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Sunday, May 17, 2009 5:36 PM


A fellow browncoat who works in the states will usually throw me the following email every month..


The monthly answer to my questions about whispers for a Serenity sequel...or anything Firefly. He works in Chicago at a publicist firm. We met on a Chicago Bulls fansite when I inadvertantly dropped a Jayne quote a few years back and long distance mates..

He seems to have early word on what is going on in the industry...and more than once he has told me..
``Listen, I think its best we stop wasting our time with this.. We are just flogging a dead horse.''

And I listened. I stopped hoping, I stopped badgering people about the series and I stopped checking fan sites.. Till yesterday.

This was the email I got from him..


``Don't go overboard with this...but a window is opening up again.
Our boy Fillion is starting to break through.
People want to work with him... Seems to me that the right people are watching Castle and appreciating his work. If this keeps up, Serenity becomes bankable again and if Joss still cares, he has enough ammunition to take to Universal for a sequel, or vice versa, Universal have enough ammunition for at the very least, a discussion to come up about a sequel.

The DVD sales were never the issue...they were very strong...but what was missing from the first movie was bankability.. Unfortunately, idiots like you and me are more likely to see a film if it has a actor that we've heard of, like and respect.

Serenity, in 2005, had a cast of what I like to call `up and down B-Graders'..
When I say up and down...I mean some are on the way up to A, while others are on the way down from A or would never have been there in the first place.
Kudos to Joss because there have been many B-grade acted movies...but never have I seen a B-grade cast so wildly talented as Serenity.

And now you have a cast that not only impressed and had rave reviews...but have gone on and improved their names and bankability.

-Fillion becoming main-stream with spots in Lost, Desperate Housewives and now Castle are immense plusses.. Immense. The right people really, really like this guy.
-Summer was at her best in Terminator...and worked in a big sci-fi fanbase that further proved her ability to succeed in that industry with that kind of fanbase.
-Tudyk is a star...I've never met someone who has a bad word to say about him.
- The others continued on with stellar careers and earned new fans..

I'd still say this is 80% me getting too excited and too hopeful and 20% legitimate...but right now, 4 years after the best film I have ever seen was green-lighted.. The franchise is as best placed for a sequel as it will ever be.

Ive heard whispers more than just once and I know for a fact that there are people in the right places who havent dug a grave for us just yet.

I will keep you posted mate... Have a shrimp on the barbie for me!


Thoughts people....?

I really think now is the time to throw some weight around...organise another buy-up that will get firefly/serenity up the charts again..

I dont know about you guys, but this was some of the hope I needed this month.


Sunday, May 17, 2009 5:49 PM


that loud sound you hear??? It is my heart beating wildly... nice to read- thanks for sharing.

I hope Nathan's star continues to ascend... and I hope the 20% grows... keep us posted.


Sunday, May 17, 2009 6:07 PM


I think the only thing that was waiting to fall into place was whether Dollhouse would be renewed, and rumour has it that it will be.

I also heard TSCC is being renewed... If that's true, I guess paying for the rights of a movie franchise to produce a television series might be more profitable than everyone was thinking. Or Fox is hoping to bank on possible success of the new Terminator movie.

Either way, all good news. I'm crossing my fingers that maybe now that ventures are possibly more profitable, that Fox and Universal will start trying to work out the muddle of franchise rights between them, and maybe we'll get a slew of new stuff.


Sunday, May 17, 2009 6:22 PM


Thank you so much for sharing that email.

I've always believed we just needed time for our BDHs to become known.

I will continue spreading the word and wait for more good news.


Sunday, May 17, 2009 6:29 PM


In all honesty...I'd take ANYTHING right now..

But I think Mark is right.. the timing all fits.

Firefly the TV series does not seem as possible with everyone doing different things...but the chances of a mini-series or sequel seem pretty realistic and most importantly - Profitable. reply to his email went something like this..


ok... Excuse me for a second, Ive got something in both of my eyes.

Ok...ok...ok... Why do you do this to me man? I had almost killed off the addiction.. you are like a bookie offering free bets to get a gambling addict hooked again!



Sunday, May 17, 2009 6:31 PM


Does this fanbase have one final push left in them?

Another effort to get Firefly/Serenity back up the charts on ebay or amazon??

Now is the time!


Sunday, May 17, 2009 8:22 PM


We can hope it becomes more. If it looks real I think Browncoats from all over will come to hold the line.

