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... lead to super impressed.

I've never watched a DC comic book show before, even the ones that were out before all the woke bullshit invaded everything. The CW stuff has always come off as super cheesy to me... Although I do admit that I really like The 100 and that The Vampire Diaries was a guilty pleasure of mine and was really glad that I stuck out the first few teen-angsty garbage episodes and didn't miss out on what ended up to be a pretty decent show.

I really like Luke Wilson and Amy Smart, and I was kind of shocked that they put a pretty white girl who takes good care of herself as the lead in a show (I didn't know we still do that in 2020), so I decided to give at least the first episode of Stargirl a shot. And then the next one, and the next one... until I had watched all of them.

I'm not going to say that this was the best thing ever made or anything, because I seriously doubt anybody could ever make that happen with a comic book property, and perhaps it was my extremely low expectations going into it that made me so impressed once season 1 closed, but I actually really, really liked it.

Like the movie The Hunt, Girl Power is shining here. It wasn't forced. It was entirely earned. Good writing, and some really good acting here. It's very easy to find yourself caring about the characters early on in the show. In particular, I really liked the scene how they handled making the Stargirl outfit Courtney's when it was made for an adult male. It was funny, and it wasn't demeaning to men (like Batwhaman), and I didn't even mind the tune in the background singing "A Girl's Gotta Do What a Girl's Gotta Do" while it happened.

There's no shitting on men in this show. There are bad guys and gals. There are good guys and gals. And like any GOOD modern piece of fiction, it's not always a clear line in the sand that stands between them.

Your mileage may vary, but outside of people who just absolutely hate comic book properties (which I've always been on the borderline of myself), I'd find it hard to think of somebody I wouldn't recommend this show to.

Hopefully it gets picked up for a 2nd season. It deserved it.

If it doesn't though, they also did a fantastic job wrapping it up to an acceptable conclusion. There's plenty of room for more story to tell here as long as the writing remains good and they can make some more interesting characters to fill any voids in the future, but if it doesn't get picked up for a 2nd season it's not going to make your head explode like Sarah Connor Chronicles did.






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