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Wednesday, October 22, 2008 2:22 PM


Life Onboard Serenity is a text based RPG, anyone can play anyone can join.

No killing of other author’s characters or of canon characters. In that vein, try to keep canon characters acting like themselves.

Please try to post with consideration for fellow authors and with some consistency to current story lines.

Sub-plots are great and we welcome them, but please try to make them fit into the current stories as much as possible.

Oh, and please keep things as close to PG as possible. If you have a more adult scene you'd like posted, post it as a spoiler.

NEW CHARACTERS WELCOME! but try to keep it realistic.
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Story so far:
Aiko has her suspicions of Ivy/Tommy; John senses her and winds up taking her to the Infirmary; 13 and Pain found Ivy/Tommy sleeping on the weight bench where they have an interesting conversation; Pain playfully threatens 13 to return Ivy/Tommy's blanket; Aiko finds herself in the Infirmary, winds up trying to shoot herself with Mal's gun, and is immediately doped up by Simon; a Mr. Cornwell is looking for Ivy/Tommy; Ivy has a conversation with Kaylee, but Kaylee can't get a word in edgewise until later; Wolf makes an appearance; Pain gets knocked off his feet while snacking on some grapes by Ivy/Tommy; Ivy/Tommy and Pain ignore 13 as Pain takes her to the Infirmary; After that Pain and Ivy/Tommy play a game of Go, Fish, which Pain loses and has to take Ivy/Tommy on a date; The Wolf wants to come home and Pain cheats 13 at Battleship; While on said date Ivy/Tommy get scared by a holo-minstrel and freaks out; After that, their date goes along well until 13 crashes it and has some words with Ivy/Tommy.

*takes a breath and continues*

Leaving 13 to pay the bill, Pain and Tommy play a game of Paint Tag, which Pain loses, but winds up getting to make-out with Tommy; Just as it's getting hot and heavy, 13 butts his nose in and winds up getting shot by Tommy; Upon returning to Serenity Pain finds out, via Mal and crew that Ivy/Tommy might be a Fed after Mal reads off the messages left by Mr. Cornwell; After she explains herself, Pain comforts her and they start to kiss again, much to 13's dislike; Leaving 13 to fume, Pain and Ivy leave for his room, which is where we continue our story.
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Pain's Bunk

Originally posted by EnglishIvy:
"Your bunk's nice," she said. "A lot bigger than I thought."

"Thank you." replied Pain with a smile, as he pressed a button on the control panel on the wall and locked his bunk's hatch. "You can attribute the sense of size to the fact that it's uncluttered."

He turned off the comm in his room and returned his attention to Ivy. As he walked over to her he smiled and asked, "So shall we continue where we left off?"

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008 3:23 PM




Originally posted by DRPAIN:
"So shall we continue where we left off?"

"I'm sorry about earlier."

"What you have to be sorry for?" Pain said as he stepped forward.

"The fed thing. I still don't think he believes me."

"The Captain?" Pain asked. She nodded slowly as she looked up into his eyes. "He's just jumpy. But if you have River on your side, he'll come along soon enough. He'll just need some convincing. Don't you worry none."


She grabbed onto his shirt near his waist and laid her head against his chest. He wrapped his arms around her. She looked up at him.

"Kiss me?"

Pain picked her up as they started the process of the long, slow kissing again. After a bit, she had her arms wrapped around his neck, holding on for dear life. They stumbled over to the bed and Pain not so gracefully sat down, pulling Ivy into his lap. The kissing intensified, her need starting to consume him.

He slid his hands under her shirt, tracing his fingers up her back, she shuddered a bit, until his hands hit a point about 1/3 the way up. He felt a ridge along her skin. She immediately stiffened up and pulled away, climbing off his lap.

"What was that?" he asked, standing up to meet her.

She tugged her shirt down nervously.

"It's nothing."

"Let me see."

"No, it's nothing."

"If it's nothing, then let me see."

She knew he wouldn't be persuaded to drop it. She almost wished Tommy was there to help her out, but Tommy was "dealing" with whatever that memory was that she kept trying to remember. She exhaled slowly, then turned around so he could look.

"I fell out of a tree when I was a teenager," she tried to explain.

Pain pulled up the back of her shirt to reveal four long scars that extended across her whole back.

"Tommy..." He said. "That don't look like something you'd get falling out a tree. That looks like-"

"It was a Cutlass Tree," she interrupted. "It's named after the swords. It has long leaves that are sharp enough to slice skin. I fell. Nearly sliced me to the bone."

"A tree did that?"

"Yes," she lied as she turned around to face him, pulling her shirt down again. "You've never heard of it?"

"No. Why would anyone keep one of those if they are so dangerous?"

"The fruit has medicinal properties. Like Aloe, it helps with burns, but is a lot better."


"Well, I should be going."


"I'm really tired. You wore me out," she said as she finally smiled again.

"Where are you gonna sleep?"

"Either the galley or in the common area downstairs. Whichever is more quiet. Sometimes, I have to switch halfway throught he night."

"Can't be too restful."

"I do my best. I don't have many options," she smiled and gave him a quick peck on the lips. "Thank you for tonight."

And she turned towards the ladder.


Wednesday, October 22, 2008 4:46 PM



Originally posted by EnglishIvy:
"Thank you for tonight."

And she turned towards the ladder.

"You're welcome." replied Pain, walking over to the control panel and unlocking his bunk's hatch. He smiled at her and said, "Can't get out if'n the door's locked."

"Thank you again." she replied smiling.

"You're welcome again." Pain replied, still smiling as he watched her climb up the ladder and leave. Just as she was halfway up the ladder, Pain called up to her, "Hey! Don't forget to call your friend from the bridge. I'm sure he'd very much like to hear from you." He thought of something else to say and said it with a grin, "Oh and if'n you get tired of dividin' your sleep between the galley and the common area, you're more than welcome to use my bed if'n you want. I can sleep on the floor with just a pillow and a blanket. Just a thought."

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008 5:48 PM


Grayson just got seated in his ship when a familar chime of an incoming wave sounded.

He answered it and was relieved to see Ivy there. She looked off the the side, telling someone thanks, then turned and focused her attention on Grayson.

"Ivy!" Grayson said, a wave of relief washing over him. "Thank God you waved. I was getting worried."

"We're fine Grayson, or rather I am fine. I've been feeling really good lately. Real strong."

"Are you? Are you really?"

"I'm doing good. I promise," she told him. Then she got a small smile on her face. "I've met someone, Grayson."

His face fell a little.

"You found someone? Are you OK with that?"

"I'm OK. He's really nice. Has a very gentle soul."

"But you're OK?"

"Yes. I promise."

"Tell me where you are."

"I'm on a ship. I finally got the nerve to leave my job and take up a more mobile one. I'll be selling botanicals to those who need it."

"I have to tell you, Ivy. That's a lot of change. I'm worried," he told her as he punched a few buttons. He frowned when he saw the location where she was waving from was being scrambled. "Your scrambling your source code. What is that about?"

"Just security. I'm fine. Hit a couple of bumps with some people here, but I think we're OK."

Grayson was getting a little more than alarmed.

"Ivy, I'd like to talk to Tommy."

"Tommy?" she asked. "Tommy's busy. Maybe she can wave you later."

"What do you mean busy. What is she doing?"

"I don't know really, but she's busy," Ivy told him. "Well I got to go. Getting tired. It's time for bed."

"Can't you tell me where you are?"

"Not now, I have to respect the Captain's wishes," she said. She smiled back at him. "I have to go. I'll wave again soon."

And then the wave was gone. He kept pushing buttons but the source code never came up.

"Gorram it. She's remembering," he said, dread filling his heart. "I have to find her."

He cleared himself for liftoff and headed towards the last place he had a location for her.


Wednesday, October 22, 2008 6:03 PM


Ivy sat huddled into a ball on one of the chairs in the galley’s common area. She had spent the good part of three hours there. She didn’t have her gun and she was feeling a bit on the vulnerable side. She was scared and she was exhausted. She jumped at every sound. She wrapped herself even tighter in her blanket.

Someone came in the room. She nearly jumped out of her skin but she hunched down in the chair as much as possible in order to stay hidden. It was male and he was getting a cup of coffee. She squinted to better see who it was. It was the Captain. Her entire body stiffened. She knew he still wasn’t convinced that she wasn’t a fed. She also knew she could have been very close to being harmed earlier.

Luckily, he left as soon as he got his cup. He hadn’t seen her.

This wasn’t doing her any good. She needed to sleep and she didn’t feel safe. She didn’t know what to do. Unless…

She got up and padded to the crew quarters. Stopping at the right bunk, she quietly opened the door, silently climbed down the ladder and closed it behind her. The lights were dim, but she could see Pain sleeping on the bed. Very quietly and with a stillness she never before possessed, she slipped onto the bed next to him, covered herself with her own blanket and clutched it tightly. Feeling safe for the first time that night, she quickly succumbed to sleep.


Thursday, October 23, 2008 11:29 AM


Pain's Bunk - 7 a.m.

