XMen, singles profiles and Fridays
Friday, May 26, 2006

Been a crazy, crazy day.

Had nine issues today all before 10. Think all but one is closed today.

Been emailed by some interesting people. Had some lovely comments from you SHINY people.

Not well today. Asthma is acting up and I have this fantastic cough. It is starting to hurt in my chest when I cough, so I llok forward to another prescription! Yeah Me!

My kids (all 47 of them) want to see XMen 3 tonight. So I am going to try to stay awake long enough. May need a nap before hand. Interesting that the local theater is playing it around the clock. This movie is going to be big.

I wish Serenity had this kind of buzz. But then again, do I REALLY. DO I want the masses in love with the BDM. Can they really appreciate it? I think not.

This profiles thing is really weird. I have not been out on a date for almost 20 years. Not sure I am ready. Unless ofcourse FurtureMr calls. If that happens you wouldn't see my backside for the door! Oh MR!

Fridays! I LOVE Fridays! Or I would if I didn't have to go to my other job tonight and tomorrow. May have to stop at the DR tonight, so work and the movie could just be a pipe dream

My work crush, who is married, is married. Oh and he is um 3000 miles away. But he is lovely and he makes my day. SO thanks Work Crush.

Happy Memorial Day peeps.

Remember those that have served this country! Say a prayer for the boys and girls still serving!


Friday, May 26, 2006 11:16 AM


words are the only comfort i can offer, but i offer them gladly... hope you can get something for that asthma - you must be a very strong lady - 47 kids to the movies (i think you're pullin my leg...)

I tend to agree with what you say about Serenity... it would lose something if it were just another Batman or generic super hero movie... besides i'm a cult kinda guy myself...

I'll put the flag out in the yard - and keep those troops in mind - remember some friends lost in Nam and try to forget about politics for a while...

oh, and if it's any consolation - i'm working half a day tomorrow & all day monday.... looks like we're kinda in the same boat after all...



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