Casual, if not unique, thoughts on why SERENITY isn't soaring higher.
Tuesday, October 11, 2005

In the box office, that is. I've viewed the BDM several times now, and have not only enjoyed the movie, but also the reactions of the different audiences. But for a Sci-Fi action film, SERENITY is lacking a couple of major components which the general , if not true SciFi geeks, audience has been programmed to expect.
It has no aliens.
It has no super cool 'space' weapons.

Now, when it comes to aliens, Reavers are a poor stand in for what the American movie goers have come to expect. That's cause they're not aliens, for starters. They're not even DNA mutated freaks, such as in DOOM. ( Which, btw, how many folks have noticed the trailers for THAT being shown before the BDM. What was Universal THINKING?? The intro for the BDM of 'Earth that was' and the scene from DOOM couldn't be any more similar if they tried! WTF? ) Now, back to the blog....

Also missing for the Pavlov's fans that seem to throw all manner of $$ at movies only because ...*takes deeeep breath* . Also missing are really cool weapons. We have swords, nasty Reaver throwing stars, harpoons,missles, futuristic bows, and guns. Lots of guns. No Light Sabers, Death Stars, lasers, ....

Now, I'm not for a second suggesting that Joss included Aliens or such, but it's just a comment on how simplistic and brainwashed the general public has become when dealing w/ such things in space. I for one think those elements deserve to be left out, and praise Joss for sticking to his all too average guns.


Saturday, October 22, 2005 6:23 PM


Well, don't damn Roddenberry for finding stuff that sells and selling it to the slavering fans. Star Trek was and still is an American icon. You only WISH Firefly and Serenity could even approach the god-worship that Star Trek commands and probably will continue to command. But before Roddenberry sold us sentient alien life and such, there were other precedents for the same alien-loving beliefs. And I think there's room in the world of sc-fi fans for something as unique and lovely as the Firefly 'Verse. Take my love, take my land, take me where I cannot stand...but you can't take the sky from me. And all the charm and charisma of our Captain Tight Pants and his crew that is family (both to him and to we rabid fans out here in the black) simply need to keep spreading the love. Like the guy who had never seen one episode nor even HEARD of FF before the BDM came out, but got hooked off of just a coupla eps, that gives me hope. Fly on, like a leaf in the wind, y'all. And, after all, it's Autumn, so more and more leaves are gonna be flyin'. Preach on of Firefly and Serenity. It's not too late.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005 11:43 AM


i for one am a sci-fan that finds the lack of aliens refreshing. there's alot of fantasy (ie: Anne McCaffrey)writers that creates worlds so far in the future that it looks like the past. the idea is that we're pretty dumb and aggressive creatures and so have come close to destroying ourselves which leads us to the starting over. the future doesn't necessarily mean aliens to all of us.


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