The lights in Pain's bunk slowly turned on, doing their best to mimic a sunrise was they brightened. Pain blinked his eyes open and found a wondrous sight sleeping in his bed. He watched for a moment as Ivy's body rose and fell as she breathed before doing his best to slide out of bed without waking her up. Today was his turn at BD or Breakfast Duty, which explained why he woke up a 7:00 in the morning. He wondered to himself if they had any ingredients to make some huevos rancheros and hash brown shaped protein. He didn't know, but he'd check it out once he got into the galley.

Careful not to stub his toe on his foot locker, Pain quietly opened it up and put on a pair of pants over his boxer shorts. As he got dressed he paused, listening to Ivy stir. The captain would probably want to talk to him about her, probably in private in his room or on the bridge. Pain had just put on his shirt halfway when Ivy started to wake up.

"Mornin'." Pain replied with a smile as he pulled his shirt down. "Sleep well?"

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Thursday, October 23, 2008 12:20 PM



Originally posted by DRPAIN:
"Mornin'." Pain replied with a smile as he pulled his shirt down. "Sleep well?"

Ivy rolled from her side onto her back and stretched, with her arms high over her head and back arching. The hem of her sleep shirt rose a few inches, showing off her trim, flat stomach. She opened her eyes and saw Pain standing next to the bed and started, sitting straight up and pushing herself backwards at the same time.

"Sorry," He said. "I didn't mean to startle you."

She relaxed and chuckled at herself.

"Not you, I'm being silly. Wasn't awake all the way."

"I have breakfast duty, so I have to go up now."

"You cook?" she said as she yawned and took the time to stretch in another direction.

He just flashed a grin at her as she yawned again.

"You still tired?" Pain asked.

"A bit. I didn't sleep well," she said as Pain shot her a mock hurt look. "Well, I meant... I meant that I didn't sleep well out there. Slept like a rock once I came here."

"I'm glad. It was right nice waking up with you being here," he told her as she yawned again. "You want to just take your ease here? Get some more sleep? I could wake you up later."

"That'd be nice," she said as she closed her eyes and squirmed a little to get comfy.

Pain leaned down and gently kissed her, then left. When he got to the top, he turned to close the door, but not before hearing someone call his name. It was the Captain.

"Pain," he said curtly. "I need to talk to you... NOW!"

Pain closed the hatch to his bunk quickly and placed his fingers on his lips.

"Ssshhh! You're gonna wake her," he said without thinking.

That was not the right thing to say.


Thursday, October 23, 2008 2:01 PM


Fore Deck

"Not my problem, Pain." replied Mal in an unhappy tone. "You, me, my bunk, now. We've got somethin' to discuss."

"Yes sir." replied Pain. "But what about breakfast duty? I believe it's my turn to feed the crew."

"That can wait." Mal said, as he ushered Pain towards the hatch of his bunk. "I want to talk to you about Ivy."

Mal's Bunk

As the two men climbed down into Mal's bunk, Mal gestured to Pain to take a seat in the chair near the desk. Once Pain had seated himself, Mal closed the hatch and asked, "Pain? What do you think you're doin' galavantin' around with someone like Ivy, who just mayhaps be a Fed?"

Pain crossed his arms against his chest as he looked up at the captain and replied, "I believe it's called "gettin' to know" her, sir. That generally happens when two people are on a date."

"A date?" Mal asked Pain, ignoring the bigger man's sarcastic comment. "Do you plan on "datin'" all of our female passengers, Pain, or just the one's who might be Feds?"

"She's not a Fed, sir." Pain shot back, obviously angry.

"And you know that for a fact, Pain?" Mal countered. "Or does she have you wrapped around her finger tight enough that you're blind to the truth?"

"Sir? Pain asked, raising an eyebrow. "You goin' anywhere with this or are you just ventin' your jealousy towards my abilities to have a relationship with the opposite sex?"

The punch to Pain's jaw was a little unexpected, but his pigu managed to stay on the chair. Pain rubbed the spot where Mal's fist connected with jawbone and moved it from side to side. It was still in one piece, so either Mal didn't hit Pain hard enough or he wasn't intending on breaking the mercenary's jaw.

"I see you've been practicin'." Pain replied, rubbing his jaw and swallowing the blood that was in his mouth. He could've just as easily stood up and laid the captain flat out, but he chose not to. "So you goin' to use me as a punchin' bag or was this goin' somewhere?"

"What do you know about her, Pain?" Mal asked, flexing his fingers on the hand he used to punch Pain with. "Jeez that man's jaw's thicker than plas-steel. Gonna need an ice pack." he thought, as he put his hands behind his back.

"I know she's afraid of holo-minstrels, she's allergic to walnuts, she hates 13, and she's very agile." replied Pain, watching the captain trying not to grimace.

"Anythin' else?" Mal asked, looking at Pain.

"She's really good at Paint Tag, she's an excellent kisser.." Pain grinned at that part, but stopped as he noticed the captain giving him a cold stare. The grin vanished as he continued, "Um she has four long scars on her back."

"Where did she get those?" Mal asked.

Pain let out a sigh. He hated being interrogated, especially by the captain. He rubbed at his jaw again, then said, "Says she got them when she fell out of a Cutlass Tree when she was a teenager."

"Cutlass Tree huh?" mused Mal. "Never heard off it."

"Me neither, but that's what she said caused them." Pain replied.

"And you believe her?" Mal asked.

"It does sound a bit iffy, but what am I goin' to do?" Pain asked, somewhat frustrated. "Strap her to a lie detector and demand the truth?"

"It'd be a start." Mal replied.

Pain stood up, glaring at Mal, then asked, "Are we done here? I've got food to cook and people to feed. That can't be done if'n you're goin' to interrogate me like I killed the Prime Minister of Londinum."

"Yeah we're done." Mal said. Pain walked over to the ladder, pressed the button on the control panel, and was about to head up when Mal chimed in, "Pain?"

"Yeah?" Pain asked, gripping a ladder rung in one hand.

"You notice that she seems to act different from time to time? Like she's two people sharin' the same body?"

"Somewhat." replied Pain. As he started to climb up the ladder he continued, "I'll ask her about it when I get the chance."

Fore Deck - Heading to the Galley

He of course wasn't going to. At least not right away, but perhaps sometime down the road, after they got to know each other a little bit more. Right now though Pain had to round up some food for some hungry crew and passengers. He rubbed his jaw a bit as he walked into the galley and over to the pantry. The captain had been practicing.

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Thursday, October 23, 2008 5:18 PM


Ivy woke up and looked at the chronometer. It was nearly 9 am. She smiled and sat up. She felt good. Really good. She hadn’t slept that well in a while, but it was time to go. She stood up and wobbled a bit. She felt rested, but fuzzy.

She could still feel that there was something she was trying to remember.

I said, don’t look, Ivy.

“Whatever,” Ivy said.

She climbed out of Pain’s bunk, accidentally leaving her blanket behind. As she went into the galley, she grabbed a protein bar and ate it while she went down to her room. There she contemplated what to wear.

You can’t stay in your PJs all day.

“I’d like to.”

Wouldn’t everyone?

“That’s the truth.”

As she got dressed, she checked on each and every terrarium.

“What kind of plant would you think that Pain would like?”

Ugh! That stupid game again?

“It’s not stupid. It’s fun.”

It’s stupid.

“How about Strawberries? Maybe it will remind him of our date.”

You ate the strawberry, he didn’t.

“He could like it,” said Ivy as she picked a couple of the strawberries and slipped them in a napkin she had. “Let’s go find him.”

She stepped out of her room and she heard a ruckus coming from the cargo bay.

What’s that?

“I don’t know,” Ivy said as she started towards the bay, but she let her mind stray. “We have to thank Pain again for yesterday. It was a good night out.”

And the kissing wasn’t bad either.

Ivy laughed.

“You liked that too, didn’t you?”

Tommy snorted and changed the subject.

What is that sound? It’s like a game or something.

“Does sound like they’re having fun.”

As Ivy rounded the corner, she looked up and saw the hoop hanging from the ceiling. What she didn’t see was the person who collided with her, sending her flying onto the floor and the strawberries flying from her hand.


Thursday, October 23, 2008 7:54 PM


Cargo Bay

Jayne was running towards to hoop, ball in hand and ready to make a basket. He had plenty of energy from the food Pain had cooked earlier as did everyone else who was playing. What he didn't see was Ivy walking onto the play area talking to herself. The impact knocked the wind out of the man and sent the two sprawling onto the floor.

Jayne got to his knees as everybody who was playing stopped to gawk at what happened. Shaking his head he replied none-too-nicely to the downed Ivy, "What the gorram hell, woman? Watch where you're goin'. Can't ya see this is a play area or were ya just too busy talkin' to yourself to see that?"

"Jayne, be nice." called Kaylee, as she knelt down to Ivy. "She was just distracterated is all. Didn't know we were playin' Hoop Ball." She looked at Ivy and asked, "You okay? Jayne didn't hurt you did he?" She glanced at the strawberries littered on the floor and asked, "Who were those strawberries for?"

