A conversation between Mal and Book
Sunday, July 2, 2006

Friends dont let friends snore during sunday school. I hope Yall enjoy this. I have been wantin ta write about what Book may have been and could have been. This may start it off.


Book sat sipping an herbel tea.

Mal cleaned his pistol.

Jayne was laying on the couch with his leg resting on the back,one arm across his chest and the other hanging down laying on the deck. He was snoring. Snoring loudly. Other than Jayne's accute nasel onslaught the ship was quite. The rest of the crew were in the near by town shopping or eating or playing. Mal looked up from his weapon and noticed Book reading an old looking book. "You not going into town"?Mal asked with a hint of intrest tucked in behind the "town" part.

Book smiled and layed the book aside,picked up his cup of tea ,sipped at it, then sat it back down. "Noooo"

Jayne pelted the room with nasel tone then fell silent.

Mal laid his sidearm down on the cloth spread out on the table. "Nothin you need in town then"?

"Well, if you were to go, I could use some more tea",Book touched the cup of brew in front of him,"Inara has gottin me quite use to this concoction,and I have about drank my supply up with out relizing it".

Mal picked up his weapon and peered down the barrel. He anserwed with out looking back at Book,"no ,no, there's nothing I need there, I was just asking".

Book nodded while he picked his book back up and added a gentle,"Ooohh". He lowered his gaze into the book, content with that being that and was startled when Mal asked.

"So... whatcha reading?"

"Oh ...nothing you would like its just an old old old book of books. Ancient text and all...kind of like how it all began stuff."Book glanced over the top of his book at Mal.

Mal was rubbing an oily rag over his gun and giving Book a kinda side ways glance." A Bible."

Jayne began another barrage of nose noise.The other two men watched him for a few secounds until he quited some.

Mal said "I wonder if that sounds like artillery fire to him? You know like in his dreams?"

Book chuckled and Mal smiled.

Book asked " So... you know of the Bible then?"

"I never said I didnt believe in God, Preacher, I said he only helps the wrong people thats all".

"So you have read the Bible?''

"I've had it read to me. I've heard it read and preached from." Mal blew through his weapon's barrel.

Book's head was tilted slightly as he stared at Mal in silence.

"but to answer your question... NO I have'nt read the Bible."

Book picked up his tea and sipped at it.

Mal began again" Why read it? There are thousands of people out there who could tell me what I want to know about it if I wanted. They are more schooled than me and thats what they have chosen to do with thier lives." He paused then threw in "Besides most of them are crooks and crasies ... and the ones that aint are border line?... Well, maybe not "ALL"... Im sure there are a few out there that know what the truth is, and its to bad we all can't know."

Jayne mummbled something about "Vera". Then he change his postion on the couch and continued to snore.

"Yes, that is what the major portion of people and religions believe."he gave a quick glance at Mal who was looking at Jayne.

"And I suppose your gonna tell me that the truth is in there,"Mal torted, pointing the revolver at the Bible like he would have his finger.

"Mal..."Book started, then collected his thoughts ," Mal, Im not going to tell you anything. You are a man smart enough to know where you can find what you need. You are also smart enough to do what you need to do...But Mal, most people remain iggnorant for thier own wants and needs sake, even though they know they are wrong."

Jayne, stopped in the middle of an extremly loud snore,sat up,spun on the couch to put his feet on the deck,"Gorrammit, Can'tch you two hold sunday school somewhere else?" He stood up rubbing his eyes "I was dreaming such a wonderful dream, and you two had ta go an spoil it". He look at Mal than Book "Im going in ta town." Jayne grabed his favorite vest and headed to town.

Book watched the huge man leave.

Mal stood up "Well I guess I will go to town ...get a few you want me ta pick you up some tea?

Book smiled and nodded "yes if you would please... let me get you some money".

Mal raised his hand " No ,no its on me".

"Thank you Mal".

"Well I think you got enough to worry over".

"Mal ... I dont worry".

Mal nodded with out looking at Book.Then walked out with out a word.

Book went back to reading and sipping his tea.


Sunday, July 2, 2006 1:01 PM


Not sure why you have Book sounding like Jayne when he speaks. I did chuckle at Jayne snoring and then accusing Book and Mal of disturbing him! Talk about the pot and the kettle.
Ali D :~)
You can't take the sky from me

Sunday, July 2, 2006 6:16 PM


this is a good lil bit. I agree that Book doesnt sound entirely Bookish, but I like it just the same.

Sunday, July 2, 2006 7:21 PM


Pretty good. I could just picture this scence unfolding.

Sunday, July 2, 2006 10:52 PM



I think ma spellin gets werser and wersir everday.

soon I may have my own language and never know what Im sayin.

Did I really make Book sound like Jayne?

I have been accused of doing thata lot in other writings I have done...UMM...makin people sound "Hickish" like ya know.

I guess thats just me.

Lemme hear some more from yall I need the input.

Wednesday, July 5, 2006 5:32 AM


Well now...other than the occasional spelling issue, I think this was a fine piece of fic. Book was a bit more rustic than Ron Glass played him, but I guess the crew was rubbing off on him;)

Mal could have been a tad more gruff about religion and such though, since his comments to Book about God during the series and film were kinda thinly veiled insults;)



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A conversation between Mal and Book
Friends dont let friends snore during sunday school.

I hope Yall enjoy this.
I have been wantin ta write about what Book may have been and could have been. This may start it off.