ya.” “Now, now, there’s no need to go shooting anyone.” Guinevere stepped in to pacify them, but her renewed presence just angered Jayne. “Don’t know about that, I’m thinkin’ that shooting you sounds like a mighty fine idea.” The more Jayne thought about how easily he had been played, the angrier he became. Guinevere didn’t even have the grace to look ashamed. “There was work to be done Jayne, you’d have done the same in my position.” He actually took a moment to think on that, and couldn’t say for sure what might have happened. Guinevere saw that, and moved to take the advantage. “You could stay here with me, Jayne.” She stepped closer to him, moving her body provocatively. “We don’t need the two of them, you and I together…we could do great things.” Jayne’s eyes never left her face. “Think of the money we’d get, job after job pulled off without a hitch.” Jayne reached out and tucked a strand of Guinevere’s hair behind her ear. “You see, there’s just one thing about that plan of yours.” Her smile was in full bloom as she reached for him. “Ya ain’t home.” He was surprised even as he heard himself say the words. Guinevere’s smile receded as quickly as it had come, and her eyes flashed in anger. “You’re a ruttin’ crazy person, and I’m more ‘en ready to get the hell off this rock and away from you.” She dropped to the ground, the angry expression frozen on her face. Mal’s bullet had gone clean through her. “Now then,” he focused back on Bill and Robert. “Any volunteers for who’d like to be next, or shall I just line ya up and get ya both together?” He saw them exchange a glance. “It’s up to you fellas, I just didn’t want anyone to feel left out is all.” Jayne stopped and picked up Kaylee as gently as he could. Still, he felt her wince in pain, and she buried her face into his chest. “If I ever so much as catch ya thinkin’ about touching Kaylee again, I’ll end ya before you can take your next breath.” Under any other circumstances, Jayne would have killed them right there. But seein’ as how Kaylee was with him, he didn’t think she could stand any more violence than she already had. Jayne left, not wanting these two to even be able to look at Kaylee for even another minute. “Now see, I’m not so kind.” Mal’s face was stone cold. “That one over there, he’s a warm and fuzzy one compared to me.” Two shots, and it was over. “I’m not gonna give you the chance to think about it.” Mal trailed behind after Jayne and Kaylee. He had seen what she looked like, how beaten she’d been. He suspected that the damage to her spirit was much worse than what he’d seen on the outside. He shook his head. “All I wanted to do was to let her go shopping.” Mal’s sigh was heavy. “Try to do something nice, and look what happens. Can’t even have one gorram good thing.” Mal didn’t see the tenderness with which Jayne was holding Kaylee. He didn’t hear the comforting words he was telling her. Even Kaylee, who drifted in and out of consciousness, feared she was dreaming. And Jayne couldn’t stop staring. Jayne and Mal trudged back onto Serenity. Simon was waiting for them in the cargo bay. “River said you needed me…” His face was confused, and it was clear he didn’t quite know what to say. His sister had come to him, and insisted that he help Kaylee, but seeing as how Kaylee was nowhere to be found, he thought that a bit difficult to do. Mal breathed a shallow sigh of relief once he was back on board. He hit the comm. “Take us outta the world, Wash.” He shot a look at Jayne standing there holding Kaylee. “We’ve all come home.” Jayne didn’t slow down for long; he was already moving again straight back to the infirmary. “Let’s go Doc!” His voice was gruff, but anxious. The rest of the crew, save Wash, had gathered in the cargo bay to see Kaylee. They were all surprised to see Jayne clutching her, looking more worried than anyone had ever seen him. Inara gasped when she saw how beaten Kaylee had been, and Zoe’s expression was grim. River was the only one smiling. “Don’t worry.” Her voice was serene, and her face was alight with joy. “This is just how it should be.” The crew’s mouths dropped open. Inara recovered first, crossing the room to River. “River, sweetie…” She spoke slowly, staring into the girl’s face. “Do you understand what’s happened? You did see Kaylee…” River shot her a look. “Of course I saw Kaylee. But she’ll be okay.” River reached over to Inara and patted her on the shoulder. “But nobody was looking at Jayne.” Jayne set Kaylee down on the exam table. Her eyelids fluttered open, and he saw them try to take in their surroundings. “Jayne?” She looked around the room for him, but found it hurt too much to move her head. “Quiet down now, Kaylee.” Jayne reached for her hand and squeezed it, so fast that the doctor almost missed it. “Cap’n and I took ya home, so all you need to do now is get some rest.” Her voice was quiet, and Jayne had to lean forward to hear her. “Ya won’t leave me, will ya Jayne?” “Nope.” His response was quick. “I’ll stay right here, and keep the good doctor company.” Even in this moment, he turned to Simon and made a face. “Jayne…” Kaylee tried to sit up to look at him, and Jayne caught the warning tone in her voice. “Aww, hell Kaylee, I’m just teasin’. I’ll be nice to him, I promise. Don’t you worry about a thing.” Jayne felt like a complete ass, Kaylee could hardly move and she was still trying to make sure all her family was treated well. Jayne had severe doubts as to whether he could ever like Simon, but he could at least try