And yes I have needed some hope for a while and this helps. Here I had thought our graves had been dig, we buried and a parking lot paved over.


Were I an Alliance citizen during the War of Unification I would have been an Alliance Patriot, but I would have run guns for the Browncoats. No I am not a greedy baby eating monster! Gunrunning would have been the patriotic thing to do.

Governments have a way of warping ideals.


Sunday, May 17, 2009 8:58 PM



Ok, wait........wait..........almost there........
still not yet..............Ok, I'm a little more in control now.

This is really great news, or, more accurately, great fan gossip. Best news I've heard in quite some time. A BDM or mini-series. Love both, cause I know a TV series may not happen, but nonetheless - still great news.

I thought, with the announcements of new series Castle and Dollhouse, and the renewal of Terimnator and Chuck last season, that our BDH would become more bankable for future projects.
Summer's appearance on TBBT, Nathan's spots on Graig Ferguson, all good signs. But this.....hoo boy - heart pounding - Wow.

Thanks BIB, for posting the 'hope.'

BTW, I'm really hoping for a mini-series, but a BDM or 2 would be met with gleeful joy as well.
A campaign would help, but we need good numbers this coming fall TV season. That will put it over for film projects next year.

Thanks again, BIB.

The ever hopeful SGGisall



Monday, May 18, 2009 1:00 AM


Operative: "Its worse than you know..." Mal: "It usually is."

This is a great booster, but I heard "Terminator" got the axe? Has anyone else seen it posted anywhere?

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Monday, May 18, 2009 1:21 AM


Although I am always ready for good news about FF/Serenity I think we must move forward cautiously.

Yes Nathan is widening his fan base with CASTLE ( I watch it too) and Adam is doing well with CHUCK. Christina Hendricks has been working steady and the word on the street is that Morena & Alan are slated to be in the upcoming “V” tv series on ABC. I would love to see our BDH on the silver screen again but I’m afraid that their star power isn’t quite there yet. What I mean is that I still feel that a bankable BIG name is still needed if we , the browncoats want more than just one more movie. Lets face it, will one more be enough?

Hell no gorramit!! We will always want more. There needs to be someone who will pull in the non-Nathan fans, or the non-Adam or non-Morena fans. I’m sure there are big name movie stars that would enjoy working with such a talented group of people like Ron, Jewel, Sean, Summer and Gina. One that comes to mind is Will Smith.

Mr. Smith seems to enjoy doing si/fi and I think he would be an excellent choice as a rival FIREFLY captain or maybe even a villain. Would Mr. Smith be interested or affordable? Good question, but I remember what Charlton Heston did for the PLANET of the Apes movie. I think that show may have bombed if it hadn’t been for his name plastered in big letters on theater marquees.

Anyway, though I’d love to see another BDM I think any interested investors may like to test the money making waters and I can think of nothing better than a tv mini series. Nathan and Adam and Joss could do a 3-parter and with the right kind of promotion I feel the Firefly franchise could be a bigger success than it ever was. These are just my opinions and what I’m saying is that I’d take more FF/Serenity in almost any form or fashion, but I’m not particularly fond of animation though, or 3D. I would much prefer the live action with our favorite actors.

Well thanks for the news BringitBack. It has brightened up my day.



Monday, May 18, 2009 1:33 AM



I’ve heard that Terminator, Castle & Dollhouse have all been renewed for another season. I haven’t heard anything about Chuck yet. I’m also posting a link to the gossip going around with the new “V” tv series on ABC. Morena & Alan both may appear ( Happy dance)



Monday, May 18, 2009 7:46 AM



Monday, May 18, 2009 11:25 AM


Thanks for the update V. The last I heard was that Terminator TSCC had been given another season. Guess I was misinformed.

Anyhoo, I’ve also seen posted on here that CHUCK is green-lighted for a third season which makes me happy because I like Chuck and Sarah and Casey is just a tad bit removed from Jayne ( personality wise I mean). So some of the tv shows I watch will still be around.



Monday, May 18, 2009 12:13 PM


I'm really happy about Chuck! And very disappointed about TSCC. :( I'll miss Cameron and John every week.

I think Dollhouse should be given a chance. I came to Buffy and Angel very late in the game (after watching Firefly). Both Buffy and Angel took awhile to get going. I think Dollhouse has that potential.


