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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Yesterday was an impossibly hectic day, but somehow I found the time to download the pilot of "Chuck" from (It was free, and I'll take almost anything that's free!) I didn't get around to watching it until tonight.

And, perhaps this is the kind of show that we've been looking for since the F-- Network gave "Drive" the boot. Fortunately, this show will air on NBC, which is owned by Universal. (Did I mention how much I love those guys?) The only thing better would be a revival series of "Firefly".

The show is sooooo funny with a girl-troubled genius (he went to Stanford, that's smart for me) named Chuck working as a head Nerd Herd (aka-Geek Squad) at a Buy More (aka-Best Buy... why those guys didn't OK using their name is unknown and a very stupid move!) He gets an e-mail from his old college roommate which is filled with thousands of photos which contain information on government conspiracies. Apparently, anyone who sees this file will have all of those photos downloaded into their subconsciousness. Anything can trigger these photos into consciousness, in these weird flashes. Adam plays one of the government agents sent to retrieve the missing info. Like I said, it is extremely funny and it is also loaded with fun action! And in the last scene, someone refers to training the new guy when Chuck returns to work, and... well, you'll have to see it! LOL!

Also, I gotta say I have a problem with Adam. (It's not a horrible thing. I still think he's a fine actor.) It's just when his face is clean shaven, I just don't see Jayne in him. I don't know what it is. Even when he's acting as Jayne without any facial hair like in "The Train Job", I'm like, "Who the heck it that? Oh, it's just Jayne." Sometimes when he lets his voice get into that low gruff, I can see Jayne come back. Though, there are moments in "Chuck" where Adam says something kinda quippy, and the "Hero of Canton" song pops into my head! Hehe! I'm really excited about this show!


Monday, September 17, 2007 1:53 AM


i don't have the problem you have...not noticing adam without facial hair. I'm the one who sings hero of canton straight through independance day. but the thing is, don't you want to see him as his character on chuck instead of jayne? isn't that the acting part?

of course, i haven't seen it yet, i have tasked my husband with downloading it and he hasn't gotten around to it. but i'm excited!


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