to be civil. Now that gorram crazy sister of his…but then again, Cap’n had said something about it being River who sent him out there. “Okay Kaylee,” Simon was using his doctor voice, trying to soothe her. “I’m going to give you something for the pain, and it’s probably going to make you very sleepy. It’s okay to sleep, so don’t fight it.” Simon saw the effects of the shot he had administered while he was talking start to take work already. He reached over and smoothed Kaylee’s hair away from her face. Simon hadn’t noticed the dark look Jayne had given him, and in truth, Jayne was still somewhat unsure why he’d be feelin’ any jealousy. Sure, Kaylee was all right and all, but that’s not how he’d been feeling. Jayne had been looking at her different, and all he knew right now is that he didn’t want to leave. Jayne leaned against the door to the infirmary and watched Simon work. He saw him check for broken bones, and any internal injuries. He meticulously cleaned every cut, nick and scrape, and bandaged the ones that needed it. He examined Kaylee from head to toe, stopping only once he was satisfied that he’d missed nothing. Simon would have preferred conducting this examination in private, but something from Jayne’s face told him that he shouldn’t even bother asking him to leave. So he shielded Kaylee from Jayne’s gaze as much as he could. “Well,” Simon said, still looking at Kaylee. “She’s…she’s been through quite a bit.” He debated how much he wanted to tell him. “It looks like they didn’t do any permanent damage, but there are definite signs of assault.” Simon still felt guilty about the lack of doctor/patient confidentiality, but on a ship with a crew this small, it was a near impossibility. Still, under normal circumstances, Jayne wouldn’t have been the first person he would have told. Jayne sucked in his breath through his teeth. “Tai kong suo you de xing qiu sai jin wo de pi gu.” Jayne started pacing the infirmary, muttering such curses that even Simon took a step back. It was his fault. Sweet, loving little Kaylee now had this permanent scar to live with, and all because he has upset her, and caused her to run away crying. Jayne Cobb had never been no good with women, he knew that. Hell, he supposed he was good at sexin’ and all, but with their feelings? He’d just as soon hand over their money and be on his way. He’d always tried to do right by little Kaylee though. Well…mostly. He had to have a little fun, the way she was always throwin’ herself at that doc. Jayne hated that. A man knows when a woman’s wantin’ him; she shouldn’t have to try so hard. Girl like Kaylee, she deserved better than that. Better than Simon. Simon had stood there quietly, watching Jayne’s discomfort. He was angry, that was certain, but Simon couldn’t quite determine why. He doubted that Jayne would have been so upset had some men gotten a hold of Inara, or River. It was something about Kaylee, about her in particular that made him so upset. “She should heal all right Jayne. Kaylee always has healed quickly.” Simon kept his eyes on the man’s face. “But it might be awhile before she’s like herself again.” Jayne lost it at that point, picking up Simon’s stool and flinging it against the wall. It broke, but it did nothing to curb his anger. “Hey!” Mal’s voice was strong and angry, and Simon couldn’t have been happier to see him. “What’re you doin’ tossing stuff Jayne? You can’t be in the same room with Simon without startin’ something?” “Those men took ‘vantage of Kaylee.” Jayne’s voice was a low growl. “Took ‘vantage? How?” “Kaylee might not want everyone to—“ Simon started to insist on confidentiality, but since he’d ruined that already, his sentence dropped off lamely. “They gorram raped her!” Jayne’s ire hadn’t receded at all, Captain yellin’ at him or no. Mal’s insides lurched at that thought, but he kept his voice calm. “And you throwin’ a fit because of it ain’t gonna help Kaylee none.” He stepped toe to toe with Jayne. “You keep your calm, or so help me, I’ll throw you out. Jayne stormed out past Mal. “Ruttin’ hell I’m gonna sit here and be talked down to.” He stopped just to look back at Simon. “I’ll be back for Kaylee doc. Don’t you move her or nothin’.” “You did say you wouldn’t leave her Jayne…” Simon tried to remind him, but Jayne had left too quickly, and wouldn’t be reasoned with anyway. Mal moved to Kaylee’s side and picked up her hand. “Oh, mei-mei.” His voice was thick with emotion. “She won’t wake up for awhile.” Simon was using his doctor voice again. “The medicine I gave her should keep her sleeping right through the night.” “The question is,” Mal was looking at Kaylee’s sleeping face. “What’s going to happen when she wakes up?”


Friday, January 5, 2007 4:50 AM


Oh gosh, poor Kaylee, poor Jayne.

Please write more soon!

Sunday, January 7, 2007 3:44 PM


My my has been a while, QuietSerenity, hasn't it? Gotta admit I had to dig deep in my mind for the basic plot before reading this;)

Definitely loved how you had everyone acting in this chapter, especially Jayne. The amount of emotional confliction and uncontrollable rage at what he perceives as events caused by him really does give Jayne a beautiful extra dimension or two. Not quite sure Mal would just off Guenivere, Bill and Robert - guess I take his comment to Simon about being armed and facing Mal if Mal was ever in the mood to shoot Simon to represent his entire philosophy - but it was mighty interesting stuff:D



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