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Thursday, October 23, 2008 8:49 PM


"Strawberries?" Ivy asked. She put her hands up to her head, but didn't move from her position on the floor. "Owwww..."

"I love strawberries," Kaylee said cheerily as she picked up the two strawberries Ivy was carrying. She was trying to lighten the mood; Jayne hadn't been very nice.

"I was bringing them to Pain, don't quite remember why..." she said softly. "But I have more. You can have..."

Kaylee glanced over to Jayne who was just then getting his breath back. If they hit hard enough to knock the breath out of Jayne, then Ivy could be...

"Simon?" Kaylee called out to the young doctor.

"I'm fine," Ivy said as she started to get up. She managed to get back to her feet before her body betrayed her and sent her back down towards the floor. Kaylee caught her and sat her against a crate on the floor.

"Simon!" Kaylee called, more insistent. "She's hurt!"

Simon ran down the catwalk to Ivy's side.

"Ivy? How many fingers do I have up?" he asked as he put up 3 fingers.

Her eyes drooped a bit and Simon tapped her on the face a little to get her attention. Her eyes opened a bit, but he could tell things weren't quite right.

"How many fingers?" Simon repeated more forcefully.

"Fire..." she whispered as her consciousness started to fade.

"She's altered," Simon said. He called out to no one in particular. "Need some help over here!"


Friday, October 24, 2008 12:37 PM



Originally posted by EnglishIvy:
"Need some help over here!"

"What's wrong?" Zoe replied, rushing over to the doctor.

"Jayne ran into her. Hard." replied a worried Kaylee.

"She gonna be okay?" asked Zoe, helping Simon lift Ivy up by the shoulders.

"She appears to have a slight concussion. Won't know for sure until we get her into the infirmary and perform a scan." replied Simon as they carried her into the infirmary, and set her down in the exam chair.


Tilting the chair down so that it was at a forty-five degree angle, Simon hooked up Ivy to the monitors and passed a hand held scanner over her head, watching the monitors as he did so.

"Huh. That's strange." replied Simon as he stopped the scanner at a point on Ivy's head.

"What's strange, doc?" asked Zoe.

"There appears to be a previous skull fracture right here." Simon replied, moving the scanner and pointing to the monitor that displayed it. "It's healed, but it looks fairly recent."

"Just how recent is recent?" Zoe wanted to know.

"About two years give or take." replied Simon.

At that point Ivy started to blink her eyes open and stir. Simon put the scanner down and placed a hand on her shoulder, saying, "Lay back down please."

"Wha..what's going on?" she asked, somewhat foggy and confused. "Where am I?"

"You've suffered a slight concussion and are now in the infirmary." replied Simon. "I'm running a scan on you just to make sure a concussion is all you have. I'll have to ask you to stay here for the night just to be sure though."

It was around that time that Pain strolled past the infirmary, Ivy's blanket tossed over his right shoulder. He had found it on his bed and was about to return it, when he caught a glimpse of Ivy in the infirmary, surrounded by the doctor, Kaylee, and Zoe.

Pain made his way inside and asked, "What's goin' on here?" Holding one of Ivy's hands in his, Pain asked the doctor, "Why is she here?"

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Friday, October 24, 2008 1:27 PM



"What's goin' on here?" Holding one of Ivy's hands in his, Pain asked the doctor, "Why is she here?"

"She didn't see the Hoop Ball game going on," Zoe said. "Walked on out and got plowed by Jayne."

"Damn girl was talking to herself," growled Jayne as he came inside.

"Jayne," warned Kaylee.

"Anyhows, didn't see her until the last second. I couldn't stop."

"I-I'm sorry," Ivy offered. "Just heard a ruckus and didn't know what it was."

"No need to apologize," Pain answered, glaring at Jayne.

Simon walked around everyone and had to maneuver a bit to get close to his patient before shining a light into her eyes. Ivy cringed a bit and squeezed Pain's hand.

"Eyes are equal and reactive," he turned around and nearly ran into Kaylee. The infirmary was a little congested, it already had a patient from earlier. Aiko was still drugged and laying on the side bed. He stopped and took a light breath. "OK people. Anyone here who is not the patient needs to leave. It's too crowded. I need space to work."

Jayne grunted and disappeared. Kaylee nodded and went out to sit down outside the door.

"Call if you need me," Zoe said as she left the room.

Simon looked at Pain.

"Not leaving her, Simon," he said, resolve evident in his face.

Simon nodded, knowing Pain wasn't going to be pursuaded. Simon went about his work and a few minutes later, announced his prognosis.

"It's just a concussion. You'll have a headache for a couple of days, but you'll be OK," he said. "I was worried there for a second when I found the skull fracture, but I'm not now. I do want you to stay here for the night though."

"Skull fracture? Jayne fractured her skull?" Pain asked as he looked down into Ivy's face with concern. "You OK, darling?"

"I-I'm fine," Ivy told him, smiling a bit.

"It's old Pain. Already healed up," Simon assuaged him. "But I'd like to get some history on it, just in case."

"I'd like to know about that too," a voice came from the doorway. It was the Captain, with Zoe standing behind him. "Seems you have some storytelling to do, Ivy."

Ivy squeezed Pain's hand again. The Captain scared her. She was sure he wasn't convinced yet of her innocence. She didn't know what to say, but this time, Tommy was available.

Her eyes narrowed at the Captain.

"Tractor accident. I was at home doing some Harvest-time work for my Dad," Tommy explained as if what she was saying was truth and she'd told it a million times before. "Wheels got hung up on something and I was thrown. It was a rocky area."

"Your crop lands were rocky?" Mal asked as he stepped forward, disbelief plainly evident on his face.

"Was between the barn and the fields," Tommy retorted, jaw setting. "Never got all the way there."

Mal and Tommy stood staring each other down.

"Who are you anyway? Really?"

"She's hurt. That's who she is right now," Simon spoke up. "Berate her some other time. She needs to rest."

Mal shot Simon one of those 'don't-tell-me-what-to-do-on-my-boat' looks, clenched his jaw and looked back at her.

"We're not done," he warned. Then he briskly left the infirmary.


Friday, October 24, 2008 4:20 PM



Pain remembered that he had her blanket draped over his shoulder, smiled at Ivy and said as he took it off his shoulder, "Seein' as you're goin' to be here for the night, I thought you might need this." Pain handed Ivy's blanket over to her and continued, "Saw it on my bed and thought you might might've forgotten it."

"Thank you," Ivy replied with a smile. Still smiling, she asked, "So you're really stayin' here to keep me company?"

"That's the plan." replied Pain, returning her smile with one of his own. "Except I'll probably have to leave at some point to get you food or answer the call of nature. But beside those things, yes I'm goin' to be here with you."

OoC: I wish the others were here. This would be a lot more funner.
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Friday, October 24, 2008 4:59 PM


*A little bundle in one of Aiko's pokets, hidden by the robe, wriggled a little. Aiko comes to, roused by the movement, and covers it with her hand to hide it. At that moment, Simon turns around, and sees that she's awake*

Simon- "Hello. Do you feel any pain? Groggyness? Dizzyness?"

Aiko- "No pain, no groggyness, not anything. I'm fine."

*She moves to get up, but has to clutch the edges of the side bed to prevent falling over. She gently moves herself back down on the side bed and lays down*

Aiko- "Or maybe not...."

Simon- "Yes, I think you had better stay in bed for a while. You took a hit to your head, and you have a mild concussion, which is why you're feeling the way you are now. By the way, do you know what happened to cause your attack?"

*Aiko suddenly remembered everything, in a flash. She panics for a bit- how much did they know, or spectulate? What would they do to her?

Her brain then kicks in. She reckons it would be better to play dumb, since she has no idea what's going on in Simon's brain right now, and it's always a stupid move to act guilty in the face of unsurity.*

Aiko- "I had an attack?"

Simon- "Yes, an attack. I'm not surprised that you don't remember, those kinds of panic attacks tend to induce mild short-memory damage. I'll ask you a few questions, to try to determine the source of the attack, so we can prevent more from happening."

*Aiko's heart plunges into her stomach. He seemed innocent enough, but she was in no condition to come up with expert lies, and his questions could lead in directions that she really didn't want to go in.*

Aiko- "Alright... ask away, I'll try to answer"

Simon- "What was your last memory?"

Aiko Kitahoshi, passenger aboard the LoS, frequently awol due to the phenomina that is rl.


Friday, October 24, 2008 5:36 PM



Originally posted by LeopardFlan:
Simon- "What was your last memory?"

Tommy turned to Pain. She hadn't left since the Captain was there. She was determined to stay awake and stand ready for his return.

"It's a little too busy in here," she whispered. "I don't want to be down here if the Captain decides he needs to interrogate her too."

"But Simon said you should stay," Pain told her.

"I can't rest like this. Too much hustle and bustle," Tommy said, giving Pain puppy dog eyes. "Can't we go back to your bunk? I liked it there."

"Simon said..."


Pain could feel himself relenting. She was very persuasive.

"Simon?" Pain called out before he had a chance to continue with Aiko.

"Hmmm..?" Simon half answered.

"What do I need to do if she leaves the infirmary?"

