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UPDATED: Sunday, February 18, 2007 07:02
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Sunday, February 18, 2007 7:02 AM


O.K., so I was at Red Robbin's with a fellow browncoat friend, and I was kinda in a hurry so I ordered the first drink the waitress sugested. It was Strawberry Lemonaid.

Well, the very word Strawberry made me think of Kaylee. Me and said friend were still kinda distracted by another fandom and the role-play thing we were doing, mostly, in it. (These boys at the next table TOTALLY looked like her kids from the role-play) but anyway, the waitress brought the drink, and there's real strawberry bits in it. So I giggle, pull one out with the straw, pop it into my mouth...
and I may as well have BEEN Kaylee for how I reacted. Said friend told me to stop being Kaylee...then she tried one...and understood completly.
Well, we were drinking the strawberry lemonaid, and that's when it hit me.

Some fandoms have pairing names. There's always the combonation of names...but other fandoms have little cute things that are tougher to keep track of but more fun for the fans. (eg. In Yu-Gi-Oh, Yugi/Joey pairing called Friendship shipping. I think)
Well, suddenly my mind took Jaylee (which, I don't ship but totally buy could have happened once-upon-a-time pre-Simon), and started calling it Strawberry Lemonaid.

Of course, this new name process took my mind straight back to how my friend and I are always joking that Jayne has a total schoolyard crush on Simon. You know, if Simon had pigtails, Jayne would always be pulling them. You know, ect.
Suddenly my mind took Simon and Jayne...and started calling it pigtails.

Well, I kinda ran from there...only I don't remember to where or what and I think I got distracted by that scenerio I still need to write a slash fic about...point being...

1. Has a moment this random yet so totally expected ever smack you across the face like this?
2. What do you think of these ship names?

One day.
One mission.
One army of Browncoats.
On June 23rd, we aim to misbehave.






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