A Simple Job
Tuesday, August 22, 2006

A Bank robbery performed by geno and matt (My charictars) prequil at


It was a simple job, just go in point a gun at a few guards take the money and walk out or so Geno said, but Matt doubted this because it was his brother that had said it. There cab pulled up outside a massive building “ok, so it’s bigger than I said” Geno smiled as he spoke, Matt started to look nervous “you must be joking” But from the Look of Geno’s face he knew he wasn’t. “Have I ever let you down?” Matt Looked into his brothers eyes “frequently”. Geno paid the taxi driver they walked round the back, they get to a door and Matt takes a long look at the lock “How are we going to do this ?” getting his pick lock out, Geno pulls out his gun and shots the lock “ easy”.

“Drop your weapons and get your hands in the air” yelled Geno as he ran down the stairs into the small volt room. “Could you be any louder” complained Matt as he wandered in behind him. The two guards looked up from there lunch surprised at the sudden intrusion, not even able to reach there guns. Matt moved to tie them up as Geno covered him. “You won’t get out of here, there will be 30 armed guards waiting for you when you leave this room.” Shouted one of the guards. “Will you gag him please” called Geno. “He’s right you know,” commented Matt as he gagged the guard “they’ll know we’re here.” “Just shut up, and grab the goods,” replied Geno as he ran out the door. Matt followed lugging two Sacks on his back.

He was so busy trying not to drop them that he nearly walked into Geno Who was crouched on the floor out side the backdoor of the building. In the alleyway Twenty to thirty armed Alliance officers surrounded them. Geno grabbed Matt and pulled him down behind some bins as a hailstorm of gun fire bust to life around them. “Great, now what do we do” moaned Matt as he tried to find a way out. “Don’t worry,” Geno said coolly “everything’s under control.” Before matt could speak Geno removed a manhole cover and dropped down into a sewer. “Perfect, like this day wasn’t bad enough already.”

It took nearly an hour to loose the Feds in the tunnels and another half an hour to get back to the docks. When they got there it was almost dark. Geno was waiting quietly by the wall of a bar. Loud singing emanated from its windows as its patrons loosened up after a hard days work. Matt ran up to him and muttered “all’s clear.” Good replied Geno “I think it’s high time we got of this rock.” They reached their ship in under a minute. It was an old freighter that had seen better days, In fact it was a miracle it flew at all. Geno had found it floating abandoned in space two years previously and more though luck than skill had managed to get it running again.

As he charged thought door Geno started laughing, “we’re not out of this yet,” yelled Matt” as he ran past to the cockpit. He had the ship airborne five minuets later and was just about to leave when a voice over the com said “freighter Icarus, this is alliance control power down your engines and prepare to be boarded.” Geno cut the com “ boring conversation,” he said “Matt get us in space, Now!”

As the ship rocketed towards the heavens Matt Breathed a sight of relief, that turned into a curse as the proximity alarm sounded. “We got an alliance cruiser coming right down on us,” yelled Matt. Geno Ran over “Can you shake them,” he asked. The alarm continued to blare as they watched the gap close between the two ships. “ Can you please turn that thing off,” shouted Matt. Geno ripped the alarm from the wall “thank you,” sighed Matt.

Just then the big ship opened fire on them as they came in range of its guns. Matt Placed the ship in a tight roll then pulled back hard on the controls bringing them up towards the larger ships bow. The two ships past each other with only meters to spare. Matt yelled in excitement as they past the cruiser “nothing but clear space ahead of us.” Geno looked out the window “Their coming about,” he said grimly “looks like this will be a long chase.”



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A Simple Job
A Bank robbery performed by geno and matt (My charictars) prequil at