"Leaves the infirmary?" Simon said turning around. "No. No. She needs to stay."

"You have another patient to take care of. just tell me what I need to do."

Simon sighed in defeat.

"When she falls asleep, you'll need to wake her up after two hours. If she doesn't you call me immediately," Simon instructed. "Where will you be?"

"My bunk," Pain answered.

Simon raised an eyebrow at Pain.

"Your bunk?"

Pain flashed him a grin.

"Is that all?" Pain asked him.

"No. She might have some confusion when you wake her up. There is a very common condition called Anterograde Amnesia. It's when there are problems with creating new memories after the injury has taken place," Simon explained. Pain must have looked a little too alarmed, so Simon continued. "Like I said it's very common. I definitely want to see her back here in the morning."

"Thanks Doc. Sorry to interrupt you and all."

"Go on before I change my mind," Simon told him as he turned his full attention back to Aiko. "Sorry, Aiko. What was your last memory?"

Very carefully, Pain picked Ivy up and started towards his bunk.


Friday, October 24, 2008 6:17 PM


Pain carried Ivy on his back in a piggyback fashion, her head resting on the back of Pain's neck, as he made his way up the stairs near the infirmary and through the aft deck. They passed through the galley, getting looks from those who were there. 13 glared at Ivy as Pain stopped at his bunk and popped open his bunk's hatch. The Bot Boy's hands curled up into fists as he watched Pain and Ivy descend into the bunk, but did nothing as the hatch to Pain's bunk closed.

Pain's Bunk

Pain climbed down the ladder with Ivy still on his back. As his feet touched the floor, he walked over to his bed, turned around and knelt to the floor, letting Ivy sit on his bed.

Standing up, Pain helped her lay down in his bed. With a smile on his face as he set her blanket beside her, he knelt down again and asked, "So. Is there anythin' I can get you?"

WWJD: What Would Jayne Do?


Friday, October 24, 2008 6:54 PM



Originally posted by DRPAIN:
"So. Is there anythin' I can get you?"

"Ummmm..." Tommy said as she thought. "I think I'm good... Wait... I forgot my pajamas. Sleeping in my day clothes won't be comfortable. I feel silly for forgetting."

"Well, you just had your head about knocked off your shoulders," Pain told her. "A little forgetfulness is warranted."

"Oh, don't worry about it. I'll just make due with what I have on. Trying to explain where they are might be hard. I have plants everywhere. You might go in and never come out," she said with a really warm smile. "I should have just stayed in my PJs earlier. I'll be fine."

"I could lend you one of my T-shirts," Pain offered.

"That'd be nice."

Pain fished out a shirt and handed it to to her.

"Do you... uh.. need help?"

"I think I can manage."

"You thirsty? I'll go up and get us something to drink. Give you some privacy."

"OK. And I promise, while you're up there, I won't try to do any cartwheels or nothing."

"Better not," he grinned as he hopped on the ladder. "I'll be right back."


Friday, October 24, 2008 7:27 PM



Originally posted by EnglishIvy:
"Better not," he grinned as he hopped on the ladder. "I'll be right back."

"OK." Tommy replied, watching as Pain disappeared up the ladder and closed the hatch behind him.


After Pain had closed the hatch to his bunk to let her change, he walked over to the sink and grabbed two glasses. As he was rinsing them out, 13 strode over and asked, "So, What's she doing in your bunk, Pain?"

"I believe it's called restin' after sufferin' a concussion." replied Pain as he filled the glasses with water, one by one.

"Why can't she do that in the infirmary?" 13 asked, prying for answers.

"Because the doctor is busy with another patient who he needs his attention more than she does." replied Pain, giving 13 a smile. "'Sides the doctor didn't seem to have any trouble in lettin' me take Ivy off his hands."

"Sure he didn't." replied a none-to-convinced 13 as he watched Pain head off back to his room. As Pain opened his hatch, bracing the two glasses of water between his chest and right arm, 13 said to himself, "She might have you under her spell, Pain, but I'm going to crack that nut and break her hold on you, if it's the last thing I do."

Pain's Bunk

As Pain finished climbing down the ladder, he closed the hatch from the control panel and looked at Ivy now wearing his T-shirt. As he walked over to her, he smiled and said as he handed her a glass of water, "You look very cute in that shirt, darlin'. I didn't know what you wanted, so I just got you water. Hope that's alright."

WWJD: What Would Jayne Do?


Friday, October 24, 2008 8:49 PM


"Water is just fine," Tommy said as she took the glass from him. She swallowed half of it down, then placed in next to the bed. "You have lunch duty today too?"

"Nah. Lunch is a serve-yourself thing. Why, are you hungry?"

"No. I was just wondering if you were going to need to leave."

"I said the plan was to stay with you."

"Captain won't mind? Don't you have things that need done?"

"I'm good."

"So you're gonna stay here?" Tommy asked.


"Whatever will we do?"

"You are going to rest," Pain said as he pulled back the covers on the bed and nudged her underneath them. He sat on the edge of the bed. "Now lay your head down. Does it hurt any?"

"Pain killers Doc gave me are doing their job," she said. That's when she noticed the slight purplish haze on his jaw. She ran a finger softly across it. "What happened there?"

"Captain and I had a discussion. Nothing for you to worry on."

Tommy sat up, a little too fast and winced a bit.

"It was because of me, wasn't it?"

"It's nothing for you to worry on," Pain repeated as he gently eased her head back down onto the pillow. "Now you need to rest."

Tommy frowned and Pain leaned down and gave her a quick kiss.

"It's nothing," he reassured her as he looked into her eyes.

He was about to sit back up when her arms wrapped around his neck and she brought her lips to his.

This was not the long slow kissing they had been doing recently, it was different. It reminded Pain of the Paint Tag course.

He broke away from her briefly.

"Should we be doing this?" he asked. "You're hurt..."

"Shut up and kiss me," Tommy said softly as she launched an all out assault on his mouth.


Saturday, October 25, 2008 11:24 AM


Pain's Bunk

As their tongues fought for dominance over each other, a part of Pain's conscience, which sounded a lot like 13, told him that what he was doing was wrong and was demanding he break it off, while the other part, which sounded like Jayne, tried shutting the 13 part up. It was a grueling internal struggle that was reaching a stalemate.

"I shouldn't be doin' this." Pain whispered, as both his and Tommy's lips broke contact momentarily. "You've suffered some head trauma and need rest."

"What part of "shut up and kiss me" did you not understand, Pain?" whispered Tommy, pulling Pain's head back down and locking her lips with his.

As Pain's hands explored Tommy's body and his tongue explored her mouth, his conscience waged a bloody war with itself, both sides losing vast numbers in attempt to dominate Pain's reasoning skills. In the end it was the 13 part of his conscience that won or at least Pain thought so, as he was separated from Tommy's lips and thrown across his room by the real 13.

As Pain hit the wall 13 turned to Tommy and with a menacing finger pointing at her, he said in a seething manner, "Succubus! Vile Hell beast of Satan! Get thine claws out of Pain and banish ye spell doth cast on him!"

"What the ruttin' hell?" Pain asked, rubbing the back of his head. "How in the rutt did you get in here, Bot Boy?"

"That's not important right now, Pain." replied 13, still glaring and pointing at Tommy. Returning his attention to her, 13 continued, "What is important is who she IS and what her intentions ARE. So! Just who are you, Tommy?" A smile pursed 13's lips as he added, "Or should I say, Ivy?"

"What in the gorram hell are you talkin' about, 13?" asked Pain as he got up to his feet.

"She's two different peas in the same pod." replied 13. "Isn't that right, Tommy?"

WWJD: What Would Jayne Do?


Saturday, October 25, 2008 12:04 PM



Originally posted by DRPAIN:
Pain's Bunk

"She's two different peas in the same pod." replied 13. "Isn't that right, Tommy?"

“You don’t have permission to call me Tommy. I told you that before. Only friends get to call me by my nickname and so far, you have been nothing resembling one,” Tommy told 13. “And two peas in a pod? What are you rutting talking about?”

“Am I talking to Tommy or Ivy?” 13 asked.

“13, what are you talking about? Have you finally popped a gasket?” Pain asked a little more than irritated at the intrusion.

“Am. I. Talking. To. Ivy. Or. Tommy?” 13 asked very slowly, his eyes trained on Tommy.

“Both of us, you dolt!” she answered, eyes burning with fire.

13 smiled smugly thinking he had caught her admitting she was two people.

“See, Pain? I was right!”

“Of course, you are,” Tommy said as she calmed down, resting her head on the pillow. “As far as I know, I am the same person whether you call me Ivy, Tommy or anything else. Ivy is the name my folks gave me. Tommy is the name my friends did. Still the same person.

“Aren’t you the same… person… whether you are called 13 or ‘Bot Boy’?” she continued. “I could ask you the same thing. Which one am I talking to? The 13 who is Pain’s friend? Or the bot boy currently known as Jackass?”


Saturday, October 25, 2008 5:32 PM



Originally posted by EnglishIvy:
“Aren’t you the same… person… whether you are called 13 or ‘Bot Boy’?” she continued. “I could ask you the same thing. Which one am I talking to? The 13 who is Pain’s friend? Or the bot boy currently known as Jackass?”

