A Mighty Thorn In a Mighty Paw - Ch. 25
Monday, November 27, 2006

A screenplay taking place not long after the events of "Serenity."


Simon and Kaylee return, Simon holding a roll of gauze and a small syringe of dark red liquid.

SIMON: So, who's to be the victim?

MAL: Flip ya for it. Oh, wait. My ship, my say. I'll be the hapless victim. We need you to find our way around and i.d. the good eye doc. You can drive. You need the practice.

Simon shrugs his acquiescence, squeezes a drop of blood onto his fingertip.

SIMON: (reaching toward Mal's face) We'll apply the blood now, just under your eye...

MAL: (pulling his head back) Blood?

SIMON: We have to make it look real. When we get closer to town, we can wrap the gauze around your eyes and apply a little to that. Should appear convincing enough.

MAL: Do I even wanna know...?

SIMON: I promise you, it's been thoroughly cleaned and screened.

MAL: Okay, just don't get none in my eyes.

Simon carefully applies a bit of blood to each upper cheek, letting it trickle down a few inches.

SIMON: There. Now, don't touch it. Let it dry a bit.

The look on Mal's face is priceless.

MAL (mumbling) Gorram blood for face-paint.

KAYLEE: It looks real. Once you got the bandages on, you'll look like you jabbed an eye out.

Mal hops up into the mule as Kaylee opens the air lock doors and lowers the ramp. Simon climbs in after him, taking the pilot's seat.

KAYLEE: Good luck.

MAL:With his drivin', we just might need it.

Simon works the controls and tentatively moves the mule forward. It jerks ungracefully, but moves nonetheless.

KAYLEE: Remember, take 'er easy. She still needs some lovin' care.

Simon waves, concentrating on his driving. As they slip out into the dusky night, he flips a switch and the mule's headlights come on. Three of the original four still work.


The landscape is barren save for a few bushes and small trees. Simon navigates across it with ease.

MAL: Those surgeon hands seem to be servin' you well enough.

SIMON: I think I'm getting the hang of this.

The mule bumps over a small stone, jarring them. Mal looks at Simon but manages to choke back his commentary.


Paul and Kaylee stand staring after the mule, watching it disappear into the distance.

KAYLEE: (looking meaningfully at Paul) Thanks, Sifu. That meant a lot.

PAUL: You are very welcome, mei-mei. You do good work.

Kaylee presses the button to raise the ramp and close the airlock, then changes her mind.

Kaylee: It needs airing out in here. River will keep an eye out.

Paul picks up the toolbox, as well as some of the excess parts lying near their workspace. Kaylee picks up the remaining debris and they head through the door to the Infirmary. Follow them as they ascend stairs to aft passage and into engine room. Paul puts the toolbox on a shelf while Kaylee places the spare parts in a wall bin.

PAUL: Think I'll head to my bunk, Kaylee. Good night.

KAYLEE: Good night, Sifu.

Paul exits the engine room, and is about to enter the stairwell when he sees River standing in the dining area. He approaches softly.

PAUL: How are you, River?

RIVER: A little worried. Simon doesn't always do so good off the cuff.

PAUL: I'm sure the captain will keep him focused. Can you read them from here?

River shakes her head.

RIVER: It's too far.

PAUL: I was simply curious. I wasn't sure just how far your abilities had progressed.

RIVER: A lot of my mind has come back under control, once I was able to discern my memories from those around me. Miranda was my curse, and eventually my redeemer.

PAUL: Miranda?

RIVER: Miranda.

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Monday, November 27, 2006 4:40 PM


Ok...I guess I had better go back and read some, cuz I am mighty clueless as to why Mal has to pretend he's done a half-assed job at play Oedipus;)


Monday, December 11, 2006 3:58 AM


Now that I've returned from a (lovely) holiday, I'm coming back to comment!

Man, I am smelling some serious trouble for Mal and Simon. I mean, let's face it: Mal simply cannot pull off a smooth anying. There will always be somplications with him.
And the same can pretty much be applied to Simon.

I wonder if Kaylee changing her mind about the door will impact future chapters....

As usual, Mr. KicksAlot, your work rocks!


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