Sleeper Operative Ch.1
Tuesday, August 15, 2006

This is a move that I'm sure the Alliance would've made had the series not been cut off so soon. Thanks go out to Soul for doing a little editing for me!


A Lieutenant stands on a hill over looking a small settlement. As he peers through his binoculars at the inhabitants below, a young recruit, fresh from training walks over and stands beside him. ‘Tell me Private, Look through the binoculars and tell me what you see.’ The Lieutenant hands the binoculars to the Private. A little confused, he uses the instrument to watch the people down below. It is dusk and the setting sun makes it a little difficult to spot everything. He sees children at play, old men talking, and women calling out to family members. The settlement seemed peaceful enough, but there are no men younger than fifty or older than seventeen. The young Private is wondering where the missing element is when he hears the Lieutenant ask the question a second time. ‘What do you see, Private?’ The Private removes the binoculars, turns to the officer and stands at attention. The Officer waves a hand at the Private and orders him to stand at ease. ‘I’m giving you permission to speak frankly, right now.’ ‘Thank you sir.’ The Private turns to the settlement and relaxes his shoulders. ‘All I see is a peaceful settlement. Surely the Alliance did not send us here for this.’ The Private turns back to the Lieutenant and sees that the Lieutenant’s face has become awfully stern. ‘Think again, Private.’ The Private’s face shows his confusion. ‘This is a Browncoat encampment. The Alliance will not tolerate them operating here. They are a threat.’ ‘So we were sent here to….’ The Private’s eyes widen with realization, and he suddenly finds it difficult to breathe. ‘We were sent here to eradicate that threat.’ The private finds his voice, ‘But they’re just civilians! Women, children, and the elderly! There isn’t an able bodied soul down there that can even hope to be a threat. It will be..’ ‘A Massacre?’ The Lieutenant’s words stop the Private short. ‘Yes, I suppose it will be. But it’s for the good of the Alliance.’ ‘They’re making us murderers!’ The Private shouts in anger. The Lieutenant raises an eyebrow, ‘Oh? Did you ever think that if we didn’t strike at the very heart of these rebels that an even greater amount of civilians would die? To truly kill an Army you must destroy the source of morale. With out anything to fight for the soldier becomes a worthless pawn.’ ‘But what if this act only strengthens their resolve?’ the Private interjects. The Lieutenant raises his hand to signal that the conversation has reached an end. ‘Perhaps letting you speak freely was giving you too much credit.’ The Lieutenant walks around the Private. ‘Attention! Now this order came from the top Generals in this Army….wouldn’t you say it is a brilliant plan?’ The Private stands straight at the command and says through clenched teeth. ‘Yes, Sir.’ The Lieutenant allows himself a toothless smile and finishes his chat. ‘Good. Now head back to your tent Private, we have a big day ahead of us.’

Later that night…….

A little rustling and a strange sound wakes the Lieutenant. He slowly opens his eyes hoping to catch the intruder unaware. When his eyes register what is in front of him he gasps. A soldier has gotten into his tent and is now pointing his own sword against him. ‘I can’t let you attack the settlement.’ The Lieutenant’s eyes never waver from the sword point that is in his face. ‘So the Private wants to play the Big Gorram Hero bit, eh?’ He chuckles a bit. ‘You’re much too green to kill me in cold blood. Now put that sword down and I’ll see that all you get is a swift court marshal, instead of the punishment you deserve.’ ‘Not a chance.’ ‘The attack will continue as planned. You’re going to put down the sword, be the good soldier you are and follow orders!’ The Private lowers the tip from the face of the Lieutenant but still holds it in an aggressive fashion. The Lieutenant leans up from his cot, laughing a bit. ‘Now go back to your tent. There will be plenty of deaths within a few hours.’ The Private brings the tip of the sword up to the Lieutenant’s chest and says coldly, ‘I know, and you’ll be the first.’ Then he plunges the sword into the Lieutenant’s chest. He races out of the Lieutenant’s tent and heads towards the settlement as fast as he can. On the way, he strips himself of his Alliance emblems all the while praying that the townsfolk listen to him.