"Sticks and stones would break my bones if I had them, but names nonetheless still don't hurt me." replied 13. "Now." he said strolling over to the Cortex screen on the wall and standing next to it. "If Tommy really is your nickname and not a split personality, then would you care to explain this?"

He placed a hand near the screen and it immediately flickered on. Showing on the screen was last night's incident in the cargo bay, taking directly from 13's memory. He fast-forwarded it the precise point in time where she handed Mal her gun and let it play.


Ivy nodded and took her pack off her back, reached in and shakily handed the gun to Mal.

"I don't like guns..."

The image froze as 13 said, "I find that particularly amusing, considering the fact that YOU SHOT ME IN THE CHEST!!" He lowered his voice down to normal and continued, "So, Tommy, or should I say Ivy? If you don't like guns then why own one in the first place, hmmm? Or is it that Ivy hates guns, but you, Tommy, like them?"

WWJD: What Would Jayne Do?


Saturday, October 25, 2008 6:16 PM


Tommy swallowed hard.

"Of course, I don't like guns," she said. "But out here on the Rim, they are kinda a prerequisite. I told Pain earlier that night that a girl can't be too careful nowadays. It's a precaution."

"She did say that 13," Pain affirmed.


"Oh, pllllllleeease!" Tommy exclaimed. "Like it was going to hurt you at all. I already knew what you were. And if you turn your little memory recorder back to a couple of seconds before that, you would have known that. Better yet, why don't you do just that?"

"What?" 13 asked.

"Rewind yourself on that handy dandy cortex window to the seconds right before I shot you."


The picture came up...

Originally posted by DRPAIN:
All was going fine and dandy until a familiar voice shouted, "HARLET! RUINER OF GOOD MEN! UNHAND THEE MERCENARY, YOU WRETCHED WENCH!"

They both broke off their kiss to glare at the trenchcoated 13 who was pointing at Tommy with an accusatory finger.

Pain muttered something in Chinese and whispered to Tommy, "You want to shoot him or should I?"


Originally posted by EnglishIvy:
"You sure he's a robot?"

"Painfully sure."

"Shooting you doesn't count. It's not like you were a real person-" Tommy paused and closed her eyes. The buzzing in the back of her head was loud. She needed to get this line of questioning done and 13 out of the bunk. She swallowed hard and took in a deep breath.

"You OK, darling?" Pain asked stepping closer.

"I'm fine," Tommy said. She turned her attention back to 13. "It's not like you are a regular guy. Bullets don't hurt you."

"That's for sure," Pain said. "If she didn't, I thought about doing it myself. But then again, most of the crew has put one in you at one time or another."

"So my shooting you is not an uncommon occurance here on the ship?" Tommy questioned.

13 glared at Tommy, but couldn't dispute her observation.

"I want you to leave," Tommy told him. "I'm tired now and I need to rest."


Saturday, October 25, 2008 6:32 PM


Pain's Bunk

Originally posted by EnglishIvy:
"I want you to leave," Tommy told him. "I'm tired now and I need to rest."

"You haven't heard or seen the last of me." 13 replied, moving towards the ladder. As he climbed up it, he continued, "I'll get you and your little dog too sooner or later."

As the hatch to Pain's bunk closed, Pain walked over to the control panel and locked it. He then sat down next to Tommy and said as he wrapped an arm around her shoulder, "I apologize for him, baobei. He's usually not like this. Maybe he's got a short circuit, popped a gasket, or somethin', I don't know. All I know is he hasn't been actin' right since we went on our date."

WWJD: What Would Jayne Do?


Saturday, October 25, 2008 8:32 PM


Tommy was relived to see 13 disappear through the hatch of Pain's bunk. She had some damage control to do. That last line of questioning had brought her WAY too close to some truths that Ivy probably wouldn't be able to handle.

Don't think, Ivy, Tommy thought. Don't look. I'll handle everything. You know I'll take care of you.

Tommy could still tell that Ivy was still trying to sift through the fog though.

I will protect you, Ivy. Don't think and don't look, Tommy reiterated. Then in a move she had never used before, she made a leap of faith and trusted someone else to keep Ivy safe. Focus on Pain; he'll keep you safe. I won't be far.

And Tommy disappeared again, leaving Ivy in the open.

"This has not been my best day," Ivy said as a tear slid down her face. "I don't understand why I have made them so angry. Both the Captain and 13. Am I gonna get threatened by someone else next?"

Pain pulled her close to him.

"Not if I can help it," he reassured her as he leaned down and kissed her.

She ran her fingers through his hair and returned the kiss and kept kissing.

It was the slow, hot kisses from the cargo bay after the first confrontation with Mal. The ones that made his brain lose function and fire burn deep inside.

Before he could even think, he was lying in the bed with her and everything outside of his bunk had faded away.


Sunday, October 26, 2008 8:07 AM


WARNING: PG-13 Ahead.

Pain's Bunk

The kissing led to touching, the touching led to groping, that groping led to clothes being taken off, which then culminated in two fleshes becoming one, as Pain and Ivy got to know each other really really well. Time became meaningless as they explored each others' wants and desires.

90 Minutes later

They laid in Pain's bed exhausted, but very well relaxed. Ivy was resting on her right side as Pain watched over her, admiring her body. He ran a hand lightly over her shoulder and down her arm, fingers tracing her curves, as his eyes focused on the four scars on her back. He made a note that the scars from the Cutlass Tree looked an awful lot like whip marks, but then some rashes tended to look like rope burn.

Pain placed the note in the back of his head as he felt his eyelids get droopy. He snuggled up to Ivy, kissing her neck as he wrapped an arm around her stomach, before closing his eyes and going to sleep. He knew they'd miss lunch, but he wasn't hungry. Ivy had saw to that. Pain just hoped that in a few hours time, when he woke up to check on her, that Ivy would welcome an encore performance.

WWJD: What Would Jayne Do?


Sunday, October 26, 2008 4:26 PM


Ivy was running. Running for her life. Her thigh muscles burned, her arms ached, but she kept going. Heat pressed at her back before engulfing her from all sides. She was out of breath and the heat made it worse, but it didn't deter her from running faster.

BANG! The sound of a shot reverberated through her head.

Ivy startled, hard enough to wake Pain.

"Bao bei?" he asked. He could feel her breathing hard and the light sheen of sweat on her skin.

He looked at her closely. She was still asleep. He looked over to check the time only to discover it had been three hours since they had fallen asleep. He was supposed to have woke her an hour ago! He nudged her a bit.

"Darling? Wake up," he whispered into her ear. She startled again and he got a little alarmed. "Tommy! Wake up!"

Her eyes flew open and she surveyed the room frantically. A look of confusion covered her face. She looked over at Pain and searched is eyes.

"Bao bei?" he asked. "You allright?"

Suddenly the light of recognition dawned in her eyes.


"Yep. It's me," Pain confirmed as she launched herself into a tight embrace, holding onto him for dear life. "You Ok? Want I should call the Doc?"

"It seemed so real..." she whispered.

"Bad dream?" he asked. She nodded. "You wanna talk about it?"


Pain wrapped his arms tightly around her and gave her a kiss.

"Sure you are OK?"

"I'll be fine," she said as she exhaled, shaking off the residual affects of the dream. She looked over at the chronometer. "What time is it?"

"Three o'clock."

"We missed lunch," she said as she giggled and started to draw lazy circles on his chest with her fingertip.

"Are you hungry?"

"No," she said as she tilted her head up to kiss him. "At least not for food."


Sunday, October 26, 2008 4:49 PM


PG-13 Ahead again.

Pain's Bunk


Originally posted by EnglishIvy:
"No," she said as she tilted her head up to kiss him. "At least not for food."

"I think we can do somethin' about that." Pain said suggestively, giving her a kiss.

He rolled onto his back, pulling Ivy on top of him. Their foreheads touched as they smiled at each other and kissed again. They gazed into each others' eyes momentarily, Pain's hands resting on the small of Ivy's back. She gave him a quick peck before sitting up and resuming the fun they had a few hours ago.

WWJD: What Would Jayne Do?


Sunday, October 26, 2008 5:38 PM


River sat in the pilot's seat, expertly overseeing the ship's controls and instrumentation. She had to be getting close. She glanced at the thermography screen: nothing, merely the deathly cold, unfathomable vacuum of space. She had incorporated the possibility that her target's vehicle might have sustained damage leading to a cascade failure of critical systems in her assessments of her improvised operation's possible outcomes. The likelihood of such a scenario coming true was growing hard to disregard. And yet, she would not renounce. This man, drifting at the mercy of the continuous flow of ions that pervaded the solar system, was a powerful figure, the type of social fixtures nations swiveled around. She knew he was no savior, his time had been permeated with loss, anger and death. But the chance for redemption nonetheless remained, and for that reason alone, he was worth spending a few hours sifting through space trash for.

