New in this part o' the Verse - RP anyone?

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Monday, September 25, 2017 1:46 AM


Just, Pick YOUR gorram Star, then Follow IT!! I DON'T Care what you believe. Just Believe SOMETHING!! ~Anon

Hi, I'm Asteria

I've just joined tonight, and I was wondering if anyone here is interested in Role playing? I noticed that the RP forum here is somewhat dead. I believe the RP community I used to be part of was the "A Leaf On the Wind" Roleplaying community. I just remember liking the format of the community and was trying to find it, or ANY Firefly Roleplay forum for that matter, but I haven't been successful... I haven't actually got a specific story-line in mind, I could probably come up with a simple one if people want me to DM. I just came up with a Sa-weet character and am rather desperately wanting something to do with her.

I'll show y'all the character sheet I made so you'll know I en't just an RP'r wannabe:

Firefly RP Character – Companion

Name: “Asteria” Alamea Sunto
Age: 35
Occupation: Companion - Performer, Business Lady, and Cook

Appearance: Her most identifying feature by far is her flowing, midnight black, wavy hair. It has a dappled white streak starting at the top right of her part that winds gently to the end of her hair at the small of her back. It is what earned her the name “Asteria” as a performer, since it looks a lot like the Milky Way from whence we came. She has Earth-that-was “Hawaiian” skin color and facial features including wide “woodland” hazel eyes and luscious dark lips. Her favorite kind of dress for casual wear is a “Twist” dress and she has them in many colors and a variety of lengths. Her favorite of the twist dresses she owns is a long light-turquoise one with beautiful sapphire-like gems, of varied sizes, along the seams and corners of the fabric.

Personality: Alamea generally prefers to be called Asteria since it is her most widely acclaimed name, at least on the Core planets. She enjoys the fact that not all the Border and Rim planets know of her as a performer and uses her given name whenever she does venture out that far. However, family and her closest friends all call her Alamea. She loves reading, singing, dancing, and cooking as the activities she does most often. Yet, she is a thrill seeker as well, she enjoys and is good at hang-gliding, rock-climbing, snow sports, archery, acrobatics, and the martial arts including Krav-Maga, Karate, and Tai-chi. Though she does not specifically condone law-breaking, hers is mostly a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy, she remains discreet in a great majority of her business dealings. It is one of the many qualities that bring her clients back to her again and again. Any number of clients have requested that she become a personal companion, but Alamea prefers employment on private company and or Guild transport ships due to the varied nature of the jobs available in that capacity.
A quirk of hers is that she enjoys collecting small and somewhat rare stuffed animals once called “Beanie Babies”. She keeps her collection mostly in a small trunk and a few rotating favorites on a hidden shelf near her bed so as not to turn off her more intimate clients.

History: Xiaojie, a moon of Sihnon, is where Alamea grew up. She was born in the suburbia of a small city. She has seven siblings total, three elder and two youngers as well as two half-siblings. Her parents wanted her to be a doctor, lawyer, acupuncturist, or masseuse. After her parent’s divorce and subsequent remarriage between the ages of thirteen and fifteen, Alamea decided she wanted to become a Companion like her new Step-mother. Her mother was not entirely happy with this decision since she has rather more rigid and traditional views on sex and relationships than Alamea does. She convinced her father though that she was most interested in becoming a renowned dance and singing performer or chef than anything else. This and her Step-mother’s support led him to allow her attendance at the Academy as opposed to Ching Shian University.
At the Academy, Asteria excelled in most of her classes especially Music, Physical Education, Business Management, Cooking, and History. The History of Earth-that-was is of most interest to Asteria, but Politics is not. Though she was alright at science, Biology was her favorite it was more like a history of plants and animals than a mathematical endeavor. Having learned to be a Businesswoman at the Academy gets her plenty of… interesting clientele.

Asteria has enjoyed a prosperous and lucrative career. She fully repaid her father for the Companion Training within five years of becoming a fully Registered Companion. She may not be famous across the entirety of the wide verse, but most of the core planets know her name. Though she has enjoyed her fame and lime-light she does occasionally wish for a respite and while the Academy at Sihnon or even a prolonged visit with family is usually a good way to do that, she has had a growing wanderlust for some time. It is for this reason that she has recently decided to take a quieter job on a private ship. Any ship with a crew that is less likely to know of her illustrious career will do. She intends to tell the Captain her performance name to help reinforce her credentials, but will take a position as Cook or Businesswoman, depending on the ship, and require silence regarding that name with crew and any other passengers.


Monday, September 25, 2017 3:16 PM


I'm not into RPGs, but Welcome!


Tuesday, September 26, 2017 5:00 AM


Just, Pick YOUR gorram Star, then Follow IT!! I DON'T Care what you believe. Just Believe SOMETHING!! ~Anon

Thanks muchly MOOSE! Nice to meet'cha!!






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