Serenity & Firefly DVDs @ Borders Books
Friday, December 23, 2005

I wandered into a rather large Borders Book store yesterday, looking for some last minute ideas. I was greeted just inside the door with the 'New Releases' stand, which was prominently displaying 'SERENITY ' DVD's. I was glad to find it was put right there, for all to see. Then I checked out the TV on DVD section upstairs. Right on top of a table full of DVDs...FIREFLY. In both cases, I made it a point to go over and pick up each DVD and check it out. It's not that I rushed over and jumped up and down while holding the DVDs, but I did display a bit of interest (genuine) that could have caught the eye of a nearby shopper looking for that last minute gift.....Ok, I admit's a long shot, but hey, what did it hurt ? Amazon still has SERENITY at No. 1

Daily Ranking

Date Avg Ranking Highest Lowest
12.23.2005 1 1 1
12.22.2005 1 1 1
12.21.2005 1 1 1
12.20.2005 1 1 1
12.19.2005 2 1 2
12.18.2005 2 2 2
12.17.2005 3 2 4
12.16.2005 4 4 4

I did end up getting a small gift. There was 1 box set of The Simarillion on CD, which I picked up..for myself. ( heh heh )


Friday, December 23, 2005 6:11 AM


yeah, i was able to display the dvds, as soon as, you walk in to the store. At the Borders i work at we have sold a total of 6 Serenity dvds so far(we have 20). And we also sold another Firefly set yesterday also.

Friday, December 23, 2005 4:37 AM


Haha, I did the whole "picking up and checking it out for a few minutes" deal while talking loudly to my mom on how awesome the movie is at the crowded video store the other day. It was almost all checked out!


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