An audible cue notified her that the thermographic imager had picked up on something. She looked over at the monitor. A pocket of room temperature emissions, roughly three meters in length, starkly visible against the cold, dead background of space. Her lips curled up in a smile. She had him. She flicked on the LIDAR, keyed in the XYZ coordinates from the thermographic imager, and set the monitor to relay images from the LIDAR array. There it was. A standard issue emergency survival module. It had sustained some measure of damage, but the hull's integrity didn't seem to have been compromised, and the fact that it was still radiating heat implied that life support was still operational.

She stood up, beaming her brightest smile, and walked over to the intercom.

"Captain, we have a wolf at the door."

BigWolf18 "Way i remember it, you said you was leavin', dare say that saved us a whole peck o' trouble. now i gotta wonder what could spur on a fine disreputable man like yourself to show your fine disreputable face here again."


Sunday, October 26, 2008 5:48 PM


Ivy fell exhausted onto Pain's chest.

Her head was throbbing. Being with him that way was probably not the best thing for her head, but it was good for everything else.

She rolled off him and put her hands on her forehead.

"If it wasn't for the massive headache that accompanies a concussion, I would sign up for one more often to get this kind of attention."

Pain rolled onto his side and rested his head on his hand. His hand sprawled across her stomach.

"You mean men aren't knocking down the door for you?"

Ivy blushed.

"Let's just say, it's been a while."

"Their loss is what I say."

Ivy gave him a playful kiss.

"Could you do me a favor?" she asked.


"Get us some drinks? Maybe a couple of protein bars?"

"Would that mean I'd have to get up?"

"Sorry to say that it would be a requirement,"
she laughed as she turned to face him. "Either that or we could comm 13 to fetch us some. I'm sure he ain't far."

"Somehow I think he might kill the mood."

"Or just me," she said. She ran her foot up the side of his leg as she gave him a pouty look. "Will you fetch me something so I can keep up my strength?"


Sunday, October 26, 2008 6:32 PM



Originally posted by EnglishIvy:
"Or just me," she said. She ran her foot up the side of his leg as she gave him a pouty look. "Will you fetch me something so I can keep up my strength?"

"That means I'll have to get dressed and I was havin' so much fun bein' naked with you." Pain said, smiling at Ivy as he got out of bed.

Ivy batted her eyelashes and pleaded, "Pretty please? I'd be very happy if you got me something to eat."

Pain smiled again and said, "How can I resist a cute, pouty, naked girl in my bed."

He slipped on his boxers and pants as Ivy watched. Pain then walked over to the control panel and hit the unlock button. Giving her a wink and a smile, he headed up the ladder and into the fore deck, closing the hatch behind him.

It only took him a few minutes to obtain the half dozen protein bars and two glasses of water. He opened his bunk's hatch and climbed down, the glasses of water being held to his chest, while the individually wrapped protein bars were placed in his pants pockets.

As he closed the hatch and locked it, Pain handed Ivy one of the glasses and three of the bars. He placed his three protein bars in his mouth and undid his pants, letting them slid down around his legs.

Getting back into bed with Ivy, Pain took the wrapped protein bars out of his mouth, smiled and said as he set his glass of water on the ground, "Hope that's enough for you. I would've grabbed some more, but everyone in the galley was givin' me odd looks."

WWJD: What Would Jayne Do?


Sunday, October 26, 2008 7:05 PM



Originally posted by DRPAIN:
As he closed the hatch and locked it, Pain handed Ivy one of the glasses and three of the bars.

Ivy took the glass, but nearly dropped it. Pain looked down at Ivy to see her fighting to keep awake.

"You're exhausted," Pain observed. "You haven't gotten a whole lot of rest in."

"Sleepy," she agreed. "You've worn me out. But in a good way."

She took a drink and handed the glass back to Pain. He had barely gotten it put back on table, when he saw that she had already drifted off. He gently took the protein bars from her hand and set them next to the glass.

He chugged his water, set his own protein bars down and settled himself under the covers, gently pulling Ivy close to him.

His owns eyes started to grow heavy when a loud knock on his bunk door sounded. He heard the voice yell from above. It was Jayne.

"Pain, give the girl a rest and get your pigu up here. River says we have a visitor. Mal wants you downstairs by the airlock mah shong!"

Pain sighed in annoyance. He really didn't want to leave.

"Pain? Did you hear me?" Jayne yelled from outside.

Pain reluctantly got up, putting his pants back on and went to the hatch. He opened it up and looked up.

"I'll be up in a second. Let me get dressed."

"I'm going down then," Jayne said as he left the foredeck.

Pain retreated into his bunk and grabbed the nearest T-Shirt and strapped on his weapon before heading towards the cargo bay.

On the way down, he noticed that the shirt was the one Ivy had been wearing earlier. She hadn't worn it long, but it smelled like her perfume. It was almost distracting, but he shook it off and double timed it down to the air lock.


Monday, October 27, 2008 11:23 AM


Cargo Bay - Near the Airlock

Jayne stood near Pain on the side of the airlock and sniffed the air. He sneered as he turned to Pain and asked, "You wearin' a new cologne or somethin'?"

"Yes." Pain replied in a sarcastic tone. "It's called 'I'm Ruttin' the Plant Girl'." He turned to Jayne, gave the man a small smile, and continued, "It's from the 'None of Your Business' line of Blue Sun fragrances."

"Alright people look alive." replied Mal striding up to the airlock. "Got someone on the other side of that door who could either be friendly or deadset on shootin' us all. That bein' said I want all of you to be on your toes and ready for anythin'." He looked around the cargo bay and asked, "Anyone have any questions?"

Pain spoke up and said, "I do, Captain. Can we hurry this up? I've got a cute and very naked girl in my bed, who's in bad need of bein' thoroughly sexed by me."

Mal gave Pain a look, rolled his eyes, then said to the others, "Anyone besides Pain have any questions?" When no one said anything, Mal took that as a 'no' and said, "Alrighty then. Them who have guns, keep your hands near them. This here could be a trap and y'all know how much I like those."

He nodded to Pain to open the door, his hand situated near his trusty gun, as the big mercenary slowly opened the airlock door.

WWJD: What Would Jayne Do?


Monday, October 27, 2008 4:32 PM


No sooner had Pain broken the airlock seal than the smell of gangrening flesh mixed with that of ripening body waste assaulted the crew's senses, causing them to jump back, hacking and retching. Mal and Jayne exchanged looks, somewhat anxious as to what might lie beyond that door.

Pain: Let's... *cough* ...let's get on with this yet.

Pain grabbed the handle and yanked the door open. A man laid there, half hanging from his harnessed seat. He was disheveled and thoroughly covered in filth, and his head was marred by a deep gash that sported shades of purple.

Pain: Hey, whaddaya know? A dead guy. Someone cue the firing squad. Can I go now?

Mal, nodding to Jayne: Check his pulse.

Jayne: Wh- Hey, I'm not touch...

Mal gave Jayne his customary uncompromising stare. The mercenary swallowed his protest and turned to the module's occupant, extending an arm to prod the man's neck with his joined middle and index fingers.

Pain, fidgeting impatiently: So? He's dead, right? Now, come on, Mal...

Mal: Jayne?

Jayne: I dunno, it's like...

Mal & Pain, speaking at once, with Mal's placid query being largely drowned out by Pain's exasperated outburst: Like what?

Jayne turned back to them, his features bent with astonishment.

Jayne: He's alive, Mal!

Both Pain and Mal simply stood there for a moment, Pain being transfixed with surprise, while Mal face drooped to a pensive scowl. "Pain. Get him to medbay," he finally said, before marching out of the hold with a steady gait.


Monday, October 27, 2008 7:25 PM


Ivy woke up and felt for Pain, but all she found were linens. She raised her head up.


He wasn't around. She frowned. She started to sit up only to have her head pound. The pain meds were wearing off.

She sat up very slowly and swung her legs over the side of the bed. She saw the shirt Pain had worn earlier and slowly bent over to grab it. Sliding it on, she spied her pants at the end of the bed. She slid down to the end of the bed and gingerly slipped them on.

She sat there for the longest time, hoping her head would stop throbbing so bad, but decided that the longer she waited, the worse it was going to feel. She stood up and the world spun a bit. She fought back the urge to vomit.

Swallowing hard she pushed herself over to the hatch and opened it. She climbed up the ladder at a snail's pace and when she got to the top, she took a rest while she sat on the floor of the foredeck.

She took a few deep breaths and pulled herself up to a semi-standing position. Using the wall as a guide, she stumbled along the hallway until she got to the galley. As soon as she reached it, she sat down and laid her head on the table.

She heard someone come in from another direction.

"Ivy! What are you doing in here? You should be resting."

It was Kaylee.

"I was, but the pain meds Simon gave me are wearing off," Ivy explained. "I'm trying to get to the infirmary."

"Well, let me get you over to the couches. I'll go down and ask him for something for you."

"Thank you!" Ivy said, extremely grateful. "I'm not sure if I could've made it all the way to the infirmary. This is harder than I thought it would be."

Kaylee helped her up and supported Ivy as they moved over to the common area. Once there, Ivy laid down, closed her eyes and wished for her head to feel better.

