Richmond, VA - Wild West Space Opera (in space) With Dinosaurs Variety Show! 4/21

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012 4:22 PM


advance tickets available at

Vaudeville Galore and Mab, Just Mab Presents: Wild West Space Opera (in Space) With Dinosaurs!

A long time ago, in a gallery not too far away, millions of voices suddenly cried out in unison for awesomeness. Trapped in a world they never made, their hopes for entertainment were answered by a group of Big Damn Vaudevillians. Now, the spice will find a way to be with you and prosper in a single night too epic to be contained by a single genre. Prepare for your mind to be melded by a sexy stampede of sideshow, comedy, magic and burlesque at The Wild West Space Opera (in Space) With Dinosaurs!

Mab, Just Mab, “DC's Own Sideshow Girl”, is a founding member of the nationally touring Accidental Circus and long time member of the award winning Cheeky Monkey Sideshow. A renowned glasswalker, escape artist, fire eater, blockhead and ukulele lover, she combines artistry and human endurance to bring you some of the finest vaudevillian entertainment around. Mab is also the tenured freak at DC's notorious sideshow venue & museum, The Red Palace and has been featured in sideshow documentaries and books.

Sidetracked, vaudeville masters of wile and wit, bowl the crowd over with rapid fire, comedic storytelling. Recently returned from rocking out the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, these two women have performed on historical stages, doorways and tall ships. They rejuvenate the vaudeville genre...with badass sensibility.

Deepa de Jour is Richmond’s own delectable dish, with a different flavor every day! She has figured out her own recipes to create dazzling costumes and props, ranging from classically sweet to neo-burlesque with a BANG! With her extensive background in visual arts and material studies, she has translated her interests into the art of the tease and is constantly creating and learning new ways to tell a story from the stage in an imaginative and enticing way.

Larry "Doc" Volz has over two decades of experience surprising people with belly laughs and impossible inventions. His trademark "Amazing Elixer of Life" medicine show style antics and impossible inventions include teleporters, invisibility generators, instant hair growth machines that go horribly awry and much more. Doc is also winner of the first People's Choice Award from the International Brotherhood of Magicians for Excellence in Stage Magic, the Stage Magic World Championship from the Society of American Magicians and the International Battle of the Hypnotists in Tokyo Japan.

And no Out-Of-This-World Adventure would be complete without the Space Moon Kitten: Buster Britches!

Saturday, April 21
200 West Marshall Street

age 18+
$10 advance / $15 door / $8 members
advance tickets available at
Doors 8:00pm / Show 9:00pm

Costumes encouraged!
Fabulous prizes for the best wild west space opera (in space) with dinosaurs costume

Sponsored by the Richmond Institute of Burlesque and Boom Boom Basics Burlesque Studio


Wednesday, April 18, 2012 2:08 PM


Beir bua agus beannacht

That sounds amazing, best wishes for a good turnout.

I assume you're my pal until you let me know otherwise.

"A completely coherant River means writers don't deliver" KatTaya.






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