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Gettin' old, but still a hippie at heart...


In the fierce public debate about contraception and abortion, revenge legislation is the new attack weapon. Women pols are using their posts to wage war on bills and laws that work to govern women’s wombs. And they’re not denying the obvious humor involved in what they’ve proposed. Monty Python is even a touchstone.

To give men a taste of how invasive and prodding government oversight into women’s sex lives has become, a number of state politicians sporting two X chromosomes have championed bills that mandate a pesky list of prerequisites for men who want Viagra pills. These include celibacy lectures, rectal exams, affidavits from former lovers swearing impotence problems, and forced viewing of a video pimping the medicine’s side effects. Acquiring the goods to get hard could be incredibly difficult. It's tough enough reading that list of regulations with a straight face.

Now a man joins what was once an avenge-legislation sisterhood. An aide to Ohio state Rep. Ted Celeste says he will introduce a companion bill shortly, intended to support women’s choice.

Viagra seekers will face a 36-hour waiting period for their prescriptions and a mandatory prostate exam, and if a professional evaluation shows impotence is psychological in nature, that data will stay in patients’ records for seven years. Panovska said the language is meant to mimic that of bills (like the 11 she says Ohio has seen) that take aim at women’s reproductive rights.

Celeste is surely soon to be a favorite of what Rush Limbaugh has lovingly called the “feminazi” movement, for his cheeky contributions and XY chromosomes.

“Usually women legislators take this on,” said Guttmacher Institute policy analyst Elizabeth Nash. “I can’t think of one man who’s done it.”

Ohio joins states like Missouri, Virginia, Illinois, Oklahoma, and Georgia in what is becoming quite the race to concoct the craziest gag on men’s sex lives. Georgia state Rep. Yasmin Neal protested a colleague’s bill to end late-term abortions without exception by parrying with vasectomy regulations.

Virginia state Sen. Janet Howell conceived the rectal exam to combat the harrowing ultrasound bill that many said subjected women to what is an actual definition of rape. Taking a cue from Monty Python, Oklahoma’s state Sen. Constance Johnson threw an “every sperm is sacred” provision at that state’s personhood amendment as a nod to its idiocy.
third female lawmaker is hitting below the belt to show her displeasure with the record number of antiabortion measures passing across the country.

The bill introduced by Ohio state Sen. Nina Turner on March 2 targets men’s access to Viagra and other erectile dysfunction drugs known as PDE-5 inhibitors.

Her measure would require that men undergo a psychological assessment before being prescribed the medication and a cardiac stress test every 90 days while on the drug as well as the patient signing a form that he understands the side effects.

She told ABC News today that her legislation was meant to show men “that we care.”

“I really believe that I’m learning something from my conservative, Republican male colleagues — the most important thing on our agenda should be regulation of the sexual health of women,” she said. “It’s time to show men some love in that regard.”

In a news release on her website, Turner said: “The men in our lives, including members of the General Assembly, generously devote time to fundamental female reproductive issues. The least we can do is return the favor. … By implementing more intensive screenings before prescribing the medication and requiring outpatient educational services, we can do more to prevent the potential side effects linked to PDE-5 inhibitors."

In Illinois, state Rep. Kelly Cassidy sponsored an amendment to a bill forcing women to get ultrasounds before an abortion that would force men who want Viagra to watch a graphic video of the drug’s potential side effects.

In Virginia, state Sen. Janet Howell pushed an amendment to the state’s ultrasound bill that required all men seeking Viagra to get a rectal examination.

Not that they'll go anywhere (especially considering all the male-dominated state legislatures). We need to stand up and fight for our rights on such a grand scale that we put them back in THEIR place--that of sperm donors and little else--if we have any chance at all of holding on to what rights we still HAVE.

This whole situation has gotten so incredibly out of hand I can't believe it; something HAS to be done to stop the tide or women will be relegated back to barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen! Never thought I'd see this day's unquestionably, if not a war on women, a war on women's RIGHTS!


Friday, March 16, 2012 1:09 PM


        Shouldn't legislation help them with prostate cancer? Baldness and ingrown beard hair?
        How about therapy for Male Ego?



Friday, March 16, 2012 1:53 PM


Gettin' old, but still a hippie at heart...


therapy for Male Ego
Don't think it would help those who NEED it. Many don't, but the ego of these lawmakers...nah--drugs maybe. STRONG drugs...






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