All Over The Place 2
Wednesday, June 1, 2005

Because for the last three days, I've gotten a collective 4 hours of sleep. I haven't slept, and you know what that means...Stream of consciousness begins now!

Fucking Boba Fett...and all the rest of Ragnos's sith disciples. WHY CAN'T I KILL YOU!!!

Will the US Air Force kindly give up the money it owes me for signing on for another four years? Please?

My home internet connection has been down for 8 days. I called on day 1, and they said they would send a new modem over in three days. Now, they're sending someone over to look at it. Bout bleedin' time. And, again, it did go down right after I played my first session of City of Heroes, so, double burn there...

I have a new fanfic idea...but its a monster...Shadow War started small and grew inescapably huge. But, because I could control it, I could see the end. Somnabulism(working title) is big to start out with, and I don't want to start something I can't finish.

"And so it is...Just like you said it would be. Life goes easy on me...Most, of the time." Yeah, it can be said that I like me some Damien Rice. Even if Renee Zellweger dumped him for Kenny Chesney.

I have a beer bottle coozie that says "Age and Treachery Will Always Win Over Youth and Skill". Would that it were true. Or I could be treacherous. One of the two.

I feel like someone took me out back and beat the shit out of me with a bat wrapped in a towel so it wouldn't leave marks. Even my eyeballs hurt.

In retrospect, watching The Rocky Horror Picture Show this weekend was probably a bad idea. I have a bad habit of walking around quoting the last good movie I've just seen. Also, referring to my wife as a "Fucking' virgin" during the viewing...also ill advised.

I'm currently finishing reading a book called "The Kidnapping of Aaron Greene". It has been such a good book. It takes place in Atlanta, and its one of the few books set in the south that doesn't have a drooling hillbilly in overalls character somewhere. I find that refreshing. Plus, great start, and great plot...I found it for four books hardcover, and believe me, its worth it.

The last time I went to see Ep3ROTS, there wasn't a Serenity trailer. Now, I realize that they only showed it at digital theaters, and I believe this is a mistake on Universal's part. Get it out there, and let the people see. There's only so much us Browncoats can do to get asses in the seats. Its your movie, after all...

I've found that while working out, it may be dangerous to listen to "Spybreak" by The Propellarheads. Before you know it, your tearing ass, and hurting yourself. Tone it down, damn it!

I guess I'll be back later...I've got no where else to go!!!


Thursday, June 2, 2005 9:43 AM


i wasn't wearing but a mini and a halter so I may have been flashing people unknowingly.

Thursday, June 2, 2005 1:08 AM


Well, that ain't hardly a mosquito bite. But, at least now, I can get some sleep. I mean...what kind of story is this...the kind where you keep your clothes on, that's what kind.


Sorry, my mind just went to the beach for a second.

Wednesday, June 1, 2005 1:24 PM


Sure, blame that weird girl…

Okay, so I was in the Gold Cabaret...there were lots of attractive young women dancing and shimmying in various states of undress. The music was loud and actually quite infectious. I was enjoying the music. It was around 4AM and I was still looking for some So I stood up, I had been sitting in a comfy cushiony chair (it is a nice establishment), and began to dance. heh.

While I did keep my clothes ON, I apparently moved in such a way that the girls near me began losing the attention of their customers. A few men folk gathered nearby. I didn't notice them because I was very into the dancing thing. It was when I turned toward the guy I was with, a friend, and began jokingly dancing (I’ll call it dancing) for him. He was laughing...I was laughing...but there's some rule that guests can't give lap dances to the patrons. So the big henchmen approached me and you know the rest.


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