* * *

He makes it to the settlement a little after daybreak. The Private is met by children heading out for their daily chores, curious onlookers, and the elderly that are following the course nature lays out for them every morning. He stands in the settlement, getting his breath back when he notices the stares and feels the eyes from people that he can’t see. More than a little nervous, the Private shouts out his warning. ‘Citizens of this settlement! There is an Alliance Army posted not far from here ready to destroy this very settlement! They’ll be coming here any minute. Please, if you value your life run from this place as fast as you can!’ The people look at him blankly. The stares last so long that the Private begins to feel like a sideshow. Then an old man walks up to him, smiles and places a hand on the Private’s shoulder, bringing him down to eye level. The man smells like a wet dog and the wrinkles add to the dog image. ‘Listen here son; The Alliance wouldn’t waste their time on us. We’re a backwater settlement, completely out of the way. Besides, you Independents keep them at bay well enough.’ ‘Independents? But I’m not..’ ‘So which outpost sent you, hmm?’ ‘I’m not a browncoat. I just ran down here from the hill over there. I left the employment of the Alliance Army to warn you people.’ The Old man’s smile fades. ‘So your from the government, huh?’ The old man steps back from the private pointing at him accusingly. ‘This young man is from The Blue Sun Corporation! They’re trying to trick us into leaving our land so they can snatch it up for their own personal use!’ The Private, confused at the sudden turn of events tries to defend himself, ‘No! I’m not from the…’ ‘Shut it you purple belly!’ one of the kids shouts. Some of the women exit their houses with brooms, rakes, hoes, and anything else that can be used to run the young man out of town. Meanwhile the elderly people that are awake shout a string of profanities. The Private tries to defend himself from the curses, name-calling, and the potential beating a few more times before he is forced out of the settlement. The inhabitants of the settlement cheer as he heads away.

* * *

Hours later, no longer the Private he once was, Eryn Fallows stands at the crest of another hill overlooking the aftermath of the Alliance forces. The settlement is burned to the ground, bodies lay strewn everywhere. Eryn sheds no tears, ‘Fools.’ he says as he turns and wanders away. ‘Better get a move on if I don’t want the Alliance to catch me.’

