Checkmarks On Bedposts
Monday, July 31, 2006

Perfect relationships don't last forever. Inspired by 'Checkmarks' by The Academy Is... and written for a friend on LJ who prompted Simon/Kaylee and the song 'Checkmarks'.


“Simon, what are you doing all wet? Don’t tell me you went out in the rain...”

“Had a job,” he said through chattering teeth. He had no idea why he went straight to Kaylee’s bunk instead of his room, but the routine was become habit.

Kaylee pulled him down into her bunk and began to take his shirt off. “I don’t see why you had to go on that job. Just ‘cause River has a cold...Now you’ll have one too...”

“I’ll be fine Kaylee...”

And the motions began. His hands worked down Kaylee’s back. Her tongue in his mouth. Her hands threaded through his hair. Clothes slowly coming off. Back onto the bed...

This shouldn’t have been happening. They broke up six months before. Over some guy named James. And another named Marcus. He wasn’t sure. Simon couldn’t even remember anymore. They had fought in the engine room and it ended with Simon having to get stitches after a wrench to the head. He remembered River shaking her head at him as she did the procedure.

Two weeks of silence. They wouldn’t even look at each other at dinner time. Just thick, angry air.

Simon had gone into Kaylee’s bunk one night, hoping to apologize to Kaylee. But another argument had flared up. Simon couldn’t even remember what was said. He just remembered a fierce kiss and pushing her against the wall.

Nearly two hours later, Kaylee had pulled herself out of bed and began to redress herself. Simon had sat up and asked, “So, what now? Do we tell the crew we’re together again?”

Kaylee looked back over at him as she slipped her shirt back on. “Tell them what?”

And in an instant, the love they used to make had devolved into meaningless sex. And no one on the ship had any idea. On the surface, they began to talk again, but everyone figured there was nothing left. Simon was sure River knew, but she never lead on.

As her moans got louder, Simon covered her mouth with his. Once he was her only, and now he was just another checkmark on her bedpost.

He hated going through the motions. Just playing a part in some sick play. Tasting other boys on her lips. He didn’t care for this change in what they had.

But this ploy was the only way he could stay close to the only girl he loved...


Tuesday, August 1, 2006 5:18 AM


Oh that was really good and sad at the same time.

Tuesday, August 1, 2006 8:43 AM


How tragic and yet true to life! It seems funny now that Simon is pining for Kaylee after she spent so long waiting for him to come around. Perfect relationships don't last forever, sometimes they evolve into something wholly different. It's fitting that he is the romantic in this situation but Ihave a feeling that Kaylee has something resonanting in her heart too, she's not totally devoid of emotion. This was an intersting read, I'd like to see more from this story.

Tuesday, August 1, 2006 10:30 AM


ohh, I really like this. maybe it's just my angst fetish, but i prefer my silee with a little conflict. and this is a very realistic turn of events, IMHO. i can see kaylee not being ready to settle down quite yet--she is so young, after all. and i can see simon fighting to hang on to the one thing on serenity that makes him happy. thanks!

Wednesday, August 2, 2006 8:29 PM


Definitely something I could see Joss and & co. do had the series continued, or in a BDM 2, ShinyYukari:)

Gotta agree with Kaynara...Kaylee's still a bit too "sow my wild oats" for Simon. Time would have been needed for a mutual comfort level for relationships to be reached.


Wednesday, October 11, 2006 3:09 AM


Yeah yeah yeah, I'm reading this a little (see: Very) late, but DAMN! If this is the first in the series, then the rest must be mighty gorram good.

'Kay, I'm off to read the rest.


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