The "leaning in" picture
Friday, September 22, 2006

Thanks to Tanya, who took it and said it was okay for me to post it here. It was a bit grainy when I got it, so I did the best I can. This is for those who meant Jewel wasn't "into" it or thought she didn't antisipate Sean kissing her...



Friday, September 22, 2006 7:35 AM


Aww, very pretty :) Thanks for posting.

Why does that room not look as packed as I would thought it would be with Sean speaking?

Friday, September 22, 2006 9:16 AM


Great picture,
does anyone else think that Sean is grinning a bit too much,

Friday, September 22, 2006 9:23 AM


RCHD, they're both grinning like mad. :P I think they find it a little funny.

Friday, September 22, 2006 10:27 AM


"Why does that room not look as packed as I would thought it would be with Sean speaking?"

Because me and Tanya was sitting on the floor in the front row and had all the fans behind us :P

"does anyone else think that Sean is grinning a bit too much"

Who wouldn't grin when they get an impulse opportunity to kiss Jewel, I sure would :P

Friday, September 22, 2006 5:19 PM


Personally? I think Sean's about to bust a vein or something...cuz he looks like he's having a happiness-induced coronary right there. Doubt I would be any different if I was in his place right then...;)


Sunday, September 24, 2006 11:34 PM


my god, they are TINY!!! sorry,


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Me as Kaylee with my very own (okay, maybe not my own, but I wish he was) Simon
FellingBlonde and EmmaRigby's choice. Hmm... I wonder if I have a story left to tell that I haven't told already. Well, it's basicly just moments really. Like saying hi in the hallway, getting a hug from him after this picture was taken, him laughing when monkey "Simon" started making chimpy noises at his autograph session. Good times!

Me as Kaylee with the real Kaylee
Teachdaire and Nyarl requested it, so here's my last Jewel picture (for the moment at least). I already mentioned this before, but she did it twice, so I can mention it twice. When I came up to her, both times the first thing she did was rub the teddybear for good luck. After the photo was taken I also got a hug from her :)
In her autograph session I finally got to tell her something I'd been wanting to tell her for two years. She's the reason I started watching Firefly. I listened to her talk about the show at Fusion and I just had to see it, so I bought it the first chance I got afterwards and started watching. When I came home the next day my three roommates had kidnapped my box set and was having a firefly marathon. To which Jewel said: "Good girl - spreading the word" lol

Me as Kaylee together with Christina this time
Another one of my pictures, this time it was inevermarried's choice. So here goes the story. By this time, if you've been following my little picture story, you should know about "Simon", my monkey.
Well I brought him with me to Christina's autograph session. So I get to the table and puts him down on the side as I hand her the pictures and the other things to sign, so I placed "Simon" a bit on the edge, so he falls off the table. Christina laughed and shouted "Monkey down!" as I picked him up. I don't remember if it was her or someone else who thought "Simon" was broken, so I had to demonstrate by pressing one of his activation points (he could be activated or he could all of a sudden start doing things). As I was leaving the table Christina told me she liked the monkey... lol

Me as Kaylee together with Morena
Okay, so I'm doing a story per picture... lol. Okay, so I saw Morena around on Friday and Saturday and got both a picture and autograph with her, but I don't have a personal story here. However, I do have a funny thing from her and Jewel's talk.
I asked them about what they thought the chances were for Simon/Kaylee and Mal/Inara in Joss' verse. And after Morena said that although she'd like to watch them try, she didn't think Mal/Inara really stood a chance romanticly, the conversation went over to Simon/Kaylee and baby-chances. And Jewel got afraid that if she got her wish and Kaylee had a baby, then maybe Joss would kill the baby, or Simon, or her... so Morena suggested that Inara could take care of it, raise the baby as a companion and Jewel turned to her, gave her a look: "You wanna turn my baby into a whore?" lol

Me and Jewel together with "Simon the Monkey"
Nyarl and CosmicFugitive made the decision on which picture and Jewel won. If you go two pictures back you get the story of my costume. And if you go one picture back, you get why I named the monkey and that I went up to Sean to introduce him to "Simon".
When I was talking to Sean, that was when Jewel came out of the bathroom. So I got like a minute to introduce them to "Simon". So Jewel's saying "hello" to the monkey, holding her hand out to pet him, when he moves and apparently Jewel hadn't seen him do that at the fancy dress. So she jumps back, saying: "Whoa... that's freaky".

Me and Sean with "Simon the monkey"
Ok, Leiasky wanted a Sean picture, so I picked one of my Sean pictures to show next. So, thing is my Kaylee costume involved a monkey (read the text on my other pic to get the story) and people wanted me to name him, so I thought since I was honoring Jewel by dressing up as Kaylee, I could honor Sean as well, that's how Simon the monkey was named.
After the fancy dress I was on my way in after having some fresh air and I saw Sean talking to his assistant, so I went over to say hi and introduce him to "Simon". The assistant greeted me by saying: "we were just talking about you".
The next day I brought "Simon" with me to the photoshoot. And the first thing Sean said to me when I came up was "how's the monkey?" lol

Me dressed up as Kaylee with the real Simon and Kaylee
One of my Cubed photos. I had several done, nine in total. So let me know if you want to see the other one's as well.
This is me in my Kaylee costume. When Jewel saw it she immediately bent down to rub the teddybear on my knee. She said it was for good luck. That evening in the fancy dress I went as "Kaylee and the battle of the terrifying space monkey". My goal was not to win, but to make Jewel laugh. Well, when my costume was announced, the whole room roared with laughter, including Jewel who slapped her hand over her mouth, nudging Sean in the side (in other words: the reaction was more than I had hoped for).
Buying the material and the monkey? 100 $<br>
Making the jumpsuit and the extras? 12 hours<br>
The look on Jewel's face when she saw it? Priceless!

The "leaning in" picture
Thanks to Tanya, who took it and said it was okay for me to post it here. It was a bit grainy when I got it, so I did the best I can. This is for those who meant Jewel wasn't "into" it or thought she didn't antisipate Sean kissing her...

Jewel and Sean wallpaper - kiss me
Ok, I made my first wallpaper out of the kiss pictures, let me know what you think. I'm planning on making more than one, so if there's anythign specific you'd like me to do, let me know :) Lyrics from "Kiss Me" by "Sixpence, none the Richer". I just thought they really fitted.

Jewel and Sean before kiss
At Serenity Cubed Sean told Jewel that he loved her and she got up, went over to him, leaned forward, puckering up her lips at him. He turns around and sees it and the two of them kissed. Anyone else here who has pictures of the kiss before/during/after, please let me know, I'm trying to gather many so that I can make an artwork out of it.