* * *

A bell rings, signifying that someone is entering the diner. The only waitress ever on duty greets the customer. “Hey there Kos! How’s my favorite customer doin‘ ?” “Just peachy Jean! My order ready?” Kos returns the greeting. “Sure enough it is. Here you go Shwie the Usual.” Jean hands Kos his meal of beef stir-fry and a pint of lager. It is an odd combination, but Kos is an odd kind of guy. “Thanks.” “I‘ll stop by your table when I‘ve got a few minutes and we‘ll catch up.” Jean flashes him a smile, showing off her pearly teeth. “Shiny!” Kos replies with a smile. Kos heads to the same table he’s used since he showed up in the diner. Bon Voyage is a small comfortable diner on the outskirts of New Paris. Here the diner became a breakfast and diner stop for a good deal of people who work in the city. They were originally near the busier ports but they couldn’t compete with the fancier eateries that sprung up and provided more services than the Bon Voyage could afford, so they relocated to the edge of the city. They still have a good following of customers that kept with them after the move. The customers always say that Bon Voyage has ‘The Best in all of New Paris!’ Halfway through his meal Jean comes by and sits in a chair opposite Kos. She watches him take a few bites and then strikes up a conversation. “Everything going smoothly at the docks?” “Yeah, saw a few families hoping to turn their luck around by starting all over out on the rim. They had hope plastered on their faces. A few of the families set on the roster didn‘t show though. I can only assume the ‘Underground’ got to them first.” “Ruttin‘ slavers, they‘re always making some coin off the suffering of others.” Jean laments. “Kinda like the Alliance.” Kos mutters. “Huh?” “Nothing…” Kos looks up from his plate and meets Jeans eyes. Jean is an average woman, not gorgeous enough to be caught and sold into unsavory company but certainly beautiful enough to get only warnings from the police on infractions of the law. Besides it isn’t Jean’s good looks that attract Kos; it is her kind heart and her smile. Her smile always seems to help him through his darker times. Whether he is scared, sad, or just plain ornery her smile always seems to give him a silver lining in his sky of clouds. “I‘ve been meaning to ask you,” Jean starts, changing the topic, “What kinda name is Kos?” She smiles as she says it, almost as if she is embarrassed for asking. “It‘s just a cruel joke my parents made.” He replies. “Wanna head to one of the diners in the city after you close up shop?” She giggles a bit and says playfully “No, thinking you have a chance with me is a joke. Your name is just plain odd.” She stands up, gives him a pat on the shoulder and goes to tend to the other customers. Kos just sighs. He knows she already has someone, but it still never stops him from trying. After finishing his meal he lays some cash down on the table and heads out the door. “Later Kos!” Jean shouts as Kos leaves. He waves good-bye, gets on his bike then heads back into New Paris. Kos rides his bike through the streets, taking in all the hustle and bustle, watching families try to get some measure of good fortune by starting anew. “Hey Kos!” Interrupted, Kos stops his bike and looks around. “C‘mere a minute. I got some questions you‘d best be honest answerin‘.” Kos finally spots an officer of the law waving at him about a block away. He waves back and greets the Fed. “Hey there, Tim. What‘s up?” “Some guy came into the Station a few hours back, said he was on official Alliance business. Strange fella, had hair the color of bricks. Anyway, he said he was lookin‘ for a deserter of the Army. Now when I saw the Capture he had, the guy looked pretty much like you.” “Huh. So this deserter got a name?” “Yeah, Eryn Fallows. Apparently this Huen Dahn not only went AWOL but he also killed a Superior Officer! Makes my blood boil to know that no good folk like that are about.” Tim goes off into his own little world going over the appropriate punishments for the traitor. “Uh…Tim? You had a question?” Tim shakes his head as he comes back to reality. “Huh? Oh yeah. I wanted to ask you if this guy was related to you in any way. I know that you wouldn‘t commit any kind of treason like that. But I figured you had a cousin or somthin‘ like that who might.” “Nope, I don‘t have any other family as far as I know.” Tim stares at Kos for a short while, like he is trying to remember something else. When nothing comes Tim nods at Kos and says, “Good Enough. Sorry for bothering you Kos.” As Kos prepares to ride off Tim finally remembers what he wanted to tell him. “By the way, when that guy showed the capture we said that you looked kinda similar. He demanded your address and showed us some high-ranking type papers. He‘s snooping around at your place now.” “Thanks for the heads up Tim. I‘ll see if I can get this straightened out.” “Oh and Kos?” “Hmm?” “Don’t…don’t look him in the eye…It’s like looking into your own grave.”

* * *

“So, this is where you‘ve been hiding, right under our nose. Rather smart for a Private. Of course, after those other fiascos I should hope you‘d at least learn how to hide.” A man with brick-red hair stands in Kos’ apartment. He looks at the few furnishings and sees nothing out of the ordinary. Red notes the free weights in the corner of one room. “Still keeping in shape, looks like this could get interesting.” He walks over to the kitchen, which is also the living room and dining room, and opens the refrigerating unit. “Looks like you need to do some shopping Mr. ‘Kos’. Your cupboards are bare and there are few groceries in the fridge.” A two-way communicator comes to life on Red’s hip. “Sir, the target is approaching the building.” “I‘ll greet him on the steps.” Red replies. Red makes it to the front door of the Apartment complex just as Kos gets off his bike. Kos notices a rifle strapped to Red’s back and stands a few feet from the door. “Welcome Home Mr. Kos.” Red says jovially “What are you doing here?” “Just following up on a lead.” “Find what you’re looking for?” “Not at all” Red states with a grin. “Fantastic, then do you mind taking your Pi Gu elsewhere?” Kos says, his voice becoming agitated. Red laughs, and he walks past Kos, patting him on the shoulder. He stops a few paces away from Kos and the two turn to face each other. “If only I could, Jao Gao. I am not looking for a ‘what’ but a ‘who’. A ‘Who’ that is a very wanted man.” Red pauses briefly, Kos puts his left hand in his pants pocket. “Tell me Eryn, Did you think you could run from the Alliance forever?” With his cover blown, Kos now revealed as Eryn Fallows does his best to maintain a calm visage. “Nope, but maybe I could dodge you clowns for a few minutes more.” Eryn says with a sneer. “Rodeo or Circus?” Red replies without missing a beat. “Huh?”Eryn is caught off guard by the odd reply and hesitates for a second. The second is all Red needs to whip the rifle he had on his back around and fire. Eryn leaps to his left to dodge the blast but gets hit in the right leg. Eryn’s right leg goes numb. A Stun rifle? They want me alive? Red aims at Eryn again, but this time Eryn doesn’t stall. He throws several small smoke pellets at the feet of Red. The smoke obscures Red’s vision, but he fires anyway not wanting his prey to escape. When the smoke clears Eryn is nowhere to be found, and a calico cat lies near a garbage can emitting a mean-spirited growl. “Let‘s see how reliable this device is.” Red pulls a small object from his pocket. It resembles a Digital Pocket Organizer from Earth-That-Was, or so he had been told by the dealer. He flips it open and presses onto one of the screens. The object comes to life, first showing a map of the city and then showing two dots, a blue dot and a red dot. Red watches as the Blue dot moves away from the Red dot in an erratic manner. He smiles in approval. “Excellent. Nice to know you can still trust some lowlifes. Thank you, Badger.”