"I'll go see what I can get for you," Kaylee said.

"Thanks Kaylee. You're a really good friend."

Ivy opened her eyes slightly to see Kaylee studying her closely.

"Is that Pain's shirt?" Kaylee asked.


Tuesday, October 28, 2008 1:36 PM



Originally posted by Isahiah:
"Pain. Get him to medbay,"

"Yes, sir." replied Pain.

Even though he didn't want to do it, Mal had given Pain an order and as much as he wanted to protest it, the mercenary had to follow it.

He motioned to Jayne and said, "Jayne. On three, you unhook him from the harness and I'll take him to the infirmary."

"You mean I gotta touch him again?" Jayne asked, sneering at the man's stench.

"Hey you're gettin' the easy part of the job." retorted Pain, cupping a hand over his nose and mouth. "I'm the one who has to take him to the infirmary."

As Jayne got into position to unhook the man from his harness, while doing his best not to touch the guy too much, Pain took a few deep breaths, trying not to gag on the stench and said as he removed his hand from his mouth, "One."

Jayne found the harness release as Pain got into position and said, "Two."

Jayne's finger hovered over the button, waiting for the last number.

"Three." Pain called out, catching the man as Jayne's finger pressed the button.

The smell grew stronger as Pain pulled the guy away from his seat and set him on the floor. Pain fought back the urge to vomit as he ran one arm under the man's neck and another underneath his knees. Pain made a face as he felt something squishy in the man's pants and hoisted him up.

"That ain't right." replied a disgusted Pain as he started to take the man over to Serenity's infirmary. "That ain't right at all."


"Here you go, Doc." replied Pain as he walked into the infirmary and set the smelly, half-dead man in the exam chair. Looking at his clothes and arms, Pain muttered in disgust, "Ah motherruttin' hell, I got that hun dans' stink and waste on my clothes." He shook his head and said as he exited the infirmary and walked over to the shower room, "Goin' to have to take a shower and space these clothes, cause ain't nothin' aboard this ship's goin' to get that stink out of clothin'."

Twenty minutes later

Pain stepped out of the shower room wearing a towel around his waist and his gun belt slung over his shoulder, smelling fresh and looking clean. In outstretched hands, Pain held a towel and wrapped in that towel where his smelly clothes. He entered the cargo bay and walked over to the bomb bay doors. After placing the towel covered clothes on the doors, Pain reached up and grabbed the control box hanging overhead. He pressed a button and watched as the doors lowered a few inches and slid open, spilling the towel and clothes into the empty bomb bay. Pressing the same button again, Pain watched as the doors closed shut.

With a grin he pressed a second button which opened the exterior bomb bay doors and said, "Goodbye smelly clothes."

He scanned the cargo bay for a minute and then decided to go to his bunk and put on some clean clothes. The captain only told him to take the guy to the infirmary. He didn't tell Pain he had to stay. With a grin on his face Pain turned and headed up the stairs near the infirmary, entered the aft deck, and waltzed into the galley.


Originally posted by EnglishIvy:
"Is that Pain's shirt?" Kaylee asked.

"I believe it is." Pain replied, still grinning.

Kaylee turned to see Pain wearing a towel around his waist and his gun belt slung across his chest. She blushed a little and asked, "So um whatcha doin' in a towel, Pain?"

"Had to get cleaned up after havin' to haul a half-dead, smelly guy into the infirmary." replied Pain, the grin fading from his face. "Had to space my clothes afterwards, cause the stench was just so bad. I'm thinkin' about headin' to my bunk and puttin' on some clean ones."

He noticed Ivy was there, smiled at her, then asked, "So what are doin' up here? I thought you were sleepin'."

WWJD: What Would Jayne Do?


Tuesday, October 28, 2008 4:22 PM


Red. He couldn't think of another way to describe it. It was as if the color red had swept over his senses. He heard red, tasted red, touched red, and, in spite of the fact that his eyelids obstinately refused to slide open, saw red. He tried to move, but with no success. It felt as though his body had been deafened to his mind's commands. "I was drugged," he realized. All at once, things got a whole lot simpler. He was being detained, presumably against his will. His captors had doped him, thinking that it would render him easier to manage. Little did they know, he had been trained to resist such methods of subversion of consciousness. The crimson veil that swathed his perceptions was already fading. Soon enough, he would regain control over his body. And then, he would make them sorry.


Simon leaned over his newest patient's head to get a clear look at his wound. He'd had a busy day, but over the course of his time on board Serenity, he had come to expect injuries to come about in bunches. He grabbed the ceiling-mounted light fixture and pulled it to him, setting it so that it would shine its light where he needed it. The blood had only partially clotted, and the wound showed obvious signs of infection. How this man had managed to remain alive bathing in his own filth for heaven knows how long while bearing this kind of trauma was beyond his comprehension. He straightened up and walked along the edge of the operating bed, then turned to get something from one of the drawers when...


Bellowing like a wounded animal, Isahiah jumped the doctor from behind, pinning him against the stainless steel counter. "Who are you? Where am I? Answer me!" he shouted, his mouth mere inches away from the young man's ear.

Simon: Well, I... HELP!

BigWolf18 "Way i remember it, you said you was leavin', dare say that saved us a whole peck o' trouble. now i gotta wonder what could spur on a fine disreputable man like yourself to show your fine disreputable face here again."


Tuesday, October 28, 2008 5:25 PM



Originally posted by DRPAIN:
"So what are doin' up here? I thought you were sleepin'."

"I tried to, but the pain meds Simon gave me are wearing off. I was coming down to get some more."

Pain frowned.

"You were coming down there all on your own?"

"Yes, but I only got this far. Thought my head was going to explode."

"Well, lucky for you, I managed to snag some of the stuff that Simon gave you while I was downstairs, " he said as he slid a small package out that was tucked down into his gun holster. "Figured you'd need them soon."

"I could kiss you right now," Ivy exclaimed.

"I'm hoping you'll do more than that when we get back to my bunk," Pain grinned.

"Oh, God!" Kaylee exclaimed as she went and got a glass of water for Ivy. She snatched the drugs out of Pain's hand. "That's enough. I'll give her the pills she needs and you go... you go get dressed!"

"Thanks, lil' Kaylee," Pain said. He looked over at Ivy. "I'll be back in a jiff to fetch you."

"I'll be waiting," Ivy answered.


Tuesday, October 28, 2008 5:58 PM



Originally posted by EnglishIvy:
"I'll be waiting," Ivy answered.

"I know." Pain replied, giving her a grin.

Pain turned and headed for his bunk. As he opened the hatch and started to climb down, he stopped and gave to two ladies in the galley a smile, before heading down into his bunk, closing the hatch behind him.

It only took him about three minutes to get dressed, although he figured Ivy would take less time than that to undress him. He smiled wide at that thought, before climbing out of his bunk and heading back down to the galley. He had just stepped into the galley adjusting his gun belt and was about to carry Ivy back to his room, when he heard Simon's scream.

Originally posted by Isahiah

"Rutt me." Pain muttered, quickly unholstering his gun. To Kaylee, he said, "Stay with her."

And at that, Pain ran out of the galley and down the stairs towards the infirmary with gun drawn.

WWJD: What Would Jayne Do?


Wednesday, October 29, 2008 8:35 AM


Isahiah clamped his hand against the doctor's mouth. "You try something like that again and it'll be the last thing you do," he growled.

"Now, you can either talk to me right now, or I can carve you up, and then I guarantee you'll..." He was cut short by the clamoring of people hurrying down a neighboring flight of stairs. Losing whatever semblance of composure he had managed to muster up, he grabbed the young doctor by the collar of his shirt and frenziedly yanked him back, positioning him as human rampart between himself whatever lied beyond the doorway.

"Who are you? I don't know you! How many of you are there?" he howled, his voice tainted with distress as he could feel the adrenaline wearing off. His legs had already grown unsteady, and his strength was slowly waning. "Come out, or so help me, I'll bust his neck!"

BigWolf18 "Way i remember it, you said you was leavin', dare say that saved us a whole peck o' trouble. now i gotta wonder what could spur on a fine disreputable man like yourself to show your fine disreputable face here again."


Wednesday, October 29, 2008 1:00 PM



Originally posted by Isahiah:
"Come out, or so help me, I'll bust his neck!"

"Now that wouldn't do a lick of good would it?" Mal said, as he appeared near the doorway of the infirmary, flanked on the left by Zoe and on the right by Jayne. Both of them had their guns drawn. Zoe had her mare's leg and Jayne had his hand cannon.

"You go and snap the pretty doc's neck and there'd be no one to patch the hole in your head, that I surley reckon you'd receive after said neck snappin'." replied Mal, a smile on his face.

Out of his peripheral vision, Mal saw Pain take his position on the stairs near the infirmary. The mercenary was crouched low and had his pistol aimed at the man's head through one of the glass windows.

