Generous to a fault
Thursday, March 22, 2007

So lovely people, when last we discussed the Ahole he had absconded with the brand new truck my mother had paid for and gone to live with the skank up the road.

At that time we had 2 vehicles left. A 2002 Blazer that #1 drove to and from school and work and a 1989 Toyota Turbo that I drove. Well the Turbo is in need of some restoration and is to costly for me to maintain at the moment. It was decided that we would tighten the already tightened belt a bit more and buy #1 a GM since his fathers family can get discounts. His grandfather was glad to give him the certificate - until they found out that in the State of Alabama an 18 yr old is still a minor and can not be on the loan or title of a vehicle. This meant that the certificate would have to be given to me. Well they - the Ahole and his equally sphincter like father decided that was not good enough, that I was just trying to steal their discount and refused to give it to us. So the man driving around in a $31000 truck paid for COMPLETELY by MY mother, refuses to let us have a certificate equal to about $1000 so that his son can have a car to drive.

WHY? did I marry this man?


Thursday, March 22, 2007 2:22 PM


I second the "bring in the police". Hell, he stole the truck! That is ILLEGAL!

As for the legality of 18yo in said state - that is a tad silly. I think that an adult is an adult, set the national age they can all get those rights (and obligations) and have done with it!

Sorry to hear about general dickery from your ex (new to boards so have no previous knowledge, but have definite knowledge of the cuntry that can be performed by those that don't even have a cunt of their own).

Sorry for the harsh words, but that is just so frickin' unbelievable. Steals a truck then gets all aggressive about a piddling family discount.

Definitely bring in the law. You can then use the truck (or sell it and buy a smaller vehicle) and solve your transportation difficulties.

Screw him hard (and not in the nice way).

Thursday, March 22, 2007 1:48 PM


Uh...like others who have already posted, how in the name of fuck did the hun dan make off with a truck that your mama paid for and is for you? Cuz police interverntion is kinda needed here:(

And I can't answer your question about why you married the dick - rhetorical as it probably was - because I have only "known" you and other Browncoats long enough to solely hear about how the ex is a two-timing, self-absorbed dick who thinks more with his wang than his brain. One presumes you saw some tiny spark of something positive or laudable at one time, but boat presumably sailed a long time ago:(

Still...I can sympathize with the issue surounding #1. I am too young - even at 23, so I have been told - to even rent a vehicle because no insurance company would offer me a reasonable coverage package that would satisfy a rental company. Could buy a car...parents would still need to insure it:(


Thursday, March 22, 2007 7:26 AM


See this is why you should have let me kill him. I have come up with even more masterful ways to kill him.
1- death by rare venom ( obtain spider venom from illegal broker, wait till he falls asleep and inject him. He dies horribly. Leave paper trail connecting to the slut
2- Death by compressed airway. I steal truck your mom paid for and wait til he chases me. Then I run him down and aim so the tire rests ever so gently on his throat.

By the way, what does the judge say about him getting a truck your mom paid for???

Thursday, March 22, 2007 7:25 AM


Hmmm... In my dictionary, "absconded with" means stole, right? So unless the vehicle title is in the pigu's name, why not report the truck, you know, STOLEN and call the gorram feds! Just a wacky fun kinda notion on my part.

Thursday, March 22, 2007 7:06 AM


Cause at one point there had to be some good in him right? You have to try and believe that, as hard as that may be.

Plus all the crap that he has put you through as made you the person we love today :-)


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