Truth + Dare Night Part 3
Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Kaylee and the crew finally get their wish and corner Mal


Next morning when Mal woke she was gone. The only evidence of her ever being there was the exotic scent she left behind. A rich, sensuous perfume of Jasmine and Sandalwood that he could still smell on the sheets and on the pillows where her head had rested for a while. He didn’t know why she had come back to his bunk, in truth he had spent the previous day wondering if she would leave again. He didn’t know what it meant, what would happen. Just that it was time to face the music, and his crew. So a few minutes later he climbed the ladder and walked into the galley. He had expected to find a whole host of chattering crew members, joking at his and Inara’s expense but there was just Zoe. She sat alone in Wash’s seat, a mug of coffee before her, staring into the distance and fingering the necklace at her throat. A symbol of her love and devotion to Wash, she would never take it off. He was unwilling to disturb her but just as he was about to turn and go her eyes lost their saddened, far away look and focused on him. Smiling she took a gulp of her coffee and grimaced when she realised it was cold. “morning’ sir “ “morning’” he replied “ is it morning’ , by the way?” “yep, crew should be down any minute in fact, good timin’ “ “gos se” he groaned sitting down at the table. “it’s gotta happen’ sometime sir and you don’ stay , iffin’ Kaylee’s gonna corner you someplace and that’d be worse…right?” He didn’t answer her for a while, just sat there slowly drinking his coffee trying to decide. “So do you walk or do you stay?” she questioned, thinking that he couldn’t escape Kaylee even if he got on another ship. “Neither.” He said getting up and gulping down the rest of his coffee before slamming the mug back down on the table “I run.” He walked over to the door but Kaylee emerged smiling sweetly at him as he backed away. He turned and went for the other door which he found was now blocked by Simon, River and Jayne. “Zoe, you have somethin’ to do with this?” He said eyeing his crew warily. “Yep, thought you needed interrogatin’ sir .“ “Sit down Cap’n” said Kaylee, pushing him back down into his seat. “You an’ ‘nara been avoidin’ us all. “ She said accusingly. “Don’t look at me.” Said Simon as Mal looked at him. “Pussywhipped all a ya.” Jayne stated from the doorway. “ ’specially him.” He said pointing at Simon. “It ain’t us we all wanna hear ‘bout Jayne.” Said Kaylee “It’s the Cap’n an’ ‘nara whose the hot talk now.” “ ‘yea well they ain’t talkin’ .” “ we jus’ wanna find out what they was doin’ is all. “ “ ‘yea did you rut? “ Asked Jayne grinning wildly. “Jayne, Bizui.“ Commanded Zoe, “ what we all wanna hear is what the Cap’n has to say for himself, him bein’ a married man an all.” “I am not married! ” Yelled Mal indignantly. “Finally he speaks! “ Said Simon, miming shock “ I thought I might have to examine your mouth as there seemed to be a problem with it” “Hey! There surely ain’t no problem with my mouth! “ “And ’nara will agree with that right? “ Asked Kaylee impatiently. “ Actually I disagree completely. “ Said Inara’s voice from the doorway, “ The problem with it is that it never stops. ”

There was silence, nobody knew what to expect. Inara calmly poured herself some coffee and began to make herself breakfast, seemingly oblivious to the multitude of eyes boring into her. Everybody but Mal was watching her, his blue eyes were fixed on the table in front of him. “ So, ‘nara what . . . happen’d ? “ Asked Kaylee nervously . “ Hmmmm ? ” Inara said not looking up. “ The other night ? After we played truth an’ dare.” “Oh, that. “ She said smiling ruefully, “ well we all got very drunk and did some kwong-juh-duh dares, although I don’t remember much of it. No doubt you do though Zoe? “ She looked at her accusingly “ and you Kaylee?” Kaylee stared at the floor embarrassed. Zoe however smiled slightly but stared stoically back at her. Kaylee decided to corner Inara later when she would be more likely to reveal all. The crew eat breakfast together, the usual banter going on. River teasing Simon and making him blush, Kaylee kissing it better. Inara went back to the relative sanctuary of her shuttle after a while. River felt sad, she didn’t have to look up to see Mal watching Inara’s retreating back with longing eyes. She knew. “ Got myself Captainy thing’s need to be done. “ He said getting up and heading towards the empty bridge. River watched him go. She knew, she felt it, and she was going to do something about it. ___________________________________ Bizui shut up Gos se crap Kwong-juh-duh nuts/crazy


Tuesday, December 12, 2006 5:55 PM


Hmm, what's going to happen next?

Tuesday, December 12, 2006 6:15 PM


Oh....things about to get mighty wacky, cuz when River's on the job...minds get blown and seemingly illogical acts are committed;D


Wednesday, December 13, 2006 3:39 AM


Don't know about anyone else but I am going to trust River. I think she will find a way to take the sadness out of the Captain and get Inara and him together in a more permanent way. Ali D :~)
You can't take the sky from me

Tuesday, April 10, 2007 1:21 PM


the crew backed off mighty quickly... i half expected Inara to whip up some completely errotic, but obviously false tale.


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