Another report from the chronicles of YOU WILL NOT FUCKING BELIEVE THIS
Wednesday, February 25, 2009

So the himself decided not to pay january support. One wondered why, but reported it to the attorney and went on ones way. Well TODAY I was served with a summons. he wants to have the support reduced because he has a new job at 'substantially less pay" which mind you is still $400 a month MORE than I make with the 2 jobs AND the child support. Then in the court documents he references a truck payment he has to make. This would be the truck that he bought AFTER he sold the one my mom had paid off and the court had said he had to repay. The he puts that he spends approximately $800 a month for food for 3 people and has to pay a mortgage and a second mortgage. He acts like he is the only one paying those bills and like the new wife is not working and then he reference a life insurance policy he is paying on HER 21 YEAR OLD KID!

All this in the same week I find out that #2 needs SUBSTAINIAL dental work to the tune of oh about $3000. bucks



Wednesday, February 25, 2009 8:39 PM


HUGS ok I repeat my offer to castrate him with a rusty cheese grater and then douse him with jelly and let the fire ants have at him


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