Watched 'The making of Firefly' on the DVD again....
Saturday, December 4, 2004

And it really put me in a better mood per this whole delay thing. I hadn't checked out the extra stuff on Disc 4 in a while, and it really was a treat.

The vision of Joss and seeing how committed he was to getting his story from inside his head to script to screen..... wow. When I think of everyone, from Joss, to the actors , the assitants, the writers.... how they were speaking of Firefly as a thing already behind them and before the news of the BDM....I get a really warm , happy feeling. There seemed to be a sense of joy as well as sadness in all of them. They all knew they were happy to have worked on Firefly, and how unique a project that was. One telling aspect was Adam Baldwin's remark to Tim Minear about how everyone knew THEN,while they were on the set, that Firefly was special. It wasn't going to be a case where they just finish up another job, moved on, and then some yrs down the road realize that they enjoyed making that crazy SciFi /Western thing for FOX.

I remember listening to Jewel talk about getting the call from Joss and getting the news of the BDM. I wish I could have seen everyone's face the moment when they realized that the ole girl was gonna fly again.

One of the things I enjoyed in watching the extra stuff was the part where everyone gave their opinion about what we would have found out had Firefly been able to continue. Would Simon and Kaylee have kissed ? Whats the deal w/ Blue Sun and River ? Mal and Inara, would it have worked? Zoe and Wash... what troubles would they and their marriage have to face and over come? does a preacher know so much about crime?

Never give up, Never surrender!



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