where is the freaking punchline people?
Friday, August 31, 2007

Well I went to visit a friend last weekend. We had a lovely time. He is really very sweet and quite on the top of my "most favorite people in the world" list.

Getting home was a nightmare. I was to fly out at 620 on sunday evening, but when I got to the airport the flight was pushed to 8 pm and there would be no way for me to get my connecting flight in atlanta, so they booked me on the 1026 am flight and I called my friend and he came and got me. Then the next morning we got a call from the airline saying they had rebooked me for 419 in the afternoon. When I got to the gate at 3 I found that it was pushed to 430, it actually took off at about 530. I got to Atlanta and had to run to my next plane. Luckily that one was delayed too or I would have had to spend the night alone in the Atlanta airport. To top it ALL off, when I got to Mobile it was to find that my luggage was still in Atlanta. It showed up delivered to my house about 6 hours after me! LOL

In other news, my mom is suing the asshole for the truck yes? Well Mr and Mrs asshole are suing me and their suit says that if they have to pay my mother then I should have to pay them that amount of money. WHERE THE FUCK DO THEY GET THIS STUFF? But this explains why they told #2 that they would have money to buy him a car this Christmas, they think they are getting it from me.

I also found out that my stepdad had written a letter to the assholes that SHE intercepted. She wrote to my parents telling them that she had not allowed AH to see the letter because she was "protecting him". She then preceeded to tell MY MOTHER that I am angry and bitter and unstable.

She included in the letter the appraisal that they had done illegaly on my house, the one that says it is worth 211,000. even though no one ever came INSIDE. Anyway, she said that they were going to "buy me out" with 150 thou and that after the mortgage was paid off I could give what was left over to my mother for the truck.

So they were going to give me 60 thou less then they think it is worth AND leave me and the boys homeless with no money to get another place to live.

.......and I let this man have access to my nono places. I am a fucking lunatic.

And THEN there is the kidney infection. I am on mega drugs and just a few moments ago was ASSURED that I was dieing, I mean it is not normal to pee the color of sunkist orange soda is it? Thank god and a quick check of wikipedia and I have discovered this is simply a side a
effect of the analgesic.

Someone get me a ghostwriter. Noone can make this shit up!


Tuesday, September 4, 2007 3:55 AM


Ah pyridium... sorry, you're *supposed* to warn your patients about that one. Your contact lenses can stain while you're on it too. Stick to glasses for the duration unless you've got disposable contacts.

Push the fluids, cranberry juice is good for you, finish your antibiotics, yadda yadda blah blah blah.

Sorry to hear you're having such a crap time of it, sweetie. If we'd known you were at the airport we'd probably have gotten a gang together to entertain you on your layover.
Oh wait, there's that whole security inspection and boarding pass thing.
Well, we would have stood around outside the airport sending good vibes and singing Firefly songs at you over the cell phone until they came to take us away.
Hope the rest of your trip was good, and everything smooths out and resolves nicely for you.

Karma. Just keep thinkin' karma.

Saturday, September 1, 2007 7:47 AM


Wow, that sucks.

Didn't we have a intricate plan how they was gonna not be in your life anymore?

Friday, August 31, 2007 8:18 PM


I swear AH and his "little wifey" are flipping crazy! Do they not have any sense? Or morals or conscience? They both need to be drop kicked into the engine!

I'm so sorry that you STILL have to deal with his shit. And I'm sorry you don't feel well.

Hugs to you honey, and you know where I am if you need me!


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