What I Say As Opposed To What I Think #12,356: Work Study
Thursday, February 23, 2006

For those that don't know (yes, I know there's a lot of you, and I haven't exactly been around much) Someone says something to me, and propiety dictates that I don't say what I'm thinking. I just save it, and then subject all of you to it.

Sorry. Also, since this is a work study...there will be objectionable language.

At Work (like all of these)

RO: Mmmmm..Eliza Dushku...I'd like to uppercut her taint.
Me: (Censored mental image here...) BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Taint puncher!

House: I farted in my coveralls before we came outside. (open collar) Yeah...its still there.
Me: (You know, you don't really have to tell everyone when you bust ass. I know I don't) Yeah, I did the same thing yesterday. (Damn my need to be accepted!)

Vampire: Why do I have to do that?
Me: (Why are you giving me lip, you little dark goth shit? Just fucking do it before I split your greasy head and steal your fake teeth...bitch) Just do it please...Thank you.

RO: You watchin' Red vs Blue. That HALO shit ain't funny.
Me: (Watch your fucking mouth, philistine!) It is too (Mumbling...what can I do...its my boss...Peckerhead)

Pant: I keep trying to rent Serenity. Its never in at Blockbuster.
Me: (Noooooooooo!!! Goddamn Blockbuster! Get your heads in the game!) You can't borrow mine.

You know...looking at most of these, it appears that my thoughts are growing increasingly hostile. Hmmmm. Guess I better keep it in...
Bye bye.



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