Monday, August 28, 2006

Watched the BDM. Got ideas. Wrote for the first time in a god bit. Mal, River, during the BDM.


He'd had no problem dumpin' them two. It wasn't even really his idea, though. Simon demanded it. It was okay by Mal. He'd been crowded in his boat for far too long now. Course, he hadn’t really wanted to get rid of four in such a short period, but less equaled simple.

Sure, the Doc had merit. Gos se happens and a doc's needed. Even the crazy one was useful. But that's what finally pushed the Doc over, Mal using her. Mal didn't know if he'd done it on purpose or not.

So it was that with only a smidgen of regret Mal pushed his way through the crowds to the prearranged meeting place.

Seems like it never takes long before the best laid plans turn all to hell though. The deal was goin' smooth enough even with the twins yammerin' on. But then she showed up.

He wasn't lyin' when he told them he didn't know her. River, the skinny, pale, frail girl. The girl with all the brains but no sanity to use 'em. There she was, kickin' the pee-goo out of all the folks at the tavern. He sighed. Looked as if somethin' definite needed to be done.

He nodded to Jayne and took off up the stairs to the lockers. It seemed to take an eternity, what with the chaos goin' on behind him and the urgency he felt in his gut. He finally got his gun out of the locker and not a second too soon. In fact, he was very nearly late. He had his gun trained on the girl and she had one on him. He couldn’t begin to conjure how or where she'd gotten it. Fact was, he didn't have to conjure much. It was at that time, after everything had already gone down, that Simon appeared and said some gibberish. Then she passed out right on the floor with all the unconscious and dead folk.

And Mal did something without thinking. He holstered his weapon and stepped down the stairs to the recumbent girl. He aimed a kick at a semiconscious Jayne and stooped to scoop up River. She was light in his arms. Limp and innocent. But her face was flecked in blood.

Mal carried her back to Serenity.



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Watched the BDM. Got ideas. Wrote for the first time in a god bit. Mal, River, during the BDM.

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