A Mighty Thorn In a Mighty Paw - Ch. 35
Friday, December 22, 2006

A screenplay taking place not long after the events of "Serenity."

Finally, the true threat reveals itself...



Silence. One third of Sihnon is visible suspended in space for a few seconds, appearing peaceful and serene. A thin antenna with a blinking red light at the end slowly rises into view. The armored observation tower beneath it then rises into view.

Tower continues rising until we see the seemingly endless topside of a ship. Closed ports of various sizes can be seen along its entire length, with observation towers occasionally visible between them. Pivot 180 degrees to see primary Command Tower. It ascends from the rear third of the main body looking much like an armored pyramid. Vertically positioned ports mar its surface as well. Swing view around Command Tower to rear third of ship, also marked with ports.

Vertically pan down port side of ship revealing a red glow stretching end to end within a recessed horizontal trench. Ports also line the full length above and below the trench.

Pan down and beneath the underside, which resembles the upper side, minus the control tower. Closed ports line its surface as do several mammoth anti-grav hemispheres.


The Bridge is enormous, split into three levels, connected by low-grade ramps. Two dozen crew sit at various workstations. Three floor-to-ceiling view screens cover the forewall. All areas not covered with electronics are seamlessly padded to soften the crew’s impact during evasive maneuvering. All seats have four-point harnesses suspended from their backs.

A man of medium height dressed in a simple Alliance uniform, minus the hat, mills around the second level, looking over the techs’ shoulders. He is the Captain. A slightly taller, and younger man, Madsen, follows him on his right.

CAPTAIN: One last drill, Madsen. Let’s hope they get it right so we can be done with this business.

Madsen nods.

MADSEN: Initiate attack run Delta.

An alarm sounds, loud at first, then fades into a quiet reminder. The Bridge lights dim to a red ambience. All crew members strap into their seats.

TECH: Attack run Delta commencing.

Sihnon fills the viewscreens then draws closer.


An alarm sounds, whipping River’s head toward the scope.

RIVER: (sighing, almost nonchalant) Oh, that could be a problem.

River reaches for the mic...


CU of gun barrel. Cut to CU of Mal’s face, calm and expressionless.

MAL: Most clients just sign the clipboard whoseewhatsit and shake their new present.

POWELL: (calm, unwavering) Some presents have a bit more impact than others. Please hand over the case very slowly.

Mal holds out the case by its handle with his thumb and forefinger. Powell politely accepts it, his gun hand unwavering.

Stepping back and to the side, he places the case on his desk. He touches his thumb to an invisible fingerprint scanner, which retracts a sliding door. A small keypad is revealed. Mal cocks his head, surprised. Powell punches in a code without looking. He then reaches in and removes the device.

Holding it where he can look at it and Mal as well, he smiles.

POWELL: Aahh. Excellent. As promised. (presses a couple buttons causing the device to emit a complex series of beeps. Lowers his pistol) I have your payment.

MAL: Then we’re in agreement on the excellent...ness of things.

POWELL: Please turn around for a moment.

Mal pauses a moment, then does as instructed.

Powell walks over to a wall and removes a metal-framed family capture. He snaps open a corner of the frame, tips it up, and catches several small metal chips that slide out. Powell counts most of them, then slides a couple back into the frame. He snaps it closed and re-hangs it.

POWELL: (turning back to Mal) You can turn around now.

Mal turns to see Powell holding out the platinum. Mal smiles and accepts the money, placing it in a breast pocket.

MAL: Finally, a solid deal.

POWELL: In the business of information, trust is everything, and I trust very few. The gent on the other end of this deal is one of those few. He hasn’t let me down yet, and he obviously chose well with regard to...

An alarm blares. Mal’s eyes dart to the blinking red light over the door, then back to Powell.

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Friday, December 22, 2006 10:28 AM


Loved this but why so short? Just as I got into it the piece ending. Very frustrating but can't wait for more. Hopefully the next part will be longer (beg, beg). Ali D :~)
You can't take the sky from me

Saturday, December 23, 2006 1:07 PM


Come can't end it there! That's just not cricket!




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