Thursday, April 14, 2005

I was outside the other day, and a large truck drove by with two (count em, two!) A-10 engines sitting on the back of it. Living on an Air Force base is strange.

I went into my bosses office and asked for a heater. They mentioned that there was already one in my office. I turned it on and still felt cold. I looked up, and a very, very large (read: hard to miss) ceiling fan was happily spinning away.

I don't go to the driving range anymore. I was never any good at golf anyways, but I have a mean slice, and the range is right next to the base's front gate, which would explain why a golf ball went whizzing past my windshield the other day.

I love Firefly, but I can't explain it to anyone. This problem becomes more apparent when people are trying to ask me about while I'm watching it. I want to recruit more Browncoats, but do they have to talk while I'm watching Kaylee be so cute?

During the day, I recieve any number of phone calls from my wife, who claims that our son is trying to a)kill her, b)drive her insane, or c)give her a stroke. When I come home, however, he straightens right up (mostly) and behaves, so I never see the methodology of his attempted matricide. Makes for a funny phone call when I'm in the middle of an Excel Spreadsheet.

Just today, I watched a truck, which was chocked into place, back right over said chocks. The driver got out, and immediately started vomiting. I couldn't make shit like this up.

The weather in North Carolina was invented by a demented madman, I think. 78 one day, 47 the next. Rain on Sundays...always on Sundays.

I love my children...Can't stand other people's kids. A hard row to hoe since my wife runs a daycare center.

I lost ten pounds. How is anyone's guess, I went off my diet, and slowed down my workout schedule. Who knew?

All of these things happen around here on any given day. Is it any wonder that this life doesn't hold endless fascination for me?


Thursday, April 14, 2005 8:38 AM


Dosen't it rain all the time in the summer. I mean you can set your clock by it.


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