* * *

“Damn You Badger!” Eryn mutters as he hops in between alleyways. “You said it would work!”

* * *

A good two years earlier…

“It‘ll never work mate!” “Of course it‘ll work. They tracked me down using normal names. This way I figured they‘ll overlook me.” “Not with an outlandish name like that my friend.” Badger states, “A name that out of the ordinary will no doubt have the Alliance on you like flies to fresh droppings!” “I suppose you‘d rather set me up with another regular Joe type name wouldn‘t you? Don‘t you see? That‘s exactly what they expect, they look for that!” Eryn raises his voice. Badger’s men all put their hands to their firearms. When voices get too loud there tends to be a disagreement, and they intend their side to have the stronger rebuttal. Eryn calms down, looks Badger in the eye and says, “Give me this name.” “No.” “Why not.” “When the Alliance…” “If, not when, If” “Fine, if the Alliance catch you and they find out that I was the one who gave you all those names..” “Covering all your bases as usual I see.” “All good business men do.” Badger replies smugly. “Tell you what.” Eryn heaves a rather large bag onto Badgers desk. Badger opens it and glances inside. He shifts a few things and looks at Eryn. “Now one more time, Will it work?” Badger looks in the bag again. Inside is triple the amount of the normal price for false documents. He would’ve argued again but this looked like return business, and being a good businessman was all about having repeat customers. “Of course it‘ll work mate.”

* * *

“Ok, so maybe I was too desperate and paid too much. They always said hindsight was 20/20,” Eryn says as he turns another corner. The feeling returns to Eryn’s right leg and he starts to run. Maybe I can double back and then got into the main streets and get lost in the crowds, Eryn thinks to himself. He turns another corner and comes to a skidding stop in surprise. Before him are three armed Feds and the man with brick red hair. “How…” “Every good Bounty Hunter knows how to track a target. Especially one with a tracking beacon on it.” Eryn starts to back away but feels the barrel of a gun in his back. “Mr. Eryn Fallows, you are bound by law,” Red states as he closes the gap between them. Eryn makes the mistake of looking Red in the eye. It starts as a glare, but when he looks into the hollow grey pits of that man’s face he feels the fight in him erode into fear. “Good night, Mr. Fallows.” Red says mockingly Eryn feels a sharp stinging sensation in the left side of his neck, and within seconds everything fades to black.


Tuesday, August 15, 2006 9:44 AM


I've read this before... This is a fine tuned version of your first draft?

I LIKE it!!

Well done! I'll definitely read more!

Thursday, August 17, 2006 7:14 AM


Ooh..revisions! Loving this all over again, Jazaf:D


Thursday, August 17, 2006 10:46 AM


Hey, I liked it during the Beta, and I love it now!!

- Soul


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Sleeper Operative Ch.1
This is a move that I'm sure the Alliance would've made had the series not been cut off so soon.
Thanks go out to Soul for doing a little editing for me!

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