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Monday, May 18, 2009 5:51 PM


As much as I'd like to see another BDM I've only had pessimism and discouragement for the last several years.

Now this one comes through. Okay, cautious skepticism is in order. But through all that is that faint glimmer of hope, the greatest of all treasures. If the economics come through with the "suits" getting on board, it could really happen.

Please let it be so. Oh please let it be so.

We have The Whedon, the finest group of ensemble players assembled in a very long time (True, they weren't well know), and a need to eat sometime this month. That's plenty enough for the creativity to shine like a nova in the dark skies of standard Hollywood drivel.

Is this enough? I do so hope it is.


Tuesday, May 19, 2009 1:45 AM


May have been the losing side. Still not convinced it was the wrong one.

The logic seems sound. Nathan is on prime time tv, on one of the big 3, and is becoming a more familiar, and therefore more marketable, face. Could Joss use him to leverage a sequel? Sure. Will he is the question.

I gorram hope so!

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009 4:25 AM


I have a few thoughts on this.

1. I can't imagine ever giving up hope. There's no reason to is there? I mean the worst that happens is we don't get it, and that's not a good enough reason for me, not when the opposite end, the reward, is so gorram amazing.

2. I don't think we need to wait for the actors to get "bigger." The only crew members I'd seen before Firefly were Alan (who's been in a million things) and Jewel (who was in a show on Nickelodeon ten years ago that ran for 2 seasons). They're all taking off, though. I'd even say that they're on their way to being "big" names. I'd think that with all of those "on the way up"ers with so much promise (more than they had before at least), Fox or Universal would love to be able to cash in on it, take them all that extra step at once. Could YOU say no to the opportunity to have the breakthrough movie/series for 9 actors/actresses?

3. Whether or not the crew and Joss are willing is not a question. At least I don't think so. I have a very hard time believing that any of them would say, "Mmmm, no, I don't think I want to."


Tuesday, May 19, 2009 5:19 AM


I'd be really surprised if Firefly was resurrected, but it'd be awesome if it was. Film and television are the right mediums for it. Graphic novels/comic books are not.

I don't think TV's going to happen anytime soon, but a Serenity 2 movie's plausible. I know a LOT of people who became fans after seeing the movie on DVD, and who afterward bought the TV series also.

If there's a prequel, I want to see the civil war. Of course, that'd leave out most of the actors except for Nate and Torres--well, not necessarily left out as much as not required for the movie. Course, that'd also leave out the ship which ... yeah. Still, it'd be a cool story.

I'd much rather have a new story that takes place after Serenity. I'd miss Wash, but he could possibly still be present via some spiritual connection due to the telecommunication frequencies on the world where he died. That's how I'd bring him back if I was writing it anyhow. And for the fans, the villain would be someone from the TV show (a la "Wrath of Kahn).

If it was me, I'd have Niska put a bounty out for the heads of Mal and the rest of the crew. There'd be several people out for their heads including Jubal Early and Saffron along with several new characters most of which are easily disposed of but one who's on a level comparable with Early.

That's the movie I want to see.


Tuesday, May 19, 2009 1:47 PM


I think Joss has got to this stage with the franchise;

``I'll do it God, ofcourse I'd do it again...but they have to ask me..Im not chasing around anymore and getting my heart broken again.''

If Joss pushes that red button the crew will come back very, very quickly..
Think about this for a second. Would you pass up 50 days of `work' with guys like Nathan Fillion? Alan Tudyk? Ron Glass? Morena? Joss? Ofcourse you wouldnt!

Another bonus for Universal is that the actors have grown, but still won't cost them ridiculous Will Smith-type contracts. They will all come on reasonable deals.

Anything post-Serenity I would be happy with... With the help of an ever improving River, Mal and the crew investigate Blue Sun, dodge alliance and save an old friend.. What they uncover is more shocking than anything theyve dealt with before..

What we really need is some real, hard news to hit the web, rally the troops and show Universal exactly how much this fanbase has grown and what lengths we are willing to go to.


Tuesday, May 19, 2009 3:59 PM


At the Atlanta Browncoats meeting this past Sunday, I made the following comment:

"If a TV station were to broadcast Firefly now, same time every week and everything, I bet it would be a huge hit. There would be people going 'Wow this is a great show! How come no one thought of this sooner?'" Then there would be the rest of the world, who already knew about it, shaking our heads and laughing.