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Catch up post
Friday, August 6, 2004 2:51:57 PM

So, it's been a week and there's not much to post of any significance. Visited my good friends last night and got to see their overly cute kids. Been a while since I saw them... wow, both (girls ) are ...


Jayne Cobb - Piece of work
Friday, August 13, 2004 7:17:28 PM

I was gonna post this on the message board, but figured it was just too much a [i]me[/i] thing for others to get as I intended. I mean, who could find any sort of comparison between Jimmy Buffett and ...


250 days till Serenity flies.
Sunday, August 15, 2004 4:43:43 PM

That is a very good thing. :biggrin:


Being River Tam
Thursday, August 19, 2004 8:43:11 AM

Just a random thought I had today. River has her good days and her not so good days. She can offer up creepifying facts and segue off into comments on quantem physics. Other days..she can barely get out ...


Still no Firefly DVD's @ Target....
Monday, August 23, 2004 12:39:49 PM

I looked, once again, just out of curiosity. Nodda. There was the new Northern Exposure DVD box... looked pretty cool too. But no Firefly. And it wasn't just one day either. I checked back 2 different ...