As I close this world, I open the next
Friday, October 30, 2009

Yes, I went dark, deep into the black. There I found a door. And I opened it...

Back in 2006, right after I first saw Serenity, I was reading a local web board, and someone was asking about Firefly. And I made the following entry: "I liked Serenity very much. Firefly is warmer, though." Nothing earth-shattering, really, except... I hadn't seen Firefly yet! (I had only just ordered it). And I wasn't lying, either. Not because it happened to be true, but because I already KNEW it to be true, as sure as the turning of the worlds -- ante facto , as it were. In my soul I made a statement I knew, to the core of my being, to be absolutely truthful. It was as if I had already seen the series. It felt as if my (benevolent) spirit guides -- yes, I believe in that sort of thing -- were infusing me, with all their might, with the Firefly Love -- obviously realizing upfront what beneficial effect it would have on my soul. They were not wrong.

This ante facto soul perception, if I may so call it, I've never experienced before, and only once thereafter: two weeks ago, when I stumbled on a "Serial Experiments Lain" fan site. I had never heard of this Anime before (yes, seems I'm always behind on the good stuff, lol). And yet I knew, instantly, without even reading anything further about it, that Lain would be my next obsession! And that, soul-wise, it would be on par with Firefly for me; and that I needed to acquire the disks, at all cost, without hesitation. Now! Needless to say -- but you like to hear me say it anyway -- Lain proved to be everything I thought it would be, and more! And it has, as per my premonition, indeed become my next obsession. There's no point in trying to explain Lain, though; it's too complex, really, to be reduced to two sentences or so. Lain, like Firefly, is something you must absorb with your soul, and live. Ain't no other way.

So I ordered the shiny Lain DVD box. The image quality is what can be expected from a SD source: medium to low-end medium. And as I was lamenting this one minus, only yesterday, today I just got wave... after all this time since its initial release in 1998 (!) Lain will be released on Blu-Ray!! Come December 23 of this year of our fluffy Lord, I will own the Blu-Ray of Lain!! Can it be true!? Can I affect reality as I see fit? Seems too much of a coincidence!

Don't worry. I'm still me.

P.S. And yes, Rhyianan, my friend, Lain was made for you! :)


Saturday, November 7, 2009 1:34 AM


Hehe, here it is, my very first Lain work. :)

Friday, October 30, 2009 10:46 AM


Asarian, while I've long appreciated your theory posts for their concise deliniation, I have actually just found your heartfelt and open log entries. I'm new to this corner of the black myself, having only joined little more than a year ago. I agree you need to find what next fuels your boat (and I don't think Lain is going to be quickly exhausted if it's puzzles you want) Here's hoping you'll come by every once in a while and see what's going on--there's always new people in the verse, and they have their fan works and theories and love and pain about this fictional place that has struck lots of us so deeply.

Friday, October 30, 2009 7:04 AM


I'm glad you've found the next thing that has moved your soul. After Firefly, I think it's hard to find that. I'm happy for you.

Will you still frequent the board? You'll have to come around from time to time and tell us more about your new obsession. :)

My best to you and have fun!


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