A Mighty Thorn In a Mighty Paw - Ch. 30
Thursday, December 14, 2006

A screenplay taking place not long after the events of "Serenity."



Paul is kneeling on a small mat, hands on his thighs, eyes closed. The lights are dimmed. Two candles burn on a short mantel.

A gentle knock on the door breaks the silence. Paul's eyes do not open.

PAUL: Come in.

Simon appears as the door slides open. He takes a half step inside, eyes wandering around the room.

SIMON: Am I disturbing your meditation?

PAUL: (rising to his feet) Yes, but that's all right.

SIMON: Oh, okay. (beat. shuffles his feet) Paul, um, Sifu, I feel as if I should... apologize... to you. For what I've said, and how I treated you. And... thank you for rescuing me, er, us...from...

Paul raises a hand.

PAUL: Considering all you've been through with River thus far, your actions were more than justified. In fact, I thought you were a little too easy-going.

SIMON: (sheepishly) Well, honestly, I didn't want you to kill me. I've seen the damage my sister can do. I can only imagine what her instructor would be capable of.

Paul laughs a warm, heart-felt laugh.

PAUL: You've nothing to fear from me, Simon. But I appreciate the consideration. And of course, you're welcome. For the rescue.

Simon nods, stands for an uncomfortable beat, then exits the room, closing the door behind himself.

Paul shakes his head, smiling as he lays on his bed and picks up a book.


Mal is sitting on his bed, holding the Alliance tunic in his hands, elbows on his knees. His expressiont is hard as he stares at the uniform. He closes his eyes a beat, his expression softening.

MAL: It's just a gorram uniform. Buck up, Captain.

Mal stands and strips off his shirt.

MAL: (from under his shirt) Annals of history...


Jane is leaning against the aft wall, arms crossed. Zoe is leaning over River's shoulder, examining one of the screens.

JAYNE: I don't like it. This plan's got more holes 'n a gorram... And it ain't like it's all secret-like no more.

ZOE: (curt, without looking up) Liking the plan isn't a prereq. Full and unwavering support is.

JAYNE: Marchin' straight into the lion's den right after we done tweeked its tail don't strike me as brilliance.

ZOE: Well then, lucky for us, Cap'n will be dressed in lion's clothing.

JAYNE: Maybe. But he don't have that 'lliance stench about him. They can smell their own kind, ya know.

Zoe smirks and shakes her head. She then points at the screen.

ZOE: Right about there should do it. That little ravine.

RIVER: (maneuvering the yoke) I was thinking the same thing. Launching the cry-baby.


A port on Serenity's underbelly slides open, a cylindrical object dropping out. It fires several maneuvering rockets, performing a u-turn and heading higher into the atmo.


RIVER: Cry-baby away. Activating distress (presses a key, initiating a slow beeping sound)


The cry-baby's thrusters shut down, halting its ascent. As it starts to dive toward the ground, its thrusters re-ignite, maneauvering it into a graceful angle. A red light begins to flash on its exterior.

POV Cry-baby nose. The ravine comes into view, quickly approaching.


River is maneuvering the yoke, the view through the windshield showing Serenity circling the ravine in a wide arc. A small explosion erupts in the ravine. The beeping halts.

ZOE: Perfect.

RIVER: I scanned the surrounding area one more time, just to be safe. We're clear for our ”rescue op.”

Zoe smiles as she reaches up and grabs the mic, flipping a switch.

ZOE: Captain, ready to be rescued?

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Thursday, December 14, 2006 8:03 PM


Glad that Simon finally got around to apologizing to Paul...though I too would be hesitant around someone like Sifu because of his skills and former allegiance to the Academy and her masters;)

And now I wish we could have seen Mal in Purplebelly togs for some cool mission during the series. Probably would have given Inara a pleasant if confusing twich in the nethers;)


Friday, December 15, 2006 1:14 AM


I hope Paul really *is* on their side because someone has accomplished in his arts as he is would be a terrible wolf in sheep's clothing. And poor Mal, having to don Alliance uniform, can't imagine how hard that must be for him. This chapter felt really short so hope the next one is along soon so we can see what is going to happen next! Ali D :~)
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