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Saturday, February 19, 2005 9:51 PM


My wife (Kansas) and I were at Wondercon in San Francisco today, and of course attended the Serenity panel featuring Joss, Nathan, Summer and Adam. It opened with a brief solo by Joss, in which he announced that his X-Men comic series will be continuing for a second year, and that the three-issueSerenitycomic book mini-series will have three variant covers per issue (a total of nine covers, one for each member of the family, so to speak.)

Then each of the others was brought out to thunderous applause. Nathan and Adam displayed their usual dry wit; Summer appeared almost painfully shy.

To our surprise we did not see the Serenity trailer; to our delight we were instead treated to an approx ten-minute excerpt from the film, a complete scene! Brethren and Sistren, it looks Gorram Good!; plenty of action, plenty of humor, tight direction, and a bit of personalized business for each character on-screen.

Warning! Spoilers follow:

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The scene opens with our BDH's riding in the hovercraft that has figured so prominently in the few publicity photos released so far. They pull what appears to be a bank job, with some delightfully comic violence from Jayne; River appears much more in control of her self and her abilities, and is definitely a trusted member of the team -- when she points out which of the captives is likely to cause trouble, there's an exchange of glances between her and Zoe that speaks volumes. This also gives Zoe the chance to offer a memorable definition of "hero".
At first the job appears to be heading south -- the loot ain't where it's supposed to be -- but the attempt at deception doesn't fool Mal, who uncovers the location of the real vault, Jayne supplying a noteworthy password.
Unfortunately, just as our BDH's are gathering up their ill-gotten loot, the Gorram Reavers choose to attack...

The rest of the panel was an extended question and answer period. All quotations following are approximate. Some of the more memorable questions gave Joss a chance to deny that he has a foot fetish, especially regarding Summer's feet -- ("It's not a fetish, it's just a hobby"); another query offered him an opportunity to deny that Buffy was inspired by Sailor Moon ("I have never seen Sailor Moon; for the record, I've never seen Cowboy Beebop, Blake's 7, or Red Dwarf either; however, Outlaw Star is my favorite of all the shows I don't watch.")

When asked what member of the crew he would play if not Jayne, and what changes he would make to the character, Adam chose Inara, and said he would go blonde in the role.

The panel ended memorably with a cell phone call to Nathan from Alan Tudyk, who was inquiring if the T-shirts he was supplying for the Browncoat raffle had arrived. This gave the audience a chance to howl greetings to everyone's favorite pilot/dinophile.

(Incidentally, Nathan later literally gave the raffle the shirt off his back -- suitably autographed, of course.)

Outside of a cast portrait mini-poster and some rather nifty movie logo buttons, the studio supplied no major promotional items, a rather glaring omission given that War of The Worlds was giving out both T-Shirts and baseball caps. Oh well, maybe when the release date gets a bit closer... It was left to the fans to fill the gap -- the Browncoat table in the Huckster's room had a number of interesting postcards, flyers, stickers, Blue Sun temporary tattoos, patches, and numerous other labors of love.

The Browncoat room afterwards showed episodes and held a raffle for a variety of related memorobilia. The "4 PM special appearances" boasted on the official Serenity Movie website didn't pull off -- the Browncoat staff I asked about it universally pulled a blank on the subject-- but in the end Joss did show up about 6:15 to pull the winning raffle tickets from the box. All proceeds went to Red Cross/Tsunami relief, an attitude Joss praised loudly. Sure made my wife and I feel better about not winning anything. Gorram it.

So -- who else was out there today?

"Hermanos! The Devil has built a robot! Andale!" -- Numero Cinco


Sunday, February 20, 2005 8:25 AM


I was there too. I was fortunate enough to get one of the tickets for the autograph session, which I will post pictures of shortly.

Kind of amusing, wasn't it, that the three people who won the raffle weren't even there? *grin*

"Sir, I would like to gingerly point out that it is difficult for someone to be gently reassuring when they're holding three and a half feet of sharpened steel."


Sunday, February 20, 2005 8:47 AM


And... here's the pictures.

Picture of my signed River Tam mix CD.

Signed handout poster from WonderCon.

"Sir, I would like to gingerly point out that it is difficult for someone to be gently reassuring when they're holding three and a half feet of sharpened steel."






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