Ems, Roms, and A Lot Of Cursing: A Swing Shift Story
Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Okay...this flylog is rated PG-13 for assorted usages of bad language...Everyone still here? Thought so.

Tonight, my first night on swing shift (1500-2300) there is no work, as we might be getting pummeled by a large hurricane building off the coast as we speak. Someone brings in a disc with some burned games on it. Okay...every Atari, NES, and SNES game known to man. The cursing began with Top Gun. Someone actually remembered how to land the goddamn plane! I could never do that when I was playing that game back in the day. It went like this:

"How do ya like me now, Bitch!"
"Fuck! How the fuck did you fuckin' do that?"

Later on, Super Mario Bros. 3 came out. It went like this:

"You know, I used to be able to get further than the fuckin' second level!"


"This game is fuckin' gay!"

And, my favorite of the evening: Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!:

"I can't fuckin' believe this! I'm gonna fuckin' lose to Glass Joe!"
"My fuckin' arms are tired from playing this stupid game!"
and, my personal favorite:
"I'm not goin' the fuck home until I beat Mike!"

Gotta love those old games! People are in here actually cheering about Punch-Out! I'm on a rocket sled back to 1988! Go 88!!!


Tuesday, September 13, 2005 4:03 PM


you got MAME? awesome!

I love those games! Need some hepl with Jeopardy? I've played it enough to know every question on the old game.


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