Monday, September 11, 2006

Jaylee. Kaylee has some mixed up feelings.


Title: Appropriate Pairing: Jaylee Rating: Pg-15 Characters: Kaylee, Jayne, Mal Warning: not betaed Disclaimer: I do not own Word Count: 1009

Author's Note: Just a short ficlet I wrote to get the muse warmed up. Nothing spectacular, but good Jayleeiness.


Kaylee scrubbed at the dishes, trying to take her mind off the impure thoughts that were plaguing her at that moment. Jayne had gotten to her again, gotten under her skin and she didn’t know why. Maybe it was because Simon had been pulling away from her more and more and she was beginning to wonder if maybe being with the doctor was just a pipe dream. Then again maybe it was just Jayne being so swai and a tease to boot.

The mechanic’s hand worked harder against the plates crusted with food. Ai ya, but she needed to get him out of her head. He put a tickle in her stomach she couldn’t explain. Last time she’d had this feeling she’d ended up in his bunk half the night, crying out his name. Simon made her heart race, but Jayne started a fire in her belly that nothing but him seemed to quench. A week ago Kaylee might not have ever thought about taking a tumble with Jayne. Now she couldn’t stop thinking about it.

She couldn’t be doing this though. Her and Simon may not be a couple or nothing, but she liked him something fierce. With Jayne, it was all about the moment, the need. Kaylee wanted something more than that. She wanted a relationship, someone to hold her when she was crying or wait up with her if she got sick. She saw those kinds of qualities in Simon, but she couldn’t seem to get herself past that barrier he’d put up between them. He liked her, she could tell, but he refused to admit it. He drove her crazy with need and that was where Jayne had come in. He knew all her right buttons to push, all the right things to say. He made her want to explode with need and he satisfied her more than any man she had ever been with.

And it was more than just sex too. Jayne might have been a mean son of a bitch, but there was something a lot of people didn’t see. Jayne didn’t talk about his family much, but he did with her. Talked to her a lot, about things no one else really care to listen to. Only Kaylee was more than happy to listen. She loved hearing his stories about him and his brother playing in the pond back home, catching frogs. Or dear hunting with his dad. Made Jayne seem less intimidating. He had a mean exterior, but she knew he had soft squishy insides too.

Finishing up with the dishes, Kaylee decided to head to Inara’s shuttle. The companion had been helping her sort out her feelings for Simon and his feelings for her. It was nice to talk to someone about her mixed up emotions, about Simon and the strange happenings between her and Jayne. She headed down toward the cargo bay, humming softly to herself, trying to keep her mind off Jayne.

"I can tell you right now what it is you need, little Kaylee," Jayne said, coming up behind her and making her nearly jump out of her shoes. He liked sneaking up on her.

His hands reached out and grabbing her hips, pulling her back against his warm, solid body.. "Jayne," she breathed out, trying to sound at least somewhat composed, it failed miserably, her voice trembling. She could almost feel him grin, he’d been toying with her all day, like she was his prey. A touch her, a look there. She was practically puddy in his hands.

His hot breath was suddenly on her neck, his tongue darting out and trailing along her smooth skin. She felt her knees go weak. This wasn’t happening again, it wasn’t. "Jayne stop…please, it ain’t right," she whispered, groaning in spite of herself.

"You sure you want me to stop, girl?" Jayne asked. Kaylee opened her mouth to say yes when she felt his teeth softly bite down on her neck. Instead she just moan out his name and leaned further against him. "That’s what I thought." His hands traveled around to her front and moved up her shirt, pulling her tightly to him. She could feel his excitement pressing into her back.


"What babygirl?" he growled in her ear, pinching her nipple as he spoke. She moaned, finding it hard to form words, but she managed.

"We should…move this to a bunk," she murmured, the idea of even attempting to try and stop this completely thrown out the airlock.

"You ain’t gettin’ shy on me now, are you?" he chuckled.

"Just don’t want no one to see is all," Kaylee said. Jayne’s hand dropped and he took a slow step back. He let out a long sigh and kissed the back of her head, sending a shiver of unfamiliar sensations down her spine.

"When you don’t mind someone seein’, you know where t’find me." Kaylee turned in surprise, looking up at him confused. He winked at her and strode off towards his bunk, leaving Kaylee feeling strangely empty. She watched him go, her eyes following him until he disappeared. With a dissatisfied sigh, she leaned against the wall. She wasn’t even going to pretend she understood what that meant.

"Mei mei?" a voice asked. Kaylee turned and smiled at Mal as he came up towards her. "Was that what I think it was?" he asked, his voice taking on a fatherly tone.

"Well…what did you see cap’n?" she asked innocently.

"If there is a thing I hate worse than shipboard romances, it’s shipboard love triangles. Don’t you be playing with those boys hearts," Mal warned before striding off. She bit her lip and thought about that for a moment. She hadn’t been trying to toy with anyone’s hearts, but maybe she ought to think about what she was doing and who she was affecting. It was gonna be mighty hard to think about anything but the way Jayne’s hands felt like on her skin. Maybe she would take a cold shower and then think on it.


Monday, September 11, 2006 4:48 AM


I might need to take a cold shower after this one. Damn...that was mighty hot! I loved how Jayne left her and said "When you don't mind someone seeing..." I could totally see that happening. At least now I have this to add to my Jayne fantasies. *sigh* write more!!!

Monday, September 11, 2006 6:01 AM


Shiny - more please!

Friday, September 15, 2006 7:13 PM


Oh...Kaylee's got a lady's dream on her hands (I posession of man parts kinda makes that statement less than a first hand account;D) and she can't decide? Huh boy...cue the angst and Simon vs. Jayne duel for her heart;)



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