Still smiling, Mal continued, "Now this can go about one of two ways. You can let go of the doc nice and easy and we can discuss your situation in a civilized manner, which by the by is the method I'd prefer. No unnecessary bloodshed or undue violence involved and the guns are put away. The second, and least preferred way by my account, would be you doin' what you intend on doin' to my poor doc, who looks none too pleased at the moment, which in turn would make me and mine have to dole out said unnecessary violence." Mal hitched his thumbs into his belt loops and asked, "So, stranger. What's it gonna be?"

WWJD: What Would Jayne Do?


Wednesday, October 29, 2008 3:21 PM


"Nobody moves!" he said. He tried to think up a scheme to wriggle his way of this predicament, but it seemed however strongly he tried, he couldn't think in coherent terms, like the workings of his brain had been doused in concrete. He scrunched up his eyes, struggling to keep them open, as a haze fell upon his vision.

"How's about you just hand the boy over?" Mal said, taking a step forward.

"I said..." he paused to gather his breath, which was growing more labored with every gulp of air that got passed his lips. "I said don't move!" He tightened his grip around the doctor's neck. "I'll kill him, I'll do it!"

"All right, no one's questioning that." The captain made a slight hand gesture, signaling for Pain to get ready. Isahiah's hands began to tremble, and the doctor tried to get a word in. "Listen, you're badly dehydrated..."

"Shut it!" Isahiah uttered through clenched teeth, spraying spittle over the doctor's bare scruff. "You're not gonna... take me... without a..." He was suddenly struck with an overwhelming urge to regurgitate. He bent over, and spilled his stomach's content on the infirmary floor. The young doctor seized the moment and slipped out of his grip, retreating to the safety of his shipmates, but Isahiah hardly noticed. His vision had deteriorated to the point where he could no longer make out even broad shapes, and an eerie droning noise had progressively drowned out all other sounds. The droning grew in both power and urgency until he could no longer stand it and passed out, collapsing in a pool of his own vomit.

BigWolf18 "Way i remember it, you said you was leavin', dare say that saved us a whole peck o' trouble. now i gotta wonder what could spur on a fine disreputable man like yourself to show your fine disreputable face here again."


Wednesday, October 29, 2008 4:57 PM


"Jayne. Help the doc with securin' Sleepin' Beauty to the exam chair." replied Mal.

"But he's sleepin' in a puddle of his own vomit!" protested Jayne as he holstered his gun.

Mal waved off the mercenary's displeasure and said to Simon, "Doc. Clean him up and do what you do best."

"Yes, sir." replied Simon, giving the captain a nod.

Mal looked up the stairway to Pain, who was just about to leave, and said, "Pain?"

Pain stopped, turned around, and answered, "Yes?"

"Need to have a word with you for a moment." replied the captain.

"Can it wait til tomorrow, Cap?" asked Pain, raising an eyebrow. "Kind of promised the good doctor I'd keep an eye on Ivy." He pointed to his head and continued, "You know, what with the concussion she suffered and all."

Mal turned away from Pain and let out a frustrated sigh. He muttered something in Chinese, before looking back at Pain and saying, "Fine. Go look after Ivy, but I want you in my bunk first thing in the mornin'."

"You got it, Captain." replied Pain, giving the man a smile before heading back up the stairs and back into the galley.


"Is everythin' okay? We heard lots of shoutin'." asked a worried Kaylee as she saw Pain enter the galley.

Pain smiled, placing a hand on the cute mechanic's shoulder, and said soothingly, "It's nothin' to worry about, mei mei. Just an irate patient of the doc's. Everythin' is fine and dandy now."

He gave her shoulder a pat and then sat down next to Ivy. He wrapped an arm around her shoulder, pulling her close to him, as he smiled and asked, "You ready to go, baobei?"

WWJD: What Would Jayne Do?


Wednesday, October 29, 2008 7:00 PM


WARNING: PG-13 Below!


Originally posted by DRPAIN:
"You ready to go, baobei?"

"Absolutely," Ivy answered. Pain picked her up and she looked back at Kaylee and grinned. "Tell them not to wait up for us."

Kaylee rolled her eyes and headed back towards the engine room.

As they moved toward the foredeck, the kissing had already started and by the time they got to the entrance to his bunk, he had her pinned between him and the wall.

Tongues dueled and hands wandered. Ivy had already relieved him of his shirt.

"Darling," Pain whispered as he parted his lips from hers. "If we don't get inside right now, we might have an audience and we don't need 13 or the Captain's interference in our activities."

Ivy nodded, climbed onto Pain's back piggy back style and traversed the ladder as they had done earlier, before closing and locking the hatch.


Wednesday, October 29, 2008 7:16 PM


PG-13 Ahead

Pain's Bunk

Ivy wrapped her legs around Pain's waist and faced him as they his feet touched ground. She was agile, Pain had to admit as he pulled her shirt off and flung it to the floor. Ivy wrapped her arms around his neck and continued to kiss him as he stopped to unbuckle his gun belt and pants. As Pain's hands explored her body and her hands explored his, Pain kicked off his boots, sending them flying in opposite directions. They tried to make it over to Pain's bed, but wound up on the floor instead.

WWJD: What Would Jayne Do?


Wednesday, October 29, 2008 7:53 PM


Still slightly out of breath from their activities, the two of them laid on the floor of Pain's bunk, lingering kisses still occurring.

"Pain?" breathed Ivy.

"Mmmm?" responded Pain.

"I'm not complainin', but the floor is a little hard down here."

"Sorry," he answered as he kissed her again and then helped her up off the floor.

Her head spun a little and she nearly lost her balance, but Pain caught her and helped her over to the bed.

They both slid under the covers and he pulled her close to him. His fingertips trailed over her shoulder down her side and over her hip.

"Stop that!" she exclaimed giggling. "That tickles."

"Sorry," he said as he kissed the top of her head. He took a deep breath. "I think it's about time we learn more about each other."

"I think you're more than acquainted with me," she said giggling a little more.

"That's true," chuckled Pain. "But I want to know more about you."

She took a deep breath in and seemed to be thinking about his question. Finally she answered him.

"I guess that wouldn't be so bad," she whispered. "What would you like to know?"


Wednesday, October 29, 2008 8:15 PM


Pain's Bunk


Originally posted by EnglishIvy:
"What would you like to know?"

"Well.." Pain replied, kissing her tenderly on the lips before propping his head up on his left hand and continuing, "What's your favorite color? What's your favorite food? What kind of music do you like? Do you have any hobbies other than plants?" He lightly traced her body's curves with his right hand before resting it on her right buttocks, smiled and asked some more, "Where else are you ticklish?"

WWJD: What Would Jayne Do?


Thursday, October 30, 2008 2:03 AM


Sorry for the absense! I'll be on now

He had faded away. The life he thought he had left had come and grabbed him again. The feelings, the lack of feeling, had overpowered him. It wasn't the time spent in vents gun in hand watching that had taken so long. It was when the feeling came back. How long had he spent in the corner of his room, praying he wouldn't snap back. Maybe now it was safe.

He walked into the engine room quietly. "You were lost." River said from her place, "are you found yet?"
"You tell me," John said staring at the black.
"Where'd you go?"
"I'm not ready to answer that yet." He took the co-pilot's seat and stared out. He had lost the memories, had he killed someone? As he stared he came to a startling conclusion. He was afraid of himself, and that's no way to live.



Thursday, October 30, 2008 1:49 PM


Isahiah issued a hoarse groan as he came to. The walls of his mouth felt like sand to his moisture-deprived tongue, and his head throbbed painfully. "Hello?" he called in a faint, raspy voice.

"How do you feel?" a man inquired after a brief silence. He spoke with the inflections and cadence of one trained in the ways of medicine.

"Dead," Isahiah answered. "Dead is how I feel." He opened his eyes and saw an indistinct figure stooped over him, rendered dark and fuzzy by intense backlighting.

"Try not to move," the figure said before backing away.

Isahiah wriggled a little, and became aware of the leather ties that bound his hands and feet to the bed's frame. He tried to put some strain on them to assess their sturdiness, but failed to summon up the strength. "What's with the restraints?"

Another, this time perceptibly more drawn-out moment of silence.

"For your own safety," the man finally said.

"Right." Isahiah let out an audible sigh and let his head drop on the thin, flea-bitten cushion that served him as a pillow. Hey, at least they gave you a pillow, he thought.

"Can I know where I am?" he then asked.

The stranger turned to face him. He was rather young, clean cut, clean shaven, clean... clean. He felt oddly familiar to Isahiah, but he couldn't pin down from where. "You're on a ship. In space," the young man said. "You were drifting in an escape module and. We just happened to pass right by it, so we pulled you in and... well here you are."

"Oh... I guess I owe you my thanks, then," Isahiah replied.

"Why yes, I believe you do."

Another awkward interlude followed, with both men left unsure as to whether or not the other intended to pursue the conversation any further.

"Well, know that you're saving my bacon from an ill-timed passing is much appreciated," Isahiah said with a hint of humor.

"Yeah, 'pleasure," the younger man replied prosaically before turning around and resuming his business.

BigWolf18 "Way i remember it, you said you was leavin', dare say that saved us a whole peck o' trouble. now i gotta wonder what could spur on a fine disreputable man like yourself to show your fine disreputable face here again."






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