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Wednesday, August 9, 2017 3:03 PM


I will attempt to make enough comments in one post, but I really may need more to fit in all that I think about the film Dark Tower.

I found it entertaining on many levels and facets. The soundtrack was wonderful and enhancing of the story and pacing. It is sci-fi, or perhaps fantasy.
I have been trying to think of anything in or about the film that left me wanting. The only thing I have come up with was this: during the showing, I was at first annoyed by the Matthew McConaughey portrayal of the antagonist, until I realized that it was a placid confidence of inherent Evil, not the extravagance or extraordinary wild evil we might expect.

It is fair certain that there is some CGI in this film, but it is well integrated such that it never glared in my mind.
Other works I was reminded of were 12 Monkeys, The Matrix (while viewing, I felt that the Matrix-like scenes or effects where surpassed here), Stargate, Back To The Future (DT far better, but not lighthearted, hokey like BTTF), Karate Kid, LotR: Return of the King. And other films on the tip of my tongue now. How many are familiar with St.Francis of Assisi's vow to not return to his former ways as an assassin?

I am not a big fan of Stephen King, but apparently Dark Tower is from a set of books from him. I look forward to this becoming a franchise. This may be my favorite entry from SK source, next being The Mist IIRC.
There were parts where I thought a repeat viewing may be required to wrap everything together, but the film did answer all of my questions so far. If I do see it again, it will not be because the details were wanting the first time through. It will be due to the highly entertaining nature.

The end credits host many familiar names, which explains how well this turned out. If Ron Howard does that same touch with Hans Solo, I am going to be sooo psyched.

Dollhouse alum Fran Kranz can be found in a duplicate role.
I've seen Idris Elba in Luther and other works, but this is his best role so far IMO.
Tom Taylor pulls off his role, and I have not seen any of the other works he is credited with.

This may be the best movie I've seen this year. At this point, I cannot think of another film I can rate higher. But I am thinking about it. I am likely to see this in cinema again, I might look for a large screen showing. This is also a candidate for me to purchase/own.


Tuesday, August 22, 2017 10:54 PM


Just watched it again. First time was right after I was put to sleep by Atomuc Blonde, this time right after seeing Hitman's Bodyguard.

HB was such a shallow story by comparison. DT felt so rich, fully layered and textured in story. I think I might need to buy the soundtrack. This time I recalled that there were some details that could be gleaned from more viewings, like origins of the old world on Midworld.

Still would have liked to see it in Imax or superscreen.
Direction and editing are put together so well. I'm sorry for not giving too much story detail, trying not to spoil the experience. One word I was trying to recall to describe the story type was redemption. Most critical parts of the story have more backstory than can be shown in depth.

Has anybody else watched it?


Friday, September 15, 2017 6:00 PM


I did get a hankering to see this again in cinema, but did not see it still showing at my local theater. Would have been 3rd time.

Has nobody else seen it?






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