What Types Of Tattoos would the crew of Serenity wear?

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Sunday, February 14, 2016 5:58 AM


Everybody Dies Alone.

So another member "G" i think it was, proposed that I do this question next for my Silliness type question threads that i've been doing. Which are inspired by the group on So this question is not to be confused with the question that "Mudd" posted about superstitions and sailor tats in the verse. This is just a fun little question about which types of tattoos you feel the crew of Serenity would wear. Here is my list.

1. Mal: None because to me I feel he doesn't believe in having them (The tattoo seen in "Trash" is Nathan Fillion's actual tattoo and he has said multiple times he actually hates it and wishes it was gone). I just don't feel Mal would be the tattoo getting type though I feel he would be like me and love girls with tats feeling it was sassy on chicks.

2. Inara: I feel she would have a tattoo of a dragon or some really cool oriental style tattoos that Mal would find sexy lol.

3. Kaylee: Something cute like Jewel Staite's actual unicorn or a little parasol tattoo or a flower. Maybe something on her ankle like a rose.

4. Shepard Book: Some sort of war tattoo (read Shepard's tale to see why this is my answer) or something that symbolizes what he did in his past but nothing present as his order wouldn't allow him to get any.

5. Jayne: Something wildly inappropriate like some really busty naked girl or something mildly classy but with a Jayne twist like a pinup in a way to sexual position.

6. Wash: A dinosaur or none

7. Zoe: Definitely a "war" tattoo. I feel she would have the independent's insignia tatted somewhere and maybe have a few tattoos. I also feel she would have full sleeves.

8. Simon Tam: Something Jayne gave him while he was passed out at some point

9. River Tam: Some Chinese symbol or Chinese Calligraphy.

This was actually really hard to do in all honesty. As for Mal, he's the only character I fully relate to 100% (Like Alan Tudyk and Wash). Aboard Serenity Mal is the only character that I feel is very much like me and I relate a lot to his decision making. So for Mal I sort of feel we would be alike on tattoos and think alike. Loving them on girls and other people but hating them on ourselves, or at least not knowing what we would want.


Sunday, February 21, 2016 3:07 PM


Jayne has one on his arm, and I think it's pretty perfect, it's a dragon and says "Ma" on it.

He loves his mommy :D
IF he didn't have that, I would expect something like barbed wire.

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