A Bug in My Ear Pt. 5
Thursday, October 12, 2006

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Just so we have no doubt about where we stand. Or where we should stand. (Is it just a coincidence that the last four letters of the URL spell what they do?)

Okay, we need to suspend Godwin’s Law here just so’s we can get this out there. Just want to put up a few quotes and comments.

1. “The U.S. Post Office decided to issue the stamp last year after an intensive lobbying campaign by the well-funded Islamic lobby in Washington and their allies within the Republican Party.” – This puts an end to the White House says it’s okay argument.

2. “We are not at war with a gang of terrorists. Al Qaeda is not the Jesse James gang with Arabic surnames. It is not even that we are at war with Islam. Rather, Islam is at war against us …The sooner Americans recognize this fact then the safer we will be as a nation.” – Emphasis mine. At least we know it’s not Jesse James. Wahl, duh. He was an A mur ican. Islam (ALL of Islam…?) is warring against us. So there!

3. “I have had much good to say about President Bush in recent months. But one thing that concerned me after September 11th and concerns me even more now is his administration's constant promotion of Islam as a religion of peace and tolerance just like Judaism or Christianity.” – …Pounding the final nail in the coffin of the White House argument.

4. “That is why my colleague…and I decided to urge the leaders in the U.S. House of Representatives to have the stamp be withdrawn from circulation, overprinted with the image of the World Trade Towers, and then reissued. The effort went nowhere, but the case for doing so remains clear in my mind because symbols matter.” – Yeah, I could see this taking off the ground.

5. “Would our country have issued a swastika flag stamp in 1941? Would our country have issued a hammer and sickle stamp in 1955?” – Oh, holy cow! Here it is! But wait since Iran’s president is denying the Holocaust, is the swastika still bad? Hasn’t the Christian Cross (my caps) graced a thousand stamps even though our Founding Fathers found the religion ridiculous and (as shown below) guilty of at least as many horrors as Islam. Doubtful the Merry Christmas thing would have been well-received during those periods.

6. “There are many Muslims who are peaceful, but the fact is that the core of the religion itself is not peaceful.” – Well, at least he grants the first part. All is not lost.

We are then treated to some Qur’an quotes against which we might raise some Biblical quotes. lists 856 biblical citations of violence, a number of which I would argue are misinterpretations, but even discounting those leaves an enormous number of instances. Interestingly, the quotes from the Qur’an cited by the author are listed on the same site: The God-fearing and the god-forsaken are in agreement?

“Our own State Department describes the area where the borders of Paraguay, Argentina, and Brazil intersect as a "focal point for Islamic extremism in Latin America." – I think the word “extremism” might just have a little bit to say here, which the author blithely ignores.

If the “Free” Congress Foundation was not clear enough:

Basically this is the Judeo-Christian argument aimed specifically at the White House. How can Christian St. George abide all this? Most of the argument’s points (or very similar ones indeed) could potentially be used by mainstream Christianity when debunking the unorthodoxy of Mormons (substitute "Restoration commemorates the revelation of God's word in the Book of Mormon to the prophet Joseph Smith" for "Ramadan commemorates the revelation of God's word in the holy Koran to the prophet Mohammed"), Jehovah’s Witnesses or insert your favorite cult’s name here. They could even be applied to Judaism as it denies the resurrection of Christ where Islam denies the death of Christ. Whoops. Hold on there. We didn’t mean that one: the Jews are the Chosen Ones. Too late. The Mormons got a postage stamp back in 1947 for the Centennial of the founding of Utah. Well, the Centennial got the stamp; but since the Mormons played some sort of role in it, we can say it’s implied. Aside from the Hanukkah Stamp, Jewish Hank Greenberg just got a stamp. Digging back to 1966, Albert Einstein got his. And wonder of wonders, El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz got a stamp in 1999, he who was considered an enemy of the State. While the Nation of Islam is not the same as an Islamic Nation, it is a form of Islam and he did get a stamp. Maybe because he broke it off with the NOI, we figgered he was okay now. His new organization was called the Muslim Mosque, Inc. That’s a much better name.

In case you’re worried that all Christian Fundamentalists are